Your Talents, Your Gifts

Happy Friday! Fewww, this week is passing by really fast! I’m busy this week, but unlike last week, the busy-ness isn’t crippling me or sucking my energy dry. I think this is so called “downstream.” I’m flowing. Everything is happening at the same time. I’m just making sure that I write things down, so it won’t leave me with so much information and events coming in and out. I thought I would write a blog before I hit the next phase of the week, which is weekend! Today, I’ll write about the gifts each of you have.

My gifts, well sometimes it feels or acts like a curse, are a few. I’m an extreme empath which is a gift but also a curse or double edged sword. I have a talent in “space” clearing such as house, office, any physical space. I actually did three healings around space clearing this week. I also have a talent in healing a non-tangible “space.” Non-tangible space as in financial “space,” relationship “space,” career “space,” such and such. They are not what I learned to be good at by going to school, but it’s rather born with talent. It was a matter of buried deep in dust and needed to polish by learning to wake those talents up. These are my talents in the spiritual, my healing work realm.

I also have many other talents. I’m good at catching the rhythm and really good at moving my body. I’m also good at learning the moves quickly. This is why I create my Zumba class like I do now. I can learn the choreography pretty fast, so I can bring it to the class following week. Otherwise, I probably would need to slow down the new routines in the class.

I’m also good at finding the way to communicate with people. I love talking to the strangers. I can find a way to enjoy talking to anyone as long as the other person is open to it. Because I’m very result driven person and my goal is to have good communication, I do well on the projects which teams have discrepancies because of their poor communication. Unless there is a hidden agenda, like competition, envy, jealousy, fear, etc., I can pretty much bring the projects to the better state.

Another trait or could be talent is I’m forever optimistic. This can be also double edged sword if I’m not aware of my tendencies, but I tend to look at the best out of everything and everyone. It takes a little longer for me to realize that someone is a little bit toxic for me because I’m forever optimistic. Well, how can this be a talent instead of the flaw? Well, I don’t know but I’d rather be optimistic in life than going down to the negative outlook in life. It keeps me going with positive attitude even if I go through a rough time in life. I can come back pretty good when the rough time passes.

Anywho, the reason I’m spitted these out is that as you noticed, I’m not spelling out the talents like “I’m an amazing pianist,” “I’m an incredible writer,” or some sort. Your talents and gifts don’t have to be the tangible matter or concrete matter. You do have talents. You just haven’t thought about them as your talents. Or it could be that your family or your friends didn’t value those as talents. You do have talents, however.

It’s a key to live your life with fulfillment and happiness when you use your talents and gifts. You have those for a reason. They’re not just sitting there in you like “oh, these are useless but I came with them.” When you use your talents, something in you shift. The vibration of you gets excited. The world gets excited. When you use your talent, your energy flows and all the stagnation and blockage in you start to heal. When you use your talent, there are others who get inspired by, get healed by, and get encouraged by. Your gifts are not just for you.

If you are ever feeling like your life is missing something, do you know if you’re using your gifts? Do you know what your gifts are? Do you know it’s ok to use your gifts and talents even if you feel like those are not anything special? If you’re in doubt, call me up. I’ll tell you if you’re just sleeping or your talents are crying, etc.

I had one healee  a while ago who told me what he does for work. He also told me what he studied or did before but he stopped that direction because it didn’t feel like a “career” or “work.” When he said the subject matter of what he did before, I saw a sparkling rose wine like happy glitter around his energy field. When he told me what he does for work now, I saw all but stress and restraint. There is something wrong with that picture. The thing is, though, no matter what I say, how I inform what I see in my clairvoyant vision or my intuition, if the person is not open to hear it or is not ready to hear it, it doesn’t matter. That’s ok. We all have our own pace of learning and awareness journey.

So, I’d love it if you can keep this in mind for you and think about your talents and gifts. I’d love it if you think about if you’re using your talents and gifts. If you’re, super! If not, can you start thinking about how you can utilize your gifts? Why? Because it makes your life change. It makes you happier.

With that, have a wonderful weekend! 🙂