Upcoming Remote Classes

Happy Monday! That’s right, the weekdays have started! I wish you’re starting a good week! I’ve been out all morning and was out to review my remote class structures this afternoon. Then, I decided to post the upcoming remote class information on my blog post. I know that people who picked up my business cards and brochures would look the home page, but the people who would read blog probably won’t go to the home page as a default. So, here we go! I’m holding two upcoming remote classes. One is called “How to Shift Your Stress” and the other is called “Energetic Tools for Sensitive People.”

I decided to create these classes, so I can introduce the techniques I have learned throughout the years from my healings, readings and spiritual (invisible) practice. I use these tools daily, some more frequently than the others. All are to help my life, my work, myself, my evolution as a persona and as a soul. I learned many tools from my healing teacher; however, I’m adding my applications through my own journey. My sensitivity is different from others and then what I create has to be my own style.

“How to Shift Your Stress” class is a four-weeks (one month) remote class. I can only dip into the surface of the technique in such a short period of time; however, you can get started to shift your stress, i.e. your energy, thoughts, and emotions. This class is to teach you how to shift your current not-well-serving vibration to more suitable vibration to you.

I’ll use two main techniques: one is by introducing a few basic energetic tools to help you release the unserving energy and bringing more suitable energy into you and your life. I’ll introduce the energetic tools one at a time and by the end of the four weeks, you hvae a few tools to work for you together. Another technique is by utilizing the law of the universe, the energy law. By identifying your current energy vibration (emotions, thoughts) and then gradually shift your vibration to more downstream vibration. I’ll combine the both technique each week to show you how to shift your stress vibration.

“Energetic Tools for Sensitive People” class has three parts: part 1, 2 and 3. Each parts consists of four-weeks (one month) curriculum and three parts are in sequential. These classes are to introduce you the basic energetic tools in detail, so you can take home to use in your real life. I use these tools more than once a day. It makes a huge difference in life. These are the energetic basic tools I learned for the first time from my healing teacher. She holds a class named “Meditation.” I decided to change it to my style because I’m very “sensitive.” I probably can relate and assist sensitive people because I’m such.

I’ll introduce the energetic tools one at a time in a guided meditation style, so by the end of the whole series, you have accumulated tools working for you at the same time. Those energetic tools are to help you grounded, remove unwanting energy, bring your energy back, protect your space, set your intention and goals, separate your energy and not yours, and most importantly to bring and own your space and personal power. It is a gradual process and the shift is also gradual as well.

You can take one part and see if you would like to continue to the next sequence. It’s up to you. Some tools are better than nothing!

Each class starts the second week of August (August 7 Monday and August 10 Thursday). If you’re interested in learning the techniques and energetic tools to help you navigate your life easier, join me! Each class is $125 per four weeks (per month) and 90 minutes on each week. I’d be thrilled to witness your journey because I can guarantee that all who have learned the techniques shift small or big.

For more information or register, contact me by email at naosan.healing@gmail..com or call me at 206-486-4677!

With that, have a wonderful week! 🙂