Create and Destroy

Happy Friday! It’s almost Saturday and I should be in bed by now normally. I’ll write before I got to bed tonight. Today’s topic is about destroying phase and creating phase in life.

June has been very challenging for me. I think it started around the end of May, probably around the Memorial weekend. I couldn’t figure out what was up honestly but every morning I woke up with thick energy sitting in my energy field. So, normally my morning meditation and clearing is my peaceful time, but morning this month has been very rather ill feeling. I didn’t know but maybe I was already starting the phase of destroy phase in life.

In order to create a new in life, you have to destroy. I wrote about removing the olds in order to bring the new. It’s the same thing. Sometimes, removing will do. Sometimes, it’s more of destroying in order to create a new thing in life. It’s like life-death cycle. In order to give life in your life, death happens. I’m not talking about someone dying here.

This week, I’m letting go of a friend who hasn’t been good for me. I won’t go too much in details since I know that I’m still in the middle of this process. I still get this friend’s energy gushing into my space and I haven’t had a peaceful space quite yet. I took an action and since then, it’s been really hard for me this week. My empath has been really strong and opened up last few weeks, so I’m super sensitive. I can feel this friend’s energy and it’s really painful because this friend has so much pains. Since I’m an empath and I do care about people, it’s really challenging to let go of someone no matter how it is for my highest good.

While that’s happening, my car broke down on me last night on the way back from a Zumba class. My stress level is way up because of that. I mean, I’ve been having some eating problem from letting go of my friend matter to start with, car breaking down on me is something. I almost thought of cancelling the Zumba class tonight, but I rented a car and went to teach Zumba. If you look at monetary value, that’s probably not the move you do. However, there is more than monetary value in life’s energy circle and I decided that I’ll take the invisible portion by doing so. Now, I have to figure out what to do with my car because I don’t think I’m willing to fix it. Me breaking up with friend; my car breaking up with me….

So, here is the destroy phase. I’m letting go of my friend. I’m also letting go of my good old friend, car. In order to create a new, next best abundance in your life, you have to destroy which are not working for you. My car was definitely ending its life. My friend was sucking my energy out of my life. In fact, I felt like I’m losing my will to live since it’s been so hard with energy gushing into my space. So, I need to let go: destroy phase.

Destroy phase isn’t fun at all. Sometimes you don’t even know if it’s the right thing because it’s a mess and it really doesn’t feel good. It feels awful more likely. Though, when this phase is clear, you have a space for creating a new. Creating the most suitable, next best abundant, new in your life.

When you’re in the destroy phase, don’t be discouraged. It’s not that the universe is against you or bad things keep happening to you. You have to destroy to create a life. You can always ask support from the universe because the universe is always supporting you no matter how you feel. It shall pass. This phase shall pass. Then you get to bring in a beautiful life in you.

With that, have a wonderful weekend! Oh, graduation is always life-death cycle, isn’t it? You complete and you start a new! 🙂