Communication with Deceased

Happy Tuesday! Well, it’s not weekend and my office hour is almost over. But I feel like writing since some topic is ringing in my head. So, I shall write before I call off a day! Today’s topic is communication with deceased soul.

So, as I mentioned before, I’m no John Edward. I don’t attempt to be the one. Public call his style of work as “medium.” In my term, medium represents much wider range than communicating with deceased. Anywho, last night while I was doing the space holder role, I did deliver messages from the two deceased. It wasn’t planned or expected. It just happened to be in the right space, right time, right people, and right topic.

Someone in the class asked me if I was always sensitive to the spirit’s energy and messages. I want to say no, but maybe I have been. I just know that I’ve been blocking this senses for a long time probably on purpose. Well, unconscious but with pretty solid purpose. Maybe as a spirit, I knew that I have been super sensitive and without blocking, I wouldn’t manage to live my life in this modern society. Or maybe I freaked out early on. Whatever the case is, communicating with deceased came along right after I graduated from the clairvoyant program.

To me honestly, there isn’t much differences in reading live person, plants, space, animals or dead soul. I mean we make a big deal out of it when it’s ghost or deceased, but there are a lot more than just deceased spirits out there. So, it’s nothing special to me except for some reason, when time is right, deceased souls visit me, so I just read the messages or energy if necessary. Does it freak me out? No. It only freaks me out when energy, no matter what kind of energy is doesn’t leave my space easily. I have to say, the energy from a live person can be much more freaky and yucky than that of deceased. Having a physical body makes it a lot more complicated in energy system I suppose.

I don’t necessarily seek for a soul to communicate, either. It’s always coming from their end. It’s like energy coming into my space without me asking. So, when it is appropriate, I take time to listen and communicate. Otherwise, I’d just kick them out from my space for good. Would you communicate with a stranger walking up to you just because they want to talk to you? No, right? Same thing can be said about spirts. I’m not going to talk to spirits just because they walked up (or flew in) to me. I’m very grateful that this started to happen more and more after I learned the basic tools through clairvoyant programs. Now I know what’s safe, boundaries, limits, protection, clearing, seniority, neutrality, etc. all that.

As far as deceased spirits, there are two main types from what I can tell. One is the spirits who got stuck inbetween physical (our earth) dimension and spiritual (Astral) dimension. Another is the spirits who are in the spiritual dimension but visit our physical dimension for some reasons. I have seen both. When I do space clearing, I tend to find the former ones. When I do healings or readings on someone, the latter ones might happen. I’m not specializing this part as my main healing work, so this happens occasionally.

Do you need to be afraid or feeling that I have a special talent? No and no. I’m no different than what you can do honestly. I just happen to have an opportunity in life which made me clear the blocked part of myself. Normally speaking, deceased spirits visit and try to communicate because they have something they need to say. So, majority of the deceased I happen to encounter have pretty simple purpose. The purpose could be to deliver something they wanted to say to the live person left behind. It could be simply stuck in the dimension and they have no intent of causing harm, but operating as if they’re still alive in the physical dimension. Now, there are some who died in very negative manner and they hold the strong negative energy which has attracted more negatives to pile up.

It doesn’t matter what the situation is, as far as I’m concerned, I don’t find any of the deceased spirits scary. I can say that because I learned that I’m senior than any spirits in my own space and so are you. The difference is that I learned the tools to deal with different circumstances which you might not have.

So, what’s the point of this post? Well, I want you to know that there are more than visible in this world. I also want you to know that your life as a spirit doesn’t end when your body dies. Your physical body life of this life time dies, but not you as a soul. I want you to know that you’re senior than spirits, energy, people, animals, or whatever in your own space. Your space is yours. Your space meaning, your body, chakras, energy, aura, all included. You own your space.

With that, have a wonderful Tuesday and the rest of the week! 🙂