Pay Attention To the Messages From the Universe

Happy Friday evening! It’s already 10pm and I’m eating my dinner, well more like supper. Everybody in my gym is out this week for some reason and I covered quite a few classes this week. So, my body is really needing some rest and break. I’m going to eat while resting and write a blog at the same time! Not multi-tasking. I’m just doing three things simultaneously. I need to feed my body some protein, so there you go! Tonight, I’ll write about the messages from the universe. It’s subtle, so you have to pay attention to it or you would miss it or take it for granted!

Today, I had three messages and gifts from the universe. The first one was from the credit union I use. I went there to do my banking and there was a stuffed animal bunny sitting next to the counter I was standing. I’ve seen it there for a long time. It’s been there for a few years at least. Today, I felt like touching it, so I did. I took it on my hand and it was so squishy and soft. It’s a perfect stuffed animal for little kids. When I felt that, I thought of my mom who has Alzheimer’s. I told the person who was helping me at the counter that it was quite an usual looking bunny and I liked it. I said, “I wonder if my mom would like it.” I told him that my mom has Alzheimer’s and she has regressed back like a kid. Then, all of the sudden, he said, “Do you want one?” and he gave one to me. Just like that.

On the way to my car in the garage, I actually cried. I don’t know why I cried. Maybe I was totally not expecting such nice thing to happen in such occasion or maybe I was thinking of my mom would like it, who knows? I just knew that it was a gift from the universe and I was so grateful for that because earlier today I was asking the universe to help me out.

The second message from the universe happened while I was driving down to my evening Zumba gig this afternoon. As I was driving in the rush hour traffic on the familiar free way, I saw a sign on the building. I stared at it for a while and thought of the meeting I had earlier this week. To explain what I’ve been dealing with this week in short, I’ve been dealing with some strong energy attacks and no matter what, I hadn’t been able to clear them completely. When I saw the sign, I thought of the meeting I had and then thought it was a message from the universe.

So, while I was driving, I worked on the energy by specifically focused on the shock and trauma after the meeting. Then, the torturous energy and knives like edges in my body and aura disappeared. I could smile while driving. I was back to my normal laid back self. I was so grateful. If I had missed that sign as a message from the universe, I know I would have been still struggling with the painful energy in my space. That’s huge!

The third message was another gift from the universe. As soon as I arrived at the gym to teach Zumba, one of the regular ladies who come to my Zumba class handed me over a bag saying, “This is for you because you work hard.” There were two big cans of coconut water, iced. I looked at her and said, “thank you” to her. That was super sweet of her. I’ve been so busy this week by covering so many classes and dealing with energy stuff on the other hand, my cooking and prepared food to take for each classes were behind. So, I didn’t bring anything to the gym tonight. That coconut water was super delicious in my car after the Zumba gig tonight. My first gift from my Zumba class from that location. I’m so grateful.

When life gets challenging, we get too focused on the problems and “hardness in life.” Then, we might miss the messages from the universe. Just ask, it shall be given.

When I came back home to see the dried plants in the garden, I remembered that I told those plants that I would water them today for sure. I’ve been busy, so I didn’t get to do that earlier today. As I watered the plants, I saw new flowers were popping up from the Hydrangea. The old part of the hydrangea had been so dry and I’ve been watering here and there and talked to them to hang in there. When I saw the new flowers, it made me really smile.

Just because you see the dying parts doesn’t mean that’s the end of the story. There are the new, great stuff coming out of it. You just can’t see it at a moment. It shows up when it comes out. Life is like that, too. So, pay attention to the messages from the universe and the gifts from the universe. It’s always there for you. Just ask. It shall be given.

With that, have a wonderful weekend! 🙂