Mediums and John Edward

Happy Thursday! I don’t think I’ve written a blog on Thursdays. Anywho, I keep drawn to John Edward since last weekend and I have a strong feeling that I need to write about it. So, I’ll do that. Hence, today I’ll write about so called psychic medium and John Edward.

Now, I’ll be honest, but I don’t really watch those medium TV shows or paranormal thingy. For one, I’m really not fond of energy coming through while watching those shows because whatever I watch, I do sense a lot more than normal people can sense. Besides, those energy comes though the computer, phone, or TV. I have enough energy coming to my space already, I don’t need any addition.  So, if I’m watching those shows, I pretty much get all sorts of energy going on with the clip. The thing is, lately, rather this weekend, John Edward YouTube clips started to show up on my thumbnails. I watch YouTube because I do my regular Zumba choreography research frequently. I also use YouTube for cooking recipes as well. Psychic clips are not in my dictionary, though. I don’t know how it started to show up.

Anyway, I used to not care about John Edward. I think the first time I saw him on TV was when it was probably 20 years ago. He says he has been doing this mediumship work for three decades, so seeing him on TV 20 years ago isn’t too surprising. Back then, I avoided those woo woo stuff by all cost. I used to get so scared. When I was living in Japan, I couldn’t watch anything to make me worry about going to the bathroom. It got better after I moved to the US, but I really didn’t like certain places when I was living in Japan.

Lately, I mean lately here is probably the last couple of years or a few years, but I started to be ok with John Edward. The last time I saw his psychic reading on the audience, I find it was fascinating. Ok, let’s go back a little bit. If you don’t know John Edward, he does the psychic reading on audiences and communicate with deceased loved (or unloved) ones. He is specialized for the communication with deceased souls. He is very good at it.

If I haven’t done my healings or clairvoyant work, John Edward would have been just one of those TV entertainer to me. However, because I do this spiritual work in my own style, I get what he is doing. I bet there are many people who would call him names for what he does such as fake or fraud or whatever. But, because I do what I do, I totally get what he is doing. In fact, how he does the readings is very similar to how I do readings. I think I mentioned it before a while ago on my blog.

He is very good at interpreting, but what he is doing is reading the energy of the deceased spirits who come through. I have very similar experiences in reading deceased energy, so I get what he does. The difference is that I choose not to do the deceased soul communicator. I decided to work with live souls. Ok, that’s not a good description. I decided to work with souls who are in the live physical bodies. The principle is the same I think. Either live or deceased, spirit is spirt. Energy is energy. It really doesn’t matter.

As I watch John Edward’s readings, I see his evolution. His work has been shifting gradually. What he does, reading the deceased souls, might be the same, but his purpose or goals are evolving. Lately, I feel that his goal is not too far from my intention of my spiritual work. With that, I do like him. If people can’t understand what he is doing and calling him names, that’s too bad. Some can’t go beyond what they can understand. It doesn’t mean they can’t evolve, either. Anyone can open his/her sixth sensory world any time any day. So, just because people are not open to it now, that is not definite. My friend used to be very fearful and closed about what I do, but now she is completely trusting what I do. In fact, she gets it amazingly.

There are so many intuitives who do all sorts of things. There are so many intuitives who have wonderful gifts. What makes differences is, I think, their intentions. How do you know when someone is not good for you in life? You kind of know by your gut feeling. Or you didn’t pick up at first but as you go, you realize that person is not good for you along the line. The same thing applies to mediums, psychics, healers, etc. as well. You have to go with your gut feeling. That doesn’t mean one is bad or bad intention. You have to go with your vibration match. Unless you have affinity to one, you can’t work well with someone, right?

John Edward works with people who need some validation or closure with the deceased ones. He works with people who need to heal around the death of someone. So, to me, he is not doing it for entertaining reasoning although it looks quite entertaining for other people who are watching. I find it’s fascinating that some intuitives decide to work with deceased souls. My teacher jokingly said to me once that I could be a translator of the deceased for people because my readings of deceased happened more than anyone she met in her school I guess. My answer is “no, oh no no no!”

Why am I writing this? I don’t know to be honest. I guess I wanted to say that John Edward has a good purpose which I don’t disagree with. I wanted to say that there are many “specialists” in psychic or spiritual realms. Some people or organizations are trained to do exorcism. I’m like wow… that’s definitely something I would not want to specialize my work for, but I’m glad that someone is doing it. Some people are really good at reading life’s blue prints. I want to say though, blue print, but options. I don’t believe in a definite fate except the really solid plan on death or what need to be work on.

What’s my specialty? Hmm… Good question. My super sensitivity to energy is one of them. I can work with people who are like me, very sensitive. My strong empath is another, so I can assist people who are also empath. I don’t know I like this part or not, but I do pick up beings (spirits) pretty clearly. That’s something I really didn’t plan to have, but it started to show up after I graduated from the clairvoyant class. When I say beings (spirits), it’s not just deceased spirits, but all in the universe(s).

What do I do with it? Well, when other energy, beings, either with or without body, are in your space, it interferes with your energy.  So, if you have so called “guides,” but they’re hanging out in your space, that’s definitely not a good sign. I can assist people to learn the boundaries and if necessary, removing those. Yeah, that sounds like exorcism, but it’s not. I don’t really work with Linda Blair situation. I work with normal people like you or me who haven’t learned or are not aware of energy as much as I do.

Anywho, I’m sure it’s not as clear as what John Edward does, but when you have some obstacle in life or if your life gets too hard for you, maybe that’s when you can ponder if I can assist you. If you want to expand as a person, as a soul, maybe that’s when you can consider my service.

With that, have a wonderful Friday and weekend! 😀