When You Really Meet a Person

Happy Thursday! It’s August already! I’ve been having a lot going on starting from the beginning of this month. The Universe has been pushing me to remove the old and bring new. Well, more like bringing new before I’m not even ready to remove the old. Anyway, sometimes in the near future I can share with you what I’m going through right now. Because I know how critical this time is for me, I’ll hold off from sharing anything about it. I’ll share when it’s passed. Today, I’ll talk about the incident I had today. Hence, the title is “When You Really Meet a Person…”!

Today I went to my favorite Trader Joe to pick something for dinner and grocery. There is a man who always sits outside of the Trader Joe entrance, not inside but out to the pedestrian side. He has signs, asking for some help. I actually haven’t read the sign closely, so I don’t really know what it says, but you know the scene. Probably familiar scene you’ve seen somewhere. I normally pass by without doing anything because of many reasons. This person always says “hi” to everyone who goes to the Trader Joe. I think he is there everyday.

Rewind the scene to sometime last month, I think it was last month, as usual, I was passing by saying “hi” back to this person, but not making much eye engagement. That day, when I was passing by, I got a “ping” from somewhere. Then, I had a thought. The thought was like this, “I got bunch of coins today but not bills. Would it be all right for me to pass these coins to this man? Is it actually a mutually beneficial action for me to do?” When that thought hit me, I did muscle testing. I got a “go.” So, I made a U-turn, came back to him and said, “I normally don’t have any cash with me, but today I got bunch of coins. So, would coins work for you?” He said, he would take coins. So, I grabbed all the coins (I don’t remember why I got so much coins that day, but it was dense) and put in his jar.

Fast forward, coming back to today, because of this exchange and I go to Trader Joe so often, he remembers me. Today, he said “hi” to me again and as I said “hi” back, then about to enter the Trader Joe, he called me to come over. So, I did. He told me that someone gave him a package of blueberries and he wanted to give it to me because he didn’t like blueberries. I guess he took the kind offer from a Trader Joe customer even though he didn’t like the blueberries. He said, “I bet you like blueberries, so I want to give it to you. When you are done shopping, I’ll give this to you.” So I said “ok.”

It took me for a while to shop today since I needed many, but I wanted white peach for myself and picking some. Then, I thought I would ask this man if he liked white peach. Their white peach last time I bought was really really good. So, I picked some peaches and finished shopping. When I came out of the Trader Joe, I asked this man if he liked white peach. He said he did. So, I told him I would give them to him. He told me that I didn’t have to give them to him, but I said, “You’re about to give me blueberries, so these are for energy exchange from me for that. I’m a healer and I strongly believe in energy exchange.” He took the white peach and gave me a package of blueberries.

I asked his name and we shook hands, then I greeted to say ‘good bye.’ He told me I was a nice lady. You know? I’m not the one who gave him a package of blueberries or a package of water melons. Someone very caring got them for him, so he could eat easily without cutting or anything. I gave coins once and that’s it. We chatted a little when I did that, but that’s about it. I’m no special to be said “nice lady” honestly.

When I walked down to my car, I got teary. Today, I got some help from two people including my sister. This week, I’ve been getting many help and also the universe has been giving me many gifts in many forms. My life is a little bit critical and challenging at a moment, but I’ve been aware that the universe is supporting me and giving me many help and gifts. Even this man who is asking for help from people was giving me a gift. What a heck, crazy amazing is that? I was really grateful. I’m still grateful and I can’t describe how overwhelmed I have been lately.

I also thought that there is no difference between me and this man who sits outside of Trader Joe. We are all special souls and no difference. Just… our roles in life, the journey we are taking in this life form are different, that’s all. I felt that I really met a person, this man who sits outside of the Trader Joe today.

Anyway, I needed to share because I felt it’s so amazing and huge in me that I can’t just hold inside of me only.

I watered plants in the garden of building I live as usual even though I don’t think the landlord appreciate or care that I’m doing it. I thought of stopping doing such thing, but plants are suffering with heat without rain more than a month. So, I’m doing it for plants not for the people. 🙂 Anywho, I could even hear plants talking to me since I’m sensitive. I’m ok with that if plants are happy. I think some plants called my name. Not sure how they got my name…  I’m ok. I’m not losing my mind.

Anyway, with that, have a wonderful Friday and weekend! 🙂