How Much is for Your Highest Good and How Much is in the Wrong Stream?

Yes, it’s not weekend and I’m writing a blog. It’s too late to do my healing work but too early to go to bed. I could practice the new Zumba choreography for next week, but I feel I’m done with Zumba related for the day. So, I’m going to sip peppermint tea and write a blog! How about that? Today I’ll write about how to know how much is your due and how much is just in the wrong stream. Don’t you sometimes wonder? I do all the time whenever things are a bit more than challenging and heavy.

I’ll take my Zumba gigs for example because it’s very current and right at the present time matter. I feel that my each Zumba gig is going through some major stuff. If I think of it, really each class, rather I should say each gym location goes through challenges. It’s really not pleasant often. I have five regular Zumba gigs per week (rather, five in three days to be exact), and four different locations. I went through a shit load of stuff in February and March. Three locations are sort of calmed down. Or I should say that the chaos and negative scenes have passed in three. I have one particular gym where I do two Zumba gigs. I started to feel that the day I do those Zumba gigs in that particular gym is so heavy and a lot more than just teaching the Zumba class.

I do like this particular gym because it’s a smaller gym and very community oriented. However, this gym has gone through many bought out through the years and once upon a time it used to be a prestigious gym group. So, with that, lots of members are carried on and there are lots of old energy and some are very heavy and negative. My Zumba gigs in this gym are pretty small class. It’s the smallest among all my Zumba gigs. Still, I do like that gym and people who come to the class most of the time. The thing which makes it challenging for me is that the entire gym is in the major depression almost. Sales people, personal training department, operations, group ex, all are in the depression I feel. Every week I start to have this heavy energy visit in my space from the night before. The day I do the Zumba gigs in that gym, it takes forever to clear out my energy.

I do spiritual work, readings and healings as my primary work. I chose to do by clear intent. Anything which makes it difficult or interfere my spiritual work, I’m pretty cut and dry about it. So, normally I would take some actions and cut out from my life. Ever since the Zumba gigs got started last December, things are a little bit different in that department. As much as I want to cut it out every time things get more than I want to anticipate, the message is always “continue.” Downstream to me is effortless and with ease, but my downstream seems to have lots of riffle and rocks.

Today when I woke up in the morning, I had a serious coarse energy sitting in me. I was getting used to have light energy cleansing lately, so this heavy, sticky, cringing energy sitting in my space wasn’t easy. It took me for a while to semi-cleaned out, but I had to head down to the first Zumba gig, so I started my day with some yucky thingy hanging in my space. The morning class was fine today. It is the entire gym team is the heavy, yucky thing going on today. I mean I don’t blame them to be honest. Just coming to the gym itself probably makes them depressed because the energy sitting in the gym is so heavy and old. I wish I can just clear it out and work on it, but I don’t do volunteer services on my healing work. Energy has to be exchanged somehow. So.. as much as I know so much I could do to shift the energy and environment, there isn’t much I can do unless I’m asked to do the service.

So, the whole day today, I trying to meditate and clear the energy from my space and kept falling a sleep because so much heavy energy kept coming into my space. It’s just load of energy. I maybe did a couple of healing related activities today and that’s it. Then, I start to wonder if it’s worth doing this Zumba gig in this particular gym. There are other instructors who could take over probably, you know? So, how do I know if it’s a “out” or “in”? How do I know if I’m in the wrong stream or it’s just part of the learning for my highest good?

I don’t most of the times. Well, I’ll take it back. I kind of have a sense but not a definite answer. So, normally speaking, I do muscle testing. I definitely recommend making some form of muscle testing for your checking method. There are different ways you can do the muscle testing. If you’re with a partner, you can hold your arm vertically with the strength that even if your partner pushes your arm down, it won’t go down. Then, you ask questions, “yes” “no” questions. Then let your partner push your arm down after asking the question. If your arm goes down, the answer is a “no.” If arm doesn’t go down, the answer is a “yes.”

Normally speaking, I don’t do the muscle testing with a partner, so I do on my own. So, the methods I use are two types. One is by staying up straight and if your body moves to front, it’s “yes.” If your body goes back, then “no.” The typical one I use is infinity rings with your thumbs and ring fingers. You make two rings rocked each other and ask questions. If the rings break, it’s a “no.” If the rings stay rocked unbroken, it’s a “yes.”

I use this muscle testing all the time. I mean all the time. Muscle testing is a method using your body to get answer from the higher self in my view. Because your brains and analytical thoughts interfere, asking questions to the higher self and let the answers come through the body, sort of. So, this is my trusted method which I’m pretty skilled at it.

So, someday like today when I start to wonder if what I’m doing, like the Zumba gig in one location, is my highest good or needs to go, then I do muscle testing. I kind of know what’s the answer is most of the time, but this muscle testing gives me a solid validation. I checked today about this and yes, of course, I got a “no” on taking this Zumba gig out.

The part which is questionable always is what’s the learning and how long. I definitely get the “stay” but how long it takes for me to feel the ease on energy part is I don’t know. I’m patient in many things, but I’m very impatient in certain things. When I feel like my time and energy are taken for something which isn’t my intended goal related, I get a little impatient. However, at the end of the day, everything is for your goal. It’s just I don’t see it how it’s related at a moment.

Anywho, tomorrow is Friday! Yoohoo! Have a joyful weekend! 😀