Practice of Manifestation

Happy Friday! It’s a Labor Day weekend! It’s the last long weekend before back to school, right? Wishing people having a wonderful weekend, alone or with family! I’ve been working on abundance and law of attraction maybe since last year. Although I knew this genre of spirituality or Quantum Physics, it took me for a long time to get into it. Initially I thought it was not the primary topics in spirituality, but it sure is a big part of it. Anywho, since I’m working on my mockups this week, I’ll write about manifestation practice which I’m working on it.

So, you’ve heard of law of attraction. There is a book and also a movie. I have a book and saw the movie because an acquaintance suggested to watch his DVD. The law of attraction is basically one of the energy law of the universe. What you emit attracts more of the same kinds. Like attracts likes. It’s not like you need to do something to work it out this law, it’s just what is. So, if you’re focusing on negatives, you’ll bring more negatives. Likewise, if you focus on positives, you bring more positives. That’s the principle.

The fact that you can’t change this law because that’s how it is, what you can do is by knowing this law and think and act how to work it to your favor sort of. You want to bring more positives in life. You want to eliminate negatives in life. You want to decrease stress in life. You want to increase joy in life.

Manifestation starts from this basic law. When you want to bring a certain outcome, you want your energy to vibrate in the frequency so that the desired outcome shall come to your space. For example, if you want to bring more income into your life, you want to vibrate in such that more abundant income shall come into your space. What you tend to do is focusing on your current situation. Let’s say if you have lack of money at this point of life and you want to bring abundance in your life as monetary energy. If you’re focusing on your current situation, say “lack of money,” all you’re doing is to bring more “lack of money.” That’s the law of attraction.

What you need to do instead is to put your current situation on the side. I know it’s right on your face and it bothers you, it makes you anxious, but for now, set it aside. Like when you think about cooking, you don’t line up all the spices you have next to the stove. Spices are kept on your spice shelf and you know they’re there. When you need it, you’ll pull it out. Not quite the same, but sort of like that, you know?

The problems need to be acknowledged because those are what you want to solve. However, once you acknowledge what the problems are, set them aside because they only pull your energy down to negatives. Instead, think about what you want. Ok, your money stream is slim, so you want to bring your money stream to be more abundant. You list all those what you want as much as possible. List goes like this: I want xyz dollars per week, per month, per year. I want xyz dollars in my savings account. I want five bedroom three bathroom house, such and such. These are not enough; you want more details as clear and vivid as possible. A house with big oak tree in the yard, lots of natural lights, gas stove, etc.

The key is to list what you want in the positive and vivid manner. You don’t list like “debt free in one year” because now your focus is your “debt.” Then you bring more debt. You list what you want to bring in. Positives.

The importance is to shift your vibration. When you’re visualizing and feeling what you want, your vibration should shift to the positives. If not, work on bringing it to positives. If you keep sinking, then you have to work on removing the sinking thoughts. When life is stressful, this is very challenging, but I know for sure you can and anyone can do it if you practice.

There are so many books and video clips about manifestation and law of attraction, but basically the principle is what I wrote above. Of course, there are helpful details each person offers. I definitely recommend to write down your what you want. It really makes it clear how your current situation in different areas of life is matching your what you want or if it’s out of sync. I was doing it last night and today I realized big time that one of my Zumba class has to go pretty soon. Your head plays tricks on you, so if you’re just “thinking,” it’s not as obvious as written down as a visible matter. You have too much “noise” in your head.

Some people are good at manifesting certain areas like money, but not others areas. Some people are not good at manifesting monetary genre, but are really good at other areas. It all depends on your innate, born in or grew up with, programming. Still, you can practice and bring abundance in all areas of your lives.

One thing I can say for sure about following this principle is that it has made me really good at shifting energy in the stressful situation. So, I handle life stress differently than many people in the most cases. Some cases, I probably manage worse than typical people because I’m really sensitive to energy (I’m talking about situation like say, teaching Zumba situation… ). Anyway, I wanted to share this a little bit so maybe you can keep this in mind and practice everyday.

I use this principle as one of the methods to shift the stress vibration in my “How to Shift Your Stress” class. I’m very aware how strongly small things pull energy down when life is stressful. It’s sort of like when someone is severely depressed, she/he has to be dealt with care by a trained professional because I know others might bring them more down. I’m not a therapist, so I don’t treat depression, but I can help shifting the stress vibration or more precisely shifting your energy vibration in lives. I also use methods to remove stressful thoughts and negative thoughts. I learned so many good techniques, so I’d better share them to help people to shift their lives.

Anywho, if you’re interested in trying out my class, the “How to Shift Your Stress” class starts next Tuesday night. Yes, I know, I changed the date from Monday because of the Labor Day. Give me a buzz if you’re interested!

With that, have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! 😀