Be Ready to Receive

Happy Saturday morning! Seattle has cooled down finally. It’s been a strange weather around here. What’s known to be a rain city hasn’t had rain for over two months. In addition, there has been the forest fire in Canada, and the effect of that has been the oppressive heat and ashes coming down. This morning, it feels finally like Seattle September, so maybe fire is subsiding. Anywho, I didn’t have a clear head to write a blog last night, so I’ll write this morning! The topic is the continuum of law of attraction and abundance. It’s about being ready to receive!

I’m an action person, so I tend to resolve things including energy stagnation by action. However, again and again, I’m reminded that it is not the “action” which is the key but it is the “feeling” and “vibration” which makes the shift. Definitely actions can make a shift sometimes. If being at home and doing the projects or meditation doesn’t go anywhere, taking a walk or changing the scenery is a good call. That’s action in a sense. When you want the change in life to happen, first you have to change your vibration. That’s the key as I mentioned in the last blog about manifestation practice.

Even if the gifts and opportunities are right in front of you, it won’t work for you unless you’re ready to receive. Let’s say you really want to have a great partner and lover, if you’re not ready for that kind of partner, you definitely won’t work it out. In other words, you will create the situation not to make it work or you will not go for it even if the perfect match is asking you out. Maybe it is inside of you who feels undeserving. Maybe you feel that it’s too perfect to be true and there is some hidden agenda or…. etc. Anyway, I’m not really good at giving love relationship examples because I haven’t had much practice on it unlike other areas of my life. It’s been always my very last item, so of course my experience with it becomes the very last, too.

I’ll give you a better example because I know from my experience on this for sure. If you want a certain amount of income, let’s say maybe you want $37/hr or somewhere around $75,000/yr, you have to be ready to receive that kind of income, monetary energy. Let’s say your last salary or your past salary is around $20/hr or around $40,000/yr income. There are some big difference in the income range, almost double. When you spit out numbers, it’s just numbers. However, there is a thing called “energy” and everything around us has energy. Every thought has energy. Every action has energy. Every feeling has energy. When you take a look at your energy to have $75,000/yr income, it might be your goal or ideal, but your vibration might not be ready for it.

Vibration not ready? You’re ready! You want that type of income! Sure, that’s what you want, but vibrational readiness is different. Do you think you can make $75,000/yr? Do you feel you really deserve to have $75,000/yr? Are you confident enough to claim, “I would like to ask $75,000.” when the job interviewer or recruiter asks your requesting salary? That’s what vibrational ready I’m talking about.

I’ll give you more specific example. When I started out my healing work, I did healings for free. From the top, I knew that energy exchange is important, but I wanted to have the chances to do healings till I feel ready and confident. At that time, of course I’ve done so many practice already since I had been participating in the student healing clinic while I was taking the healing program. I dealt with many strangers off street, so it wasn’t like I couldn’t do the healing. It was more to do with my feeling, my confidence and being vibrationally ready. After a few people and started to experience that people are not taking healings although they said they want healings, I determined that I need to start charging. By the way, the side note on people not taking healing energy were because of two things: one, they can’t have it because their willingness to heal was maxed out, or two, the energy exchange between me, the healer and receiver, the healee are not in balance.

So, let’s say if I started to charge for my healing services off from the beginning even though I felt that I didn’t feel comfortable charging. Then, certain things to happen to prevent me from getting paid. Something like I might not take a client when requests come in. I might say, “it’s ok. You don’t have to pay” when healings were over. Healees who would give me a hard time to pay might show up. Healees who wouldn’t pay even though I gave healings, etc. Anyway, the bottom lines, things happen and it seems to be due to other people’s behaviors or incidents, but the fact is that we bring those outcomes because of our vibrational settings.

Receiving the universal messages is also a part of receiving. Unless we are ready to hear the message or ideas, we won’t hear it. The messages meaning, it can be a spontaneous ideas around your work. It can be a message to go somewhere so you’ll meet this perfect guy you wanted. Be ready to receive by shifting your emotions and vibration so you can hear it and receive it.

A couple of days ago at the Trader Joe, yes of course at the Trader Joe, I was visiting the lady who was at the demo section. I had a pretty bad eye inflammation, so I needed to get something to make me feel like eating. Then, of course I went to the Trader Joe to get some ideas. I’ve seen and talked to this lady for dozens of times if not hundreds. She never came across to me as she looked like my sister. I swear. In fact, I didn’t even know she had Asian mix in her origin. I just thought she was Italian or Mediterranean. Anywho, that day, for some reason, she had some resemblance of my sister. I was looking at her and was wondering if it’s because she didn’t have a makeup on or what? I just couldn’t stop wondering about it because she never looked like my sister ever before.

To give you a brief summary of my current situation with my sister, we have a little challenging relationship. This isn’t new; it’s been there since I existed or even before I came out of my mom’s womb. This year, it’s been very tense, unspoken tension was going on. Then the last time I spoke to her over a month ago, it was really bad. She really hurt me a big time and even though in my heart says that I probably should say “hi” to my sister, I just couldn’t even look at that direction. I didn’t want to deal with it. As I know as a healer, when you avoid, resist, or feel resentful, that is a huge energy blockage in your energy field. Still, I just couldn’t deal with it. That’s the background.

Then, this demo lady at Trader Joe, looking like my sister for some reason. That night when I went back home, I decided to gave it a shot. I decided to take it as a message from the universe. I had fear of course because I didn’t want to get attacked again, but I went with my gut feeling and called my sister to say “hi.” She answered the phone and we had a very different conversation this time. I was under the weather, sort of sick with my eye condition and also had sinus infection from the ashes, so my sister’s stance was very different. It was actually a good call. I was so grateful that I could have that call and connected with my sister in the very different way. Now I didn’t have to keep thinking about my holding the grudge on the hurt.

This, I take it as also a message to receive. It’s not monetary energy or finding a mate but it’s a relationship abundance with my sister. The positive experience relating to my sister is big. Maybe I was ready to let go of resentment. In fact, I think I was working on releasing my resentment and resistance toward her for a couple of days this week if I think about it.

Anyway, it’s long as usual, but the take home message to you is be vibrationally ready to receive abundance in all area of your life. If you know it’s not ready, then work on getting ready. I’d be happy to be of a service if you need a healer for that. There are abundant resources around you in the universe. You just need to be ready to receive those.

With that, have a wonderful weekend! 🙂