Effortless and Easy Fix Are Completely Different Ball Games

Good Saturday morning! It’s a very pretty day in Seattle. Since we don’t get much sun around here, the day like this is so precious! I’d love to go out to enjoy the sun, but I’m a little bit wiped out today with all the things I’ve done and had worked on this week. So, I’m going to do a work from home kind of day till I sub for the Zumba class late this afternoon. Today, I’ll write about effortless and easy ride since that was the one thing I had to address with one healing request came in this week!

I’m sure I write about effortless is the key for healing, spirituality, abundance, anything. When you make an effort, things get really dense. There is an energy vibration of “effort,” and that vibration itself is pretty heavy and tiring. When you want to make something happen so badly or you really want something, I’m sure you can relate that you are probably putting some effort consciously or unconsciously. Effort makes things much harder than it should be. When I clear some energy in my space, if I use effort, it’s so much harder to remove the energy. I get exhausted by it. I can’t do that as I clear and heal energy in people or houses. There is no way I would be able to do one hour, two hours of healings or readings with effort.

I wanted to spell out the effortless part first because the next item, the “free ride” or “easy fix” was a little bit tricky to differentiate from effortless. I’m talking about energy and spiritual vibrations here. Free ride or easy fix is effortless in a way because you don’t need to do anything. You get a free ice cream by going with your aunt or something. It’s ok to get a free ride I guess, but this doesn’t work well for healings or readings. I’ll give you some examples.

My sister who lives in Japan and who has a very different perspectives around spirituality or what I do, she is seeing my healings or readings is a souvenir people get when one goes to a funeral or mochi souvenir the Japanese people use to spread to the neighbors when they build a new house long time ago. I’m not sure if they still do, but when I was little, I was told that it was a tradition of blessing the new house built. It’s sort of like a house warming party, but more ceremonial rituals. Anyway, so my sister takes advantage of my healings if I ever did the healings without her request. She thinks she is entitled. It’s not bad or good she thinks that way. She just does and I can’t change how she thinks. I’m very aware of the energy exchange dynamics in the universe, so I do my best not to give her healings. Rarely, I do because she is my family and I wish her the best in her life.

The reason I don’t do healings on my sister is not just about energy exchange part, but this “free ride” vibration has a tone of easy fix. When there is healing involved, it’s not just me and the Source energy working for the healee. The healee herself has to come to the half way as well. Physically, healess might not be doing much, but as energy, they do a lot more than just sitting down. Their intent, their willingness, their willingness to shift their energy, their willingness to receive healing, their willingness to heal themselves, their willingness to learn and evolve as a soul. Although no one comes to my practice by spelling out all that by speech, by spirit, they line up all that as much as they can at that time to bring their courage to come to my practice. Otherwise, they won’t even show up to my sight.

When there is an “easy fix” vibration, one thinks that he/she doesn’t have to do any. One can be playing the poker and things are fixed and done by the janitor. Healings don’t work like that. Let’s say even so, I possibly just see the energy exchange part and as long as there is a compensation, assume I do a healing. It’s a really bad deal for me as a consequence. I have to use so much energy, takes out so much out of me because there is no mutual “agreement” to get the energy shifted, and I would feel very very angry, resentful, and start hating my work. Besides, nothings change on the healees because they’re not willing to take on part. So, when things are not aligned for the healings, there are so much consequences I have to deal with. Luckily, I learned this part pretty fast while I was still learning the healings and readings because I got to experience so many variety of people coming to the readings and healings in my teacher’s school while I was learning.

This week, I had a healing request on a kid from a mom. If a kid is very little or in grade school, request coming from mom is pretty safe to go. However, when a kid gets older like teenager, then it gets a little more complicated. The request coming from a mom is probably a normal course of process to take. The tricky part is if the request is a really from the kid or from the mom. That makes a huge difference. Like I mention many times, healings happens with the healees own intent. So, someone else is thinking for the best for others and requesting a healing for the others, I have to do a little bit of spiritual investigation before healings happen.

According to the mom, when mom asked her kid if kid wants a healing from Naomi, the kid said, “Sure.” That part, I have no question about that’s what happened. The part I was zoomed in was the “Sure” part. Then, I had a thought, so I threw something to make all easy and clear. I asked the mom to tell the kid that I needed the kid to be on the phone when I do the session. If it was in-person, of course the healee is sitting in front of me. But when it’s remote, it’s either the healee is on the other side of the phone or a complete “non-live.” Because I had a little challenge with the healing request coming from the same mom around the same kid, I was already well prepared on what I needed to do in the future. So, I wanted to make sure I won’t be the one who is going round and round, running like a crazy pin ball game.

Ended up, the kid changed his mind and said “no” on healing this time. Actually, it was never a “yes” on healings. It was a “no” but the kid said “sure” to let the situation, the conversation with mom end. Besides, what a deal that the kid doesn’t have to do anything and Naomi would fix it to make it easier life! Anyway… I really love this kid and the mom, so as much as it gets quite challenging, I do my best to educate the mom and let the kid take a responsibility on the part of healing self. Many times, healing oneself is challenging. I’ve never felt that healing myself is an easy fix. I can do effortlessly, or rather I do my best to work on things around healing myself, but it’s never an easy fix.

All right, so the long story long as usual, the take home message is, come to meet healings in a half way, then the universe will take care of the rest!

With that, have an amazing and amusing weekend! 😀