Know the Differences in Your Wise Voice and Interference

Happy Saturday! It’s June already and is Saturday already! I don’t know my relationship with the planetary energy this month, but this week was pretty heavy for no obvious reasons! I updated my brochure this morning, so now I shall write a blog! Today I’ll write about the differences in voices in your head.

The other day, someone was asking me if she should clear the energy of the diamond inherited from her grandmother. For no brainer answer for that is sure, you want to clear energy from anything you possess. The question for me was this: Is this something I should be dealing with, meaning, should I clear the energy of this stone? Or is this even I should dip into it, meaning, is this my problem or not my problem? When you think of the business perspectives, as long as your customer pays for the time, maybe it’s ok to do business around it. That’s something my teacher said long time ago to me when I was mentioning about one healee. As much as I respect my teacher, this part I sort of not cool with that.

I have a purpose of my healing work. I chose what I do in the spiritual realm. Early on, I decided not to do the John Edward thingy. If you don’t know who he is, he is so called medium who communicate with deceased souls and delivers the messages to the living people. I respect what he chose to do, but that’s not what I chose to do as a primary work in my healing practice. Occasionally, the deceased energy does come to communicate desperately, then if it is a highest good for the healee but not the deceased, I do deliver the messages.

I don’t do medical intuitive, either. I looked into it early on. However, as I mentioned before that I gave up on going to the medicine because I am extremely sensitive, it would be a little too risky genre for me. So I only do in the very soft, casual way around that topic. Clearing home or business space is something I learned that it’s just necessary. So, I do it for a service.

Clearing energy of a material, of course, I can do that. The issue for me in this case of the topic is that I didn’t feel too motivated about it.Even before this person was contacting me, I had a whole series of strange, lower vibration energy coming into my space which I didn’t really understand what was up. When I saw the email, my original reaction was a sigh. That tells me that there is either resistance or effort involved if I were to do the work.

Meanwhile I had a few different work to do during the day, so I visited again in the evening after my last Zumba gig was done. I was getting, “Don’t Bother. Sell.” So, I checked one more time before I emailed the person and told her that I was getting, “sell” so if the stone is really important for her, I would be happy to take a look and work on clearing the energy. If not, consider selling it and exchange with the monetary energy, then get a new one suitable for herself. But again, I told her to ask her wise self and decide what she wants to do about it, then she can let me know. I’m pretty sure she would come back to me to tell me that she would sell.

So, how do I know my “voice” is the right voice and it’s not the wrong message? Well, I don’t know for sure to be honest with you. I would never know for sure to be honest with you. I just know that I’ve learnt to listen to the tone of voices and to pay attention to my physical and emotional reactions. Our body and emotion are quite amazingly tuned to the answers.

If I’m nervous, that’s one thing, but if I’m lethargic or demotivated, that’s a really big sign that I need to pay close attention to. Especially since I do a very invisible, subtle energy work, any kind of lower vibration energy or reactions are not to be missed. Another thing is that I was getting the same message again and again, clearer and clearer. So, what I normally do nowadays is, instead of questioning and analyzing the reasoning, I just go for the message I get. It works pretty good as long as I don’t screw up by analyzing or making things more difficult by using effort.

So, what the other kind of “voice” would be? It can be like this. “Since this is a business opportunity, I should just do it.” “It’ll be an easy money (Ah…. I have to disagree with that Mr.!).” “It would help this lady, so I should do it.” “Maybe if I say no, she would be offended,” etc. Something like that. Those are more of our conditioned or programmed way of “thoughts.”

There are “voices” which are a little more subtle but very sneaky. Something like this: “the energy attached to the stone is interfering this lady, so clearing up would help her from interference.” “The energy is already visiting my space won’t go unless I do something to do with this stone.” “Aren’t I for the green eco system? Do I want to encourage to buy new stuff and dump the olds to make the earth buried with old materials?” Yeah, something like that. So, it’s not really from my programmed “thoughts” but it’s from something else, either you call it “energy” or “beings” or “entities” or whatever.

Anyway, the bottom line, all the voices like these might have a point, but is it serving me for MY highest good? Sure, it needs to be a highest good for the healee, but the issue is, “Is it for YOUR highest good?”

People talk about ghosts, deceased, aliens and freak out about it, but energy is pretty sneaky and interfering. When you make decisions and you can’t really hear your own voice, highly likely you’re bombarded with others’ energy. When you know what you need to do but your feel like you’re going out of control, yeah, that’s another indicator that you got other’s energy in your space. So, clear out your energy field and start having a good relationship with your wise self. The more you do it, the easier it gets. When life gets a little intense, I can guarantee that communication with your wise self is really helpful.

With that, have a wonderful weekend! Happy June! 🙂