How I See The Energy and Spirits

Happy Saturday! It’s another beautiful day in Seattle. It’s been really nice this week. They say Seattle has highest rate of depression due to the rainy weather. The day like today, it makes your life super wonderful! I think sun is so healing for all of us, humans as well as plants and animals. I’ve been really busy in many different sense today and I want to just rest completely or go to gym to lift, but I’ll spend the last hour of my healing office hour in writing a blog. Today, I’ll write a little bit about how I see things. So, it’s about how my readings are like, how my clairvoyance is like.

Clairvoyance is one of the sixth sense of “seeing” more than just the physical vision. When you hear “seeing” or clairvoyance, the majority of the people think that you see things visually, i.e., physically. Clairvoyance is the intuitive eyes and vision, not necessarily physical vision. Some people’s gifts might be so strong that it probably looks like a physical vision. I know for sure mine is more of intuitive vision. Though, I do see the figure, vibration, etc.

Because my strongest gift is clairsentience and I’m strongly empath and highly kinesthetic, my first sense or information normally comes by sense. For example, if I were to meet a new healee and the healee has a chronic lower back pain, my lower back gets uncontrollably painful or dull. The reason being is that normally when someone is planning to have a session with me, their energy already visits my space. People, us, we don’t learn about energy and how to manage energy in life since we’re born, that’s what people do. It’s not good, but it always happens. When one has anxiety, I normally get this strange vibration, typically around my hands or forearms. It’s almost like massive bees are hovering over my arms and vibrating.

The reason I know those “sense” or feeling something isn’t mine is just because if it’s mine, I can manage it fine. Since it’s other’s energy in my space, it “feels’ out of control because it’s not my energy. Do I sense things even if it doesn’t come to my space? Highly likely yes because I’m known to pick up the energy vibration way before other intuitives pick up in the class space. That’s why I say I’m “super sensitive.”

When I do readings, I tune down my clairsentience as much as possible because it’s really hard to be neutral if the clairsentience is widely open. Also, my empath has to be as neural as I could be. Still, I’m a highly empath, so I probably will start tearing up when I get flooded with information, but that only lasts a few seconds for me.

My clairvoyance or seeing probably comes second to the clairsentience. First I sense something, then I tune into what’s in there, then I start seeing the energy. Sometimes energy gives me colors. Sometimes energy gives me the tone of energy vibration, like dark or light as in colors, dark as in low vibration or high vibration, opaque, etc. Some energy has vibration of emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger, grief, etc.

Some energy I can tell that there are beings (spirits) attached to the energy. What it means is that I can see the source of the energy or the source, beings in the energy. Beings include humans with bodies, spirits who used to have bodies but no longer alive, spirits who are not humans or were humans once upon a time but not anymore, spirits who are completely different entities, etc.

When I take a look at each energy and being, I start to see the figure, color, tones of vibration, emotions, intentions, sometimes I can hear what they seem to be saying. The last one is called clairaudience, the ability to hear more than physical sound. For some reason, I seem to be really good at picking up the beings ever since I started to do my spiritual work. I can quickly identify, male or female if they have human bodies, or if just spirts, I can tell more like female vibration or male vibration. Spirits don’t have sex in the spiritual world, but because of the soul’s journey, they tend to have masculine vibration or feminine vibration most of the time. It’s subtle, though, nothing like us, humans with bodies.

Most of the image I see, I can vaguely tell the color of the hairs, possible ethnic groups, skinny or fluffy, and the age range. The age range is kind of tricky because just because what they appear to me doesn’t mean they died at that age or they are in that age group sometimes. They show what is the most significant figure for them I guess or what makes the most out of the valance for the receiver, me or readees. It’s the valance they’re showing to me.

I also get some “knowingness” while readings. I don’t know where the information is coming from but I just know, sort of thing. That’s probably the filler sense than other senses for me. I use all the senses when I do readings not just clairvoyance.

What’s the use of them? What’s the use of seeing beings and energy? Well, here is the thing. It’s the basic principle. If the energy is not yours, it doesn’t work for you in your space. It doesn’t matter if the intent is good or bad. If it’s not yours, it doesn’t work for you. The vibration of yours is unique to you, but for no one else. So, if the energy in your space isn’t yours, you’d better get rid of it. In the same token, if the spirits are in your space, their vibration isn’t going to work for you. They don’t have to be in your space. They can communicate from outside of your space if they choose to. So, you’d better get rid of them or set the clear boundaries if you want to work with them.

Another part is that let’s say, the energy in your space is yours. However, maybe the vibration is low, less than neutral. The examples of lower vibration energy is what you might say negative energy. For example, sadness, grief, anger, madness, guilt, shame, gossip, criticism, punishment, judgement, depression, hopeless, despair, desperation, etc. They’re all normal human emotions we all have, but they’re also lower vibration. The goal is to shift your lower vibration energy to higher vibration energy so you can attract more of the higher vibration energy to you and your life. Law of attraction that is.

The higher vibration examples are love, joy, amusement, laughter, expansion, freedom, kindness, harmony, gratitude, forgiveness, creativity, enthusiasm, euphoria, light, abundance, effortless, certainty, confidence, clarity, etc. The more you vibrate in higher vibration, your life gets easier, you have easier time to exist as a body and a soul.

Unlike psychic mediums who choose to use their talents to communicate with deceased souls, I chose to use my talents to assist people to shift their vibrations, to navigate their life easier, to evolve and expand. So, I use all the sixth senses for that because brain knowledge itself has limitation since it’s bound to the physical body. You have to go beyond that. That’s my take. Hence, I named my healing business as “Expansive Healing,” not “Heart of Healing” or “Healing Heart” in which I almost wanted to because I’m a heart chakra person.

Anywho, I do what I do for reasons. People can believe or not, that’s up to them. I’m not here to make people believe what I do. I’m here to work with people who want to work with me. Why am I writing about this? Well, I think because I realized that I’m fucking serious about what I do. I believe in what I do and I’m not willing to change what I do for going back to a corporate job. If I have to in the future, I don’t know what the universe is going through. Other than that, I’m a straight shooter. I spell out things as long as it’s ok for me to spell out the information to the readees. So, if you’re good with that, call me up for my healing practice. I’d be happy to work with you!

With that, have an amazing weekend wherever you’re! 🙂