Your Parent’s Energy In Your Space

Good Monday afternoon! It’s already the 8th of May. Time is speeding up more and more I feel. I’m up since before 5am this morning and have been working on stuff. It’s been quite a rough day from the morning, so I decided to spend today as work-from-home kind of day. So, I haven’t dressed up much, and doing the work in the jammy. At least, I can make myself a little bit comfortable while things are a little intense today. Since it’s my official office hour still, I can write a spiritual blog! There is one image and awareness keep popping up through the past weekend, so I shall write about it. It’s about the parents and their energy in your space.

I’m finally reading the book, “The Astonishing Power of Emotions” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I bought this book on January 6 this year according to the receipt between the pages. I was thinking about purchasing this book probably since last year. For my teacher uses this book as a reference book in her 6-weeks abundance workshop. I’ve taken that class maybe two or three times and did the space holder role for it once. In other words, I’ve taken the class repetitively. I tend to take classes over and over again when they’re applicable because each time my awareness and my spiritual state are different. So, I hear things differently and pick up different things in each time. Anyway, because I really benefited from taking the workshop a few times last year, I thought of buying this book. It’s just I didn’t like it quite yet when I bought it a few months ago.

Lately, something must have shifted in me, and I deiced to try another shot on reading this book. Interestingly, this time this book is in synch with me in every single message and each chapter. I find it’s true for everything but everything has its own timing. When timing isn’t right, things don’t work for you. Like my healing practice, no matter how I present what I can offer to someone and how much I give healings, if the person isn’t in the right timing and right space, healing isn’t going to happen or even if it’s given, it won’t go in. The person can’t take it. It’s not the right time. Obviously, right now this book is a perfect time for me.

Anywho, this weekend while I was working on my personal matter, one image from my childhood popped up so vividly as if I was in the scene right at that moment. It was a scene from my kindergarten sports festival and all the kids were participating the different kinds of activities. The scene was when I was in the obstacle race. As the typical kid’s parents do, my family was there to watch and cheer. The image was my mom on the side of the racing track, running and yelling with her entire energy focusing on trying to make me run forward fast. This is a true scene happened in my real life by the way.

To give you a little background of this scene, I was running the first among all the kids. Because this race was done without any practice or instruction, I didn’t really understand what I was supposed to do. I ran, sort of, going through under the net, above the arches, etc. Ended up, I was running at the top and I didn’t see any kids around of me. When I stopped and looked back, all the kids in the same race were way farther behind of me, so I decided to wait for them (haha… I didn’t understand what the “race” was I guess). So, here comes my mom, seeing her kid was running in the first place and now stopped and not moving. So, she was trying so hard to make me move forward by whatever it takes from the side. That’s the scene popped up in my vision this weekend.

It makes me smile and chuckle to think about that scene, but for some reason, this time it brought a very different awareness in me. My mom was working so hard, making so much effort to move me. She was making so much effort to have me do something. It’s easy for you to move yourself, but moving someone is not something you can do easily because one has his/her own will and agenda. When I realized that, I realized that my mom has been making so much effort to live her life and to do things for me. Now, she has Alzheimer’s, so she can’t do much in life on her own, but I thought I was glad that she didn’t have to try hard or making so much effort to live her life. She can relax and have other people do the stuff for her. In that sense, I’m really happy for her.

While I was reading the Hick’s book, this scene has popped up in me again. By the way, this book is about the Law of Attraction, but in the very practical, shifting the view of how you see and do things in life. It’s all about Downstream and it is guiding you to change your Upstream thoughts to Downstream thoughts. The chapter I was reading was about the parental influence in you from the time you spent time together in your childhood. While reading it, I realized that my mom’s energy is strongly in my space, in my very core space. If my mom was using so much effort to make me do something, either wishing me to win, be safe or be successful, her energy must have come into my space big time throughout the years. Although by default, all the parents’ energy come into kids’ space and I have been clearing up my parent’s energy from my space, this was a bit of realization of how strong intent it must have been through the years.

So, when I realized it, I did much more clearly intended energy separation work. I returned all of her energy back to her by thanking her for making so much effort to care about me and do things for me, but her energy only works for her and it doesn’t work for me. I sent it back to her with gratitude and filled the space with my own energy. I did the same thing with my dad and my sister. I felt warm, sparkling love feeling after I did that.

I thought of writing this was for a few reasons. One is that parent’s energy does come into your space because not too many people know that’s what’s happening. Another is that your parents’, no matter how it may have appeared to you, their intentions were probably in good terms. They think and operate differently from you, so how they do things, why they do things are totally different from you, of course. That doesn’t mean they had a negative intent. Of course, there are some parents who are ill and their intent might be malfunctioning. I can bet the majority of the parent’s have a really good intent. It just doesn’t work for you most of the times because their thoughts are not yours. You have your thoughts and operation.

As much as you want to say that you left your childhood home and parent’s home to your own home, you still carry their energy in your space, deeply inside. So, I encourage you to bring awareness of that and shift the energy in you by letting go and returning your parent’s energy back to them. They need their energy back as you need your energy back from all the places you left your energy behind. If you’d like to know how to do that, call me up and book a session. I’d be happy to walk you though and you can take back home and continue to do it throughout times.

With that, have a wonderful week! 🙂

Hicks, E and Hicks, J. (2007). The Astonishing Power of Emotions. Carlsbad: Hay House.