Matching To Others vs Vibrating In Your Own Vibration

Good Wednesday evening! I know, lately my blog writing happens whenever I have time. My July started to speed up after 4th of July, so today was the first day I could think of writing a blog. I have one more hour of healing office hours, so I’ll use it for writing a spiritual blog. Today, I’ll write about the energy vibration and differences in vibration. Hence, the title is “Matching to Others vs Vibration in Your Own Vibration!”

When we do the clairvoyant training, we set the “class color” for the day. If you’re scientist, you know color is a vibration. Sound is also vibration. In spiritual realm, everything is communicated by vibration. So, it can be color or can be sound, etc. You have an experience in certain colors making you feel calm, cool, warm, jittery, etc. That’s because the color has its frequency, i.e. vibration and at the time, your vibration has reaction to the certain vibration, i.e. color.

When I do the space holder role in the clairvoyant class, we meditate to clear our energy and set out tools for the class. Then, I take a look at the color of the vibration of each students and then look at the “class vibration” which is color. I pick the color which is not too much for students, but safe, light, grounding, amusing for that class of the day. Then, students learn to “match” their vibration to the class color to learn the tools for that class. This “matching” the vibration, i.e. color is specific for the class because we have specific goals for the class. So, before students take off, my teacher guide them to go back to their own vibration.

When clairvoyant students do the readings and I do the readings in my practice, we also “match” the vibration to the readees vibration. Not exact match because it would be too close if it’s exact color, but similar. I’m sure there are many readers and psychic who do readings on their own style, but I bet they do “match” the vibration somewhat to the readee so they can get information. Ok, this is a quite a bit of side story.

These are the examples of “matching” the vibration to others for the specific reasons and specific intent. We do it consciously in this case. However, we, people, do match other’s vibration unconsciously everyday without knowing it. Do you talk to older people slower than talking to younger people? Do you talk to males differently than talking to females? Do you talk differently to your kids than your partners? That’s also a little bit of matching, sort of. These are probably less harmful to you than other examples I’ll give you in the following. I’ll give my Zumba teaching for an example again because it’s very acute and right on my face all the time.

A couple of weeks ago, I exchanged emails with my good healer friend. I was mentioning about sometimes I can totally in the joy mode in teaching Zumba class, but it’s very rare. I was telling her that sometimes I can’t even get there. She responded to me by asking what would make it enjoyable for me. That question made me think. Email exchange with this healer friend sometimes makes me “think.” It made me think what would make me joyous in teaching Zumba.

It happens when I totally let go of the “perfect pictures,” meaning how I look, if I’m teaching well, if people are following well, if people are getting well, etc. It happens when I love the song, the music. It happens when the choreography, i.e. dance is complex enough so that I don’t get bored. It happens when I can totally dance all the way like running 100 meters in 15 seconds (I don’t know if that’s slow or fast. I just now that was the time I ran when I was doing the track in grade school).

When I was spelling out like that, I started to see why I can’t get there in my Zumba teaching sometimes. I’m too focused on “matching” to make the class, the people happier. Although I didn’t think I was doing it, I realize more and more that I was totally matching my vibration to the class.

Because my Zumba class slots are three of them in the morning and two of them in the evening, and one of the evening classes is not with how I hold my style, I’ve been searching to find the balance ever since I started to teach in last December. Majority of them are older people, 50s, 60s, 70s. Let me clarify this, though. Age is not the issue because one of the evening classes is also older population; however, they’re on it. They are hungry for new dancing. They’re aggressive! The difference is, they’re more exposed to the “dancing” than the others. The demographic differences, that is.

As I was becoming more aware of how I’ve been dumbing myself down, well ok, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I’m so up there or something. I have a little bit different energy than the typical population and I have to use it in certain ways. That’s why I workout. So, when people’s energy levels are much lower than mine, I guess I was toning down my energy. Hence, I couldn’t get to my “joy ride” often in my Zumba teaching.

Since I realized it more and more, I decided to raise the bar of my Zumba class. I’m picking up the songs which makes me want to dance. I do care a little bit if people can pick up or not, so I won’t bring in super complex choreography, but if it’s too mundane, my energy started to fall a sleep during the class. So, although I might appear psychotic compared to the people in the class sometimes or many times, I decided that’s the way I need to run. So, I’ve been doing that.

With that, with my full vibration of my own vibration, it does make a huge difference. After the class, it gives me a buzz after the class is done. I feel like singing and I would be in super dooper mode. Then, I know I was operating my vibration in my own vibration. When I match others or the class, often times, I have plain feeling afterwards. Not bad, but plain.

After I started to do that this month, I started to see which classes are not the “match” for my vibration. I already started to ponder about how some schedules are limiting my healing business, I decided to let go of one of them for now. I talked to someone in the gym and hopefully soon, I’ll be taken out of the schedule to teach that class. When I’m not enjoying at all and my healing work is suffering on top of it, it really eats up my energy. Maybe I should have done it sooner, but I have other tendency to operate strongly which is “responsibility.” So, it’s all right. Learning comes in my own speed.

If you have a partner, I bet you match your vibration to your partner, especially if you’re a female. It might be working in certain way, but in the long run for your soul’s journey, changing your vibration to match other’s vibration only limits your full capacity as a soul. Your vibration is your own. No one else has your vibration. It’s unique on your own. You have your vibration for your talent. So, if you’re vibrating in someone else’s vibration by matching, you’re definitely suppressing who you really are. So, maybe you can ponder about that. I’m not saying that you need to change at this point because maybe you’ve never heard of such thing I’m telling you right now. Just ponder about it to start with.

When you’re vibrating on your own vibration, you start to see what is suitable for you and not. That’s when you do the clearing process in your life. You remove what’s not serving for your vibration, so you can create some space for new things which are suitable for your vibration. This applies to people, things, jobs, environments, anything. Vibrate on your own vibration!

Oh by the way, I’m holding a remote class in August, “How to Shift Your Stress.” I used the word “stress” because anyone can relate to that. But, it’s all about shifting your energy vibration and thoughts from negative to positive, so you can bring more joy and abundance in all areas of your life. I’m also planning to start a class series, “Energetic Tools for Sensitive People.” I’ll teach you the energetic tools to manage your energy and energy coming from the life’s circumstances. Because I’m super sensitive, I can probably help sensitive people, so the topics will be catered for sensitive people. If you’re normal sensitivity, you can still join me because you can definitely benefit from it. Shoot me an email for more info or register for the class at

With that, have a wonderful rest of the week! 😀

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