Your Spiritual Message To You Is Changing Every Minute

Happy Saturday afternoon! It’s getting a very nice out. I have an appointment in less than one hour, so I can’t quite go out and enjoy the sunshine, but I can enjoy it from the window! I was just meditating and doing the intensive clearing up, so I needed some break! I’m going to write, so it would be a spiritual break! Today, I’ll write about the spiritual messages to you are not always the same. Hence, “Your Spiritual Message To You Is Changing Every Minute!”

I mentioned before that I use muscle testing a lot to get validation of my faint message coming from my Higher Self. Unlike some people, I don’t hire too many spirit guides except my healing team, so the spiritual messages to me are either coming from the Source or Higher Self. Though, sometimes it’s really hard to differentiate if it’s my random “thoughts,” I’m making it up, or I’m not really sure about it. So, I use muscle testing a lot so my Higher Self can give me “yes,” “no” answer to my specific questions.

I’ve been using the muscle testing for a while, and I’ve noticed that this “yes,” “no” answer CHANGES! How reliable is that? Right? However, the more and more I do the spiritual work and my awareness gets broaden, it’s not really the “answer” which is changing. It’s me who is changing. Basically, every single action I take, every single thing I do in life and in my spiritual practice, things shift. Sometimes big time shift and sometimes very subtle shift, but things do shift in my energy field. This means that I’m evolving, whatever that means. So, what was applicable to me yesterday may not be applicable to me today. Whatever was applicable for me this morning may be not applicable for me in the afternoon any more. The reason is I did something, either intentionally or unintentionally, or have done some spiritual work on myself and shifted something in me.

I’ll give you an example. I’ll use my Zumba teaching since it’s very right at the present time and it’s on my face always. After I was done with all the dramas and chaos happened by taking over a few classes, I got a strong message to keep my life simple and not to take on any other “sub” request. For, I’m already teaching five classes per week, and this involves a lot more than just teaching one hour. It takes driving to the distant gyms, preparation for my energy protection and set up before the classes, clean up my energy after the classes and creating a new weekly routine by selecting a new song and memorize’n practice new choreography every week so I can teach to people. Yeah, it’s quite a big more than you just go to the class, dance and take off a few times a week.

Besides, my main focus is my spiritual, healing practice, so I need to keep my space and time for my main work so to speak. That’s the message I was getting till the end of the last month for sure.

The situation has change obviously since May has started because I started to get a “go” on multiple subbing slots. I took three subbing slots and I was cool with it as it was evenly spread out and wouldn’t be too heavy on my schedule. Then, a couple of days ago, I got a call from a coordinator to sub for a class this Saturday morning. That was this Thursday.

By the way, that day was, if you’re open to astrology, the Mercury Retrograde ended and Mercury turned direct. Speaking of Mercury turning direct, that day was crazy for me. All the communication was happening at once. While I was ending a call, someone was calling on the other line. While I was answering the call, a texting and emails were coming through. Crazy communication day and it was hard enough for me to differentiate what was what, my highest good or not.

Anyway, I got a “go” on that subbing request this morning as well, so I subbed this morning. Obviously something must have shifted because this month’s schedule is six classes per week through the fourth week!

My point is that the intuitive message to you changes as your situation changes and as you shift your energy. As I was subbing this morning, in which the class was a format change, so only a few people showed up, I was thinking that my teaching has been shifting as well. Originally I was speeding up the pitch because the classes were formed by people who were looking for fast tempo. Through the months of my Zumba gigs since I started to teach, lately I started to slow down in some locations. I noticed that I enjoyed there then and people get easier and fun time. Not all locations are like that since some locations are still in the energy negotiation state. Though, in general, my teaching has been shifting to be more “teaching” than just giving a cue. After all, I’ve been learning how to teach the spiritual matter through doing the space holder roles in my teacher’s school.

Anyway, so don’t be discouraged if your spiritual messages change from time to time. Well, sure it can be unreliable source sometimes, but the message does change because you are evolving and you’re creating your world every single minute!

With that, have a wonderful weekend! I’m going to work a little more and then call it my “weekend!” 😀