Sometimes You Have To Take A Look AT Everything In Your Life

Happy Thursday! That’s right, it’s Thursday! This is the first Thursday night I don’t teach Zumba in the evening in the last six month! I got so much done this afternoon after I taught two Zumba classes this morning. I’m so grateful that I could let this evening class go and someone took over the class. I didn’t think it would happen this quick because I just did healing on that last Saturday. Then, I got a call from the coordinator on Monday! So, I tell you that healing really works if you have the right intent and you’re ready to shift energy in your life! Yeah! Today, I’ll write about shifting energy is like doing a major house clean up in Spring! Hence, the title is “Sometimes You Have To Take A Look AT Everything In Your Life!”

This month has been pushing me to take a look at things in my current life. What’s working, what’s not working. Well, in a way everything is working, but is it sufficiently working for me? What’s the energy sucker? What’s the energy blockage? So, the first thing I had to do last month was letting go of the relationship/friendship I had. Then, I got so much more energy in me everyday. Then I had to let go of my good old car friend. Then a new car arrived.

This month I felt things were not moving still. Then I had to take a look at my Zumba gigs. Some classes have been evolving. Some classes have been a drag. With that, I decided to let go of one class which wasn’t working for me and at least it didn’t make much sense for me to do. That was the class slot of tonight. I can now use all Thursday PM for my healing work. I’m so grateful because Zumba is my very side gig. Healing and spiritual work are my primary gig.

This week, things have been speeding up. I have had a packed schedule since Monday. I had to put everything on the list so I wouldn’t miss it (although… I (my head) was off one hour this morning and I was late for subbing Zumba class this morning for the first time.. aarrggg). My phone rings for sub requests everyday. My email is swamped this week. One of the chaos is around a new possibility of teaching Zumba in the different setting, which is cool. It’s been just creating a lot of chaos and interference in my space. However, maybe it was just necessary thing to happen for me to take a look at my space.

When I took a look at my weekly schedule, I have a quite packed schedule. Then how I’m going to put the new Zumba possibility? I gave up Thursday night Zumba, but I’ve already planned to put a remote class for my healing practice. Then, I had to take a look at my Tuesday night clairvoyant assistance, space holder role. I actually had never looked at it in that sense. I always look at from the view of “is this beneficial for me in my spiritual learning, healing learning?” You might know or you might not, when you ask questions in the sixth sensory, spiritual dimensions, you have to be quite specific because things can mean many ways or have many options in the statements.

When I was taking a look at the Tuesday night assistance role, it kept coming back as it’s just not adding up to my benefit in my current life space. I’ve been feeling that I need more evenings opened up. I put two remote class planned in the evening. I teach one evening Zumba. I assist clairvoyant class one evening. I have Wednesday office hour till 9pm so people who work during the day can use my healing services. So, that makes five evenings a week booked already. If I want to do something in the evening, I have to take a look at the Tuesday assistant role. I kept asking questions to myself, to my higher self, to the universe. It has been coming back to me as “let it go.”

So, I emailed my teacher this afternoon. She is out of state till next week, but I had to take an action, knowing that energy works immediately after I shift something. I feel really bad that I have to withdraw from the role I’ve been doing since 2013, but I’ll join her graduate clairvoyant class during the day sometimes. I need all of my energy put in the remote classes I’m trying to put, and my energy and time taken by the assistance role doesn’t add up at this moment.

I don’t know how this affects my life and me to be honest because I just did it. The thing I know for sure was that I wasn’t too excited about the clairvoyant assistant role this week. It felt like a choir and I felt rather irritable. So, that’s sure sign that something isn’t working for me. So, I’ll see what this would do for me. I can always come back to the role in the future class. I want to put all my energy for holding space and teaching my remote classes for now.

So… even though there are certain things in life you do and you don’t question what you do, sometimes you want to take a look at it. What was working for you in the past might not be a present time, meaning it might not be working for you in the same token. You evolve, so your situation and life need to evolve, too.

With that, have an amazing Friday and weekend! 🙂