How Energy Behaves

Happy Friday! It’s Friday before eclipse! I heard lots of people are going to Oregon for eclipse. One of my healees went to Oregon for eclipse festival. I wonder how the planetary energy is like on Monday. Anywho, my week has been all about learning about energy as usual. Hence, the topic today is behavior of energy! Wow, that sounds like psychology textbook except I don’t think psych division likes energy stuff.

I’ve been having quite busy healing activities last couple of weeks. With the projects I’ve been working on besides my healing work and Zumba gigs, it puts some limitation on my healing practice. So, to workaround it, I did a few distance healings/readings instead of “live” remote or in-person session. That way, I get to work on the request when I can find a good space and time in my schedule. Plus, when I do a complete distance healings/readings, meaning “non-live” sessions, I can focus better and hit the requests from all different directions.

One of the distance healings I did put me in the energy learning journey. Because I know this healee for a long time, actually this healee is a friend of mine, after the session, I sent an email with details from the healings/readings. This healee likes to know what’s going on, so I did a great healing, wrote a detailed summary of the session and sent it. Supposedly, it was the end of the story. Happily ever after, more like let’s move on to the next project, Naomi, sort of.

What happened instead was that this email put this healee in a very “reactive” mode. When I do healings/readings in-person or remote, i.e. “live,” I’m holding the space and I guide healees to remove energy and stuff which show up. What happened was that this healee tends to have fear response. When the healee read the email, it was like “forget about the tools I learned and the healing is already done. I’m freaking out what WAS going on.” So, with that, I had this humongous energy from this healee visiting me day and night, day and night. I couldn’t even do my life because my head was smothered by this healee’s energy coming in.

So, here are things you want to keep in mind and if you do some sort of practice or healing work, you probably know already. You really want to be careful about either having your friend as your client or not. I’m very aware of that part, so I normally don’t do healings on my friend. I do only for one friend which happened to be this person. The reason for that is that you already have a relationship/friendship. It’s really hard to have a clear boundary with your close people. It’s like when I was a banker, I never ever went out with my clients. Or I never did loans for someone I knew. It’s called “conflict of interest,” right?

So, by the time the fourth day arrives and I was getting a little under the muddy water with the continuous energy visits, I decided to email this person to say it straight up. So, I sent this healee an email stating that her energy kept coming into my space, so there was something energetically incomplete. It wasn’t good for both of us to have unclear energetic/spiritual boundaries, so call me when she had time in the next couple of days. That’s what I wrote on the email and sent it.

The interesting thing was as soon as I “sent” the email, the energy strangling my neck and squeezing my head so tightly started to leave. I mean, it’s not like this healee can read the email as soon as I clicked to “send.” The action of me sending that email changed the direction of this healee’s energy. I found this was fascinating.

Of course, the healee called me and we chatted. That was bonus. It cleared up her wonder, fear and worry and I cleared more from my space whatever was going on with me through this whole experience.

I have mentioned before here and there that sometimes the energy of a live person is much more yucky than the energy of, let’s say a dead person. The reason for that is there is a strong “intent” in the energy. There is a “driver” of the energy. So, normally speaking when the energy comes in really strongly, I can bet it’s a live person. Well, of course I do this kind of work, so there is other version of it, but most of the time, it’s a live person.

The thing to remember, though, is that the person whose energy is coming into your space has no idea that’s what’s happening. The healee I emailed was very aware of this realm since I’ve been working with her for some years, so she got it. However, majority of the people wouldn’t even get it. For example, my sister reacts really badly if I call it out. So, I have to deal with her energy in a very different manner which I still haven’t figure that out around her to be honest. The bottom line is, it’s not personal. The energy invasion in your space, the person who drives energy is not intending to do that way. Some people do intentionally, especially if the person has mal intent. But, that’s rare.

Another thing to keep in mind about energy is that the action you take changes the direction of energy. It could be the action of sending an email to confront the energy or set a clear boundary. It could be the action of changing the agreements you had before. It could be the action of setting the different boundaries. Whatever it is, the action shifts the energy invading your space. When, what and how you do depends on the case by case of course.

Remember I wrote about the time I started to teach Zumba and was losing my motivation and amusement at all when I “took” the feedbacks coming from the class to the heart and tried to change my style of the class? My healer friend told me at that time that whatever the action I take around the feedback could shift the energy sometimes. When I read that, I pondered by thinking that “I already did. I already took the action.” Then, I was like, “Wait! I did take the action. Maybe that was the problem!”

The very fact that I took the feedback to the heart and tried to change my style to match the needs from this person and that person in the class resulted losing my pure creative energy. I do this Zumba gig as my creative work.

I create a new routine every week by researching new songs and new choreographies, then I memorize the songs and choreographies by practicing them. Then, I bring it to the class every week and give as clear cue as possible so they can dance from the get go. As I decided from the beginning, I intend to teach the Zumba class for myself first, not for others first. By trying to change how I want to create the class to match what others want my class to be killed my creative energy flow. I was really getting depressed to even teach that week. However, as soon as I realized it, the energy which was making me lethargic vanished in one second, “snap!” just like that!

Energy is interesting. When you are not yourself, highly likely other’s energy is in your space or you are not taking the actions for yourself. It’s good to keep it in mind.

With that, have a wonderful weekend! šŸ™‚