It’s Not Personal!

Happy Easter weekend! It’s really a beautiful day in Seattle. My room is cold as the sun doesn’t really come in, but outside is so warm! I spent some time meditating at a park this afternoon! What a nice thing not to have anything on my schedule! I get to make my day as I go! Yes, I’m a spontaneous person and love no plan day or trip! Today I’ve been dealing with quite a bit of energy for some reason and something hit me minutes ago. So, I shall write about it. Hence, the title is “It’s Not Personal!”

I went to the Saturday farmer’s market this morning. I haven’t been there for a  while because I’ve been quite busy for the last several weeks. Besides vegetables are limited in winter at the market, so I didn’t miss much. The only reason I decided to visit the farmer’s market was to get some garlic from this particular garlic farmer. His garlic, ever since I tired one, I could never go back to any other garlic! So, I went to get some garlic from him. Otherwise, I probably would just visit Trader Joe because it’s close from my home. Besides, the farmer’s market is very hard for me because the energy in the market is pretty strong. I get bombarded by all the visitors and farmers. Sometimes, I wonder if it would be easier not to be so sensitive to energy and such. Well, what is is what is.

Since I have visited the market quite a bit of time in the past, I know some farmers and businesses who put tents there. I chatted with a few people. While I enjoyed some chat and visits with some, this particular person threw a strange verbal comment after a while. I didn’t feel good, so I decided to wrap myself up from the chat and left to home. Meanwhile on the way back home in my car, I was seriously started to cleaning up the energy go into my space. Man.. I have to say that I really don’t enjoy the energy of farmer’s market nowadays. It’s almost like I, a healer, jump into the pool of ill souls. I mean, people are normal as you and me, it’s just something about the market magnetize those energy into my space for some reason.

As I was cleaning up and separating energy from each person I exchanged conversation or any purchases, I noticed that this particular person’s energy is rather strongly in my space. After I cleaned up pretty good, this person’s face and the scene of the strange comment from this person kept showing up. I was like, what’s the deal?

While I was researching the Zumba choreography and songs for the future on YouTube, I started to get this strange emotion coming up to my chest. It had a tone of self image or self esteem, something like that. So, I was asking myself, is my self esteem or self image got lit up with something. I kept getting “no.” Eventually, this person at the market’s comment start showing up again. I’m like, really? I thought I cleaned it up and I cleared energy in my space which attract that as well. Then, one thought popped up in my head, so I asked if that’s the case. I got a “yes” on that.

The thought was this. Maybe it was a “spirit,” or “being,” maybe you are more familiar with it if I say “entity” who was in that person and that “being” was spitting out that energy, i.e. comment. That, I got a big “yes” on that. As much as it is a little challenging for me to be ok and be trustful of this person if I visit the market next time (because this person might spit out the similar energy), it’s not really the person who is doing it. It’s the attached energy or rather “being” in this person’s space doing it. So… With that, I could be more forgiving of this person’s behavior and comment maybe.

As much as it’s hard to believe, lots of the time when someone does or say the very hurtful or nasty thing to others, it’s not really them doing it. Ok, I’m not saying this to use it at the court room like the movie “Primal Fear.” Besides, I doubt any mainstream business and policy don’t accept spiritual realm as far as I know. However, when you take a look at it closely, it might make sense to you. Have you ever wondered if your partner or family member speaks much like their parents or grandparents? Well, if you are raised by your parents, of course you pick up their tendency. But, I’m talking about more than that. The facial expression, the energy feels and sounds like someone else.

Anyway, I’m not here to spook you, but I’m giving you my straight forward experience in the real life situation. I’m not giving you my healing work experience even though it’s “my real life” situation. After I re4alized that it’s the “being” attached to the person at the market who was spitting out the energy at me, I removed that “being” from my space. That felt very different. Man.. I do this for work and it takes sometime to recognize it in my personal life… I guess that’s the way it is. My work and my personal life are separate. I don’t function the same.

So, even if you’re totally not buying my story, that’s all right. The take back home information for you then would be this. When someone is very hurtful or attacking to you, maybe you can keep in mind that the true person in front of you isn’t doing it. It’s the energy got stuck in his/her space operating that way. Nothing personal!

With that, have a wonderful Easter! I’m going to eat baby back ribs! 😀