How To Know The Differences in Energy

Happy Mother’s Day! I’m really wishing you having a beautiful, joyful Mother’s Day with lots of love and gratitude! I wrote a blog on Friday, so I thought I’m free to do other things than writing a blog this weekend. Though, the messages or ideas hit again, so I need to put it on writing. Maybe someday I’ll write a book to put all together, but for now, writing a blog works for me. Today’s topic is about how to know the differences in energy. Though, I don’t know if I can explain or give you a guidance on how to differentiate. It’s just this title matches what I want to write about. It’s about knowing what is coming in your space.

This morning, I started early as usual since lately I have many energy visitors during my sleep time, so unless I get up and start working on my energy field to clear up, it gets worse and worse and starts affecting my thoughts. I also read a couple of chapters of Hicks’ book, “The Astonishing Power of Emotions” this morning and was doing the exercises to shift my thoughts to be aligned to my true self. The interesting part for me is that when I do something like this, I get multiple messages and ideas including visions. I’m very kinesthetic, so normally my clairvoyance and clairaudience aren’t the first route of intuition, but they get very active as well as my strong clairsentience.

As I was finishing up the chapter I was reading, I was noticing that the tenacious energy was in my space. I get all sorts of energy visits, good or bad, so I can’t really pay attention to each and single time because otherwise, I’ll spend my day, clearing, sitting on the chair forever 24/7. When I was done reading the chapter, I had a thought. The thought was, “This is a spirit coming into my space. I don’t know who the hell this is, but this is a spirit.” As soon as I had that through, the vision started to open up. I saw a male energy, fairly older, might have been a human at one point in the past, long time ago, but now completely just a spirit existence. Then, I immediately thought, “It’s the Abraham!”

To give you a little more background about Hicks and their books, Esther Hicks is a channel of a being (or spirit) called “Abraham” who gives her the insights of spiritual wisdom. Hicks writes books and does workshop to deliver the messages given by the spirit Abraham. That’s the basic premise of the how this book is written.

The thing is… Normally I would avoid such people or books as much as possible. That doesn’t mean they’re bad or books are bad. Actually their work and their messages are valid and good. It’s just my sensitivity to energy. I pick up everything around energy. If beings (spirits) are involved, I can pick up on that, too. If someone is a “channel,” I pick up on that, too because they have this specific sensation which gives me a eerily body reactions. To give you more specific, the “channel” means many different things. Some channels channel the energy and message through their writings. Some brings their messages to their fifth chakra only. Some brings the beings (spirits) in their bodies. That last one is called, “transmedium.”

As a very sensitive person, I can tell when someone is a channel because they bring in the different vibrational energy into their space. Especially transmediums give me a very specific feelings and sensations that I don’t really like to come close to them. Again, that doesn’t mean all are wrong or bad. All I’m saying is based on what I can handle, what my sensitivity can handle. So… you might have a better understanding of why I never really liked the Hicks’ books because I could sense this “channel” thingy. When I was getting so sensitive all of the sudden once I opened the door of spirituality, all I could do is to avoid all the energy which makes me feel strange and resistant. So, till recently I never touched their books. I tried to read one famous book called, “Ask and It is Given” but every time I tried to buy or check it out, I got a big “NO!” So, it took me for years to even touch their work.

When I realized that it was the “Abraham” spirit coming into my space, I had to ask this spirit to give me some space. I asked him (I call him although spirits don’t really have gender per se) to back off from my energy field and just communicate with me telepathically or show me images because it’s too much for me if he comes into my energy field. He did back off and started to show me more vivid images. I felt immediately better. Man, my throat was feeling like swollen with some energy coming in, my heart region was hot and top of my head was bothering because a spirit was coming into my seventh chakra which is a spiritual chakra on top of my head. It was very uncomfortable.

I can’t explain why but this happens sometimes more than I’d like to anticipate for. When the beings (spirits) want to communicate with me so strongly, they do every attempt to get my attentions. It happened in the last clairvoyant class I was holding a space for the class. Just a brief summary of it is someone in the class did something helpful for the family of the deceased one (just deceased a couple of days previous to the class) and the deceased one wanted to say “thank you” to this person. Only if someone can pay attention and listen to what he has to say, then he won’t come to my space. Well, who would pay attention to something like that in life?!!!

Anyway, the beginning of the class while we were meditating, I was having massive sneezing, head pressure, nausea, etc. and I was really not doing well. I had a duty to do, although I have a right to take care of myself first, my focus was scattered because I was holding the class space to be safe from any energy coming into the class space. While we were in the debriefing after the initial meditation, the person who needed to hear the message started to share the story of around this family with the deceased one.  As soon as she started to talk about the story, I had a thought, “it’s HIM.” Then, I started to sense, see, hear his face and message. So, I delivered the message to her, “Thank you for telling me the story because now I understand what this energy coming into my space so strongly is. The ‘dad’ is telling me to tell you, ‘Thank You.'” She totally got it and my whole experience with this energy attack had ceased immediately. Man, that was so unpleasant to be in my shoes at that time!

Anyway, the long story long, Abraham wanted to validate and encourage me for doing the work. He was validating my healing work, delivering messages of the law of the universe and creating the workshop which I decided to do with the meditation technique I learned and his law of universe principle. So, I take that. He also understand that I’m not interested in doing the Esther Hicks thingy, the transmediumship. He can show me images or communicate with me telepathically, but no one, including any enlightened spirits come into my space in any time. I’m the boss in my own space!

The reason I decided to write about this is that my journey of my sensitivity of energy is an on-going, expansive experiences through my spiritual learning throughout the years. What I could handle, know now are very different from what I could handle years back. Now, I can tell and differentiate what my body is reacting to, what else is there, etc. Just because you feel energy or something doesn’t mean it’s just one thing. It could be a bundle of energy coming at once. Before I would totally see it as one bundle. Now I can see each and individual within the bundle. Some, I have to deal with it as it’s not good for any, some I have to communicate, some I have to work on myself, some I ask assistance from the Source.

Your learning and awareness come in continuous and gradual process. When you’re not ready to see or understand, it’s not shown that way. When things are ripen and you’re there to know, you see the different depth and dimensions. So, take it easy! Do one step at a time! Nothing in life is given to you if you can’t handle.

With that, have a happy happy Mother’s Day Sunday! 😀

Hicks E. & J. (2007). The Astonishing Power of Emotions. Carlsbad: Hay House.