Life Is Beautiful

Happy Tuesday! I think it’s Tuesday, isn’t it? Normally I don’t write a blog on Tuesdays, so I feel like it’s Friday or Saturday. Anywho, I’ve been under the weather for a while and have been dealing with physical pains, so I’ll write a blog instead of doing any other painful thing! Today I was touched at Trader Joe (of course, my favorite Trader Joe. Where else would it be? It’s Naomi’s blog.), so I’ll write about it. Hence, the title is “Life is Beautiful.”

I was at the Trader Joe and saw this tiny baby in the cart. Her eyes were so closed and she seemed to be sleeping. I asked the mother how old she was and she said, “she is three days old.” Oh my gosh! Seriously? Man, so perfect, so beautiful! I told the mother, “Wow, so beautiful. You did a great job, mom!” I’m sure she probably thought I was a wonky person. Well, maybe I am. I’m just a little bit different from what normal people might do or say that’s all.

After I said that and saw how perfectly intact and sleeping the little human being was, I started to tear up. I know I know. I seem to tear up a lot. Remember? I’m an extreme empath to start with. Second of all, I’ve been in significant pains for over ten days. My sensitivity might be a little bit top notch.

I don’t know why I was tearing up. I guess I was so amazed how beautiful life is being brought to this world. How this little being is able to sleep so peacefully after three days of being introduced to this world. She is so content, no doubt, happy, peaceful and lovely. I don’t know what a heck it was but I was tearing up all the way to the parking lot and to my home. People at the Trader Joe might think I must have a rough life or something.. I think I was tearing up there about something else before. It happens because it’s my favorite Trader Joe I’m sure!

When I saw the little baby, I got it. I got that how precious those little ones are for mothers. I got it. I understood why mothers, no matter how old their kids become, act like some vigilant hens for their kids. No matter how kids might be able to do things on their own, if kids are hurting or struggling, they would do everything to save them. That sounds exaggeration, but I don’t think it’s too far from it.

I often experience some challenges around healing requests coming from mothers. If kids are little, sure. But when kids are teens or even in twenties, I’m not sure if that’s what the best for kids or that’s what the mothers want. It’s definitely the latter; that’s what the mothers want.

Part of the pains I’m struggling right now is coming from such situation. I decided not to take the request and the consequence is a little more challenging than I was anticipating for. When I was in the pains with tears, I questioned why she does this to me. My life situation is as bad as her daughter’s. Why does she not understand it? Why doesn’t she get that it makes my life really challenging right now and I need to take care of myself first?

Then, I saw this beautiful little one and her mother. I got it. I got it, The Universe. It’s nothing personal. Mother is doing her best to protect her child and wants to save her child. The child is suffering, so she is trying to “fix” it. Nothing personal. It’s nothing against me or my life is not as important as hers. It’s just the way the nature works.

So, maybe my tears are all that. Acknowledging the beauty of life cycle, acknowledging the message the universe was giving me for what I have been struggling, understanding what the mother was doing and why it might be, and most importantly knowing the black fog started to permeate my head cleared up with love and light.

Even if I might be a failure to be a so called successful human being in the society, I can still be kind to others. I might be a little bit naïve not to be able to understand the dark side of yin and yang in humans, but I’d rather be naïve and look for the beautify in all.

A while ago, one of the healees of mine gave me a photography of my favorite magnolia. In the photo, it says, “life is beautiful.” This young lady said that she really thinks so. I don’t know if I can clearly say that like she did although I’ve witnessed many many beautiful things in life and through my healing practice. Today, I really thought “Life is Beautiful” by looking at the little 3-day old girl.

If you’re in pains and not sure why that happened, remember, it’s not personal. People do things because they have their good reasons to do things. It’s nothing to do with you. People might be attacking you because they’re in pains. That’s nothing to do with you. People might complain because they’re in pains. That’s nothing to do with you. People’s energy might come into your space so strongly that you can’t sleep well with headaches. Again, it’s nothing personal. So, take the “personal” feeling out of the pains from you, so at least your pains get lighter. The rest? Well, you can call a healer like me? Don’t forget to check with doctors, though. They’re specialized in their field. I’m specialized in my field.

With that, have a wonderful rest of the week! 🙂