Different Sensitivities

Happy Friday! Wow! It’s Friday and I’m writing a blog! I didn’t sign up for Zumba subbing this weekend, so I am off Zumba for the week! I’m going to write a blog tonight and maybe give myself some computer break tomorrow! Today’s topic is about the difference in people’s sensitivities.

I often mention that I’m really sensitive, which is true. When I say sensitive, it’s not in the sense of getting hurt easily or anything. I sense really subtle energy while others may not. That part is all right. I came to learn about my sensitivities and how to manage my sensitivities in life. There is one sensitivity I have which I don’t think I can control really well, so I don’t go close to the situation which may drive me crazy. That is when someone is physically hurt or injured, I don’t seem to do well.

Sure, I don’t really like my own pain, either, but I probably can manage my pains better than seeing someone’s injury. This part is very similar to my mom if I think of it. My mom’s mother was a nurse, I think she was a mid wife at one point, so my grandmother had a very different talent than us. My mom got so excited when I was shooting for a med school that she was a chicken when it comes to someone’s pain, but I, on the other hand, didn’t have that like her. Well, mom… Actually, I was pushing it and thought I could push it through, but I’m just like you.

Just now, I saw a YouTube clip of British Got Talent with the title of someone survived from plane crash amazed Simon. I thought I would watch it and started to watch. As soon as I saw her, I started to feel not good. So, I had to close the clip. I wouldn’t watch a plane crash for sure, but I didn’t think it would be not good for me till I started to watch. Too bad.. I wanted to hear her singing because I like that show sometimes.

I think what happens to me is that I’m super sensitive with energy as I said. So, when someone is injured, I literally hear, see, feel their pains or even the accident scene. It’s quite torturous for me even if that person might not be screaming at a moment. You might not be aware of it but the body stores energy and memories, so whenever someone get injury or some sort of shock, the body holds that energy. In this British God Talent lady’s case, I started to feel some sort of fire or something. I can’t really describe it. So, before it gets too wonky in my space, I shut it off. Man, that wasn’t expected. So, I don’t go close to the accidents, don’t watch war scenes, nothing like that for me.

The other day, I was chatting with a lady who comes to one of my Zumba class. She is a nurse. She was telling me that there are certain areas she can’t handle. She said, she couldn’t do the kids in oncology department. She said that she got very depressed working there. She also said that she can’t do mental illness, either because she becomes them (patients). I find that’s interesting. People have different sensitivities.

I seem to be ok with the mental illness for the most part. Probably that’s the reason I was interested in psychiatry. Lately though, I started to be more and more aware of energy of depression. The other day, I had a healing session with one of the regular healee. As I set up my space before the session, I started to sense this dark, thick energy covering over the head region. I almost was going to ask my healee if he was depressed lately. Found out that he was with someone that day who is depressed. So, I was picking up his friend’s energy because his friend was around him. Anyway, I can tell for sure that it must be so challenging to be depressed because I could see how thick, dark energy covers up the head. It’d be hard to connect to the Source energy even.

Phobias can be disabling, too. I do have height phobia. It’s really paralyzing. I remember one of my neighbors was telling me that he chose to go to the PhD in organic chemistry because when he was doing the pre-med, he passed out by looking at blood. Yeah, it’s a lot more clearer than my case, but that would be hard to go to medicine. Lots of phobias come from the past life experiences it seems. My understanding is many comes from the death experiences. It’s not always but when someone died in traumatic scenario, he/she may remain the fear in the form of phobia in the physical world.

Anywho, it’s a random post today and I’m not really shooting for some moral or teaching mode for this post. If you have some sensitivities in some areas, it’s all good. If you’re trying to change that sensitivities, good luck. I mean… if it’s healed, that’s really cool. I tried quite a bit of stuff around my sensitivities around height, people’s pains, my extreme empath, etc., but the result, they’re still there. Instead, I learned to know what my sensitivities are and to take a good care of myself around it. I wouldn’t throw myself into an accident scene or visit trauma hospitals for no reasons. That’s really mean to myself. So, if you’re are of your sensitivities, take a good care of yourself around it. It’s ok if you have some sensitivities. Just know about you and take a good care of you.

With that, have an amazing weekend! 😀