Past Lives

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I bet many of you are out to have fun for the long weekend! I scheduled to work today, but I probably can take a day off on Monday. Why not? I was going to skip writing a blog this weekend, but while I was doing my Zumba choreography inspirational research on YouTube, something hit me. So, I shall write about that before I go to the Trader Joe for my cooking inspiration time! It’s all about downstream, so I go with the flow! Today, I’ll write a little bit about past life!

You probably heard of past life one way or another. When I was young, growing up in the country where the spiritual realm is considered to be more of the superstition, I thought everybody has a previous life before this life. Well, that’s all they say back there, so I thought that was mandatory. When I first started to open up to the spirituality, luckily I met a book written about the past lives by a physician. The book is called, “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Brian Weiss M. D. Because I was still not being able to completely let go of my intent of going to the psychiatry, the book written by a psychiatrist made it really easy for me to get into it.

The book is about the actual patient of Dr. Weiss who had psychological issues. Because he was practicing the regression therapy technique to regress the patient to the past, childhood events, he also used the technique for this patient. The thing was that this patient, instead of going to her childhood, she started to talk about the lives beyond the current time. At first he was skeptical of what was spoken by her, but he was fascinated by the “voice” or “messages” in-between the lives she visited and spoke. The book was about Dr. Weiss’ experience through this patient.

The book gave me a pretty good background of what past lives might mean early on; however, the real learning came from my experience of taking clairvoyant program, graduate clairvoyant program, doing the class space holder roles, being read by clairvoyant students in school, and reading many many people. So, nothing really surprises me at this point. I don’t think like I used to think about past life. I don’t put so much emphasis on it like it’s something special and mysterious. For me, it’s a normal thing like people are born from their mothers.

There are so many past lives I visited and I don’t remember all. Though, there is one past life or rather past lives which I know I’m still bringing my energy back from those past lives. The theme of those past lives is this: I was a male and a warrior. I know some in ancient China, some probably in Japan, some might be in Mongol, some might be somewhere in Europe, I recall there was one in Africa, some in South America and so forth. Anyway, the bottom line is I seem to have spent lots of time and life times as a male warrior.

I remember whenever I see a movie scene with hundreds of warriors, it gives me a very strange feeling. It’s familiar, sort of exciting, and feel like I know. I remember when I saw the movie “300,” my reaction to those half naked men was very different from other girls. Girls were saying “wow, they’re hot!” while I was feeling that I wanted to be them and wanted to be the part of the passion they’re fighting for. Anyway, now I think of it, I probably am very familiar with those scenes.

When similar past life is repeated, in my case, a male warrior, there is a reason for that. For one, the lesson has to be learnt. Therefore, sometimes people repeat similar life times over and over. The thing is the more you spend your time in the same topics, the stronger and heavier the energy gets. So, in my case, my male warrior energy was so strong in this life time. The thing is, we are here to do things differently than before. That’s what learning is. In this life time, I’m born as a female, fairly small, soft spoken, and not too scary looking from the surface. Inside, I know I’m a little bit different from the outside look.

I’ve spent time in so many jobs surrounded by males. The last job I had was literally I was the only chick pretty much. I’m very comfortable working with males, but the thing was I had to realize that there were very obvious gender discrimination in the work environment I was in. I hated it, cried so many times because no matter what I couldn’t change the way it was nor people, and stayed there for two years only because I thought I had a reason that environment was presented to myself. Knowing that I spent so many life times as a male warrior, I knew there were things I needed to be clear. For sure, I used to get really feisty when males present their male programmed perspective. I’m generally nice and friendly to people, but I got really over the top in the last work environment because it felt like a modern intelligence version of “war zone.” Anyway, I blew up lots of programming and pictures from my energy field and when time was up, I left because I knew it wasn’t the place for me to start with.

The reason I’m writing about the past life is maybe because past life affects us all. We all spent many life times somewhere, sometime, as a complete different existence. Most of us don’t have any recollection of any past lives. Still, it’s influencing us and our entire life. So, even if you don’t believe or believe about past life, maybe you can keep in mind that there might be a reason you are pulled to the certain directions. Maybe there are reasons you tend to repeat patterns. Sometimes when past life has strong influence on one, I do past life readings in my session. Though, no one comes to my practice to ask for just past life because I have a purpose and intent in my healing practice. I want people to heal themselves and evolve as a soul.

With that, have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Don’t Worry~ Be Happy~ =3

Weiss, B. (1988). Many Lives, Many Masters. New York: Fireside.