How Can You Access To Abundance?

Happy Saturday morning! Today is my jammy day. I’ve been under the weather this week. I got a head and sinus cold after subbing a Zumba class on Monday. It’s finally getting out of my system, but I’d better take it easy. So, today is taking a good care of myself, jammy day! Today, I’m going to write a little more about law of attraction. I grasped something and saw something this week, so I’ll do my best to describe it. Hence, the topic is “How Can You Access To Abundance?”

As you already know, abundance doesn’t mean just monetary wealth. Abundance is in place in all areas of your lives. The easiest matter we, humans tend to look at is only the monetary abundance. It does affect many parts of your lives, so sure it makes sense. However, if you’re struggling to tap into abundance in any areas of your life, it’s better to go from the space where you can access to abundance.

I’ll make it clearer. If you’re having some challenge with, let’s say, relationship abundance, focusing on that specifics probably only gives you negative feelings. Let’s say, you’re in the very bad relationship and as far as you know, the pattern seems to be repeating in your life through the past relationships. You want a better, healthy, abundance in relationship. However, what your focus on this area might make you think about the current bad relationship. What your partner did last night, what he/she did the other day, how he/she isn’t a perfect partner for you, etc. These thoughts by no means are positive vibrations.

As I mentioned the principle of the law of attraction, it’s all about like attracts likes. The goal is to vibrate in positive and in a receiving mode for bringing abundance in your life. When you’re thinking any negatives, you do attract those more of course.

When your money is short, shift you focus from “money is short” to something else. If you can shift to very positive thoughts and vibration, sure, go ahead and think about money abundance. But if your thoughts are going to lock up in “lack” or “scarcity,” then change the subject matter to focus.

It seems to me that it is better to be general than specific when your vibrational force isn’t quite strong yet. In other words, in stead of focusing on a “better partner,” think about what “unconditional love” is and how it feels like to you. When do you feel unconditional love? Have you seen unconditional love and experienced it? Have you ever given unconditional love to someone or anything? How does it feel when you give unconditional love?

I’ll give you my examples. When I do healings or readings for my healees/readees, I do witness and feel the unconditional love vibration. It’s not necessarily coming only from me, but it’s the Source energy, the creator energy of this universe which is “pure Love and Light.” It is warm, to me the color I feel or being shown to me is in the realm of pink genre, serene, at ease, safe, and really expansive feeling. When I see a baby with a mother, I get this overwhelming love even though I’m nothing to do with them. When I see people doing a loving gesture, like holding hands, expressing love, etc., it makes me smile and sometimes makes me even teary.

Another easier way to bring your vibration to positive is through gratitude. Finding things you can feel grateful about everyday is a great way to shift your vibration. Sometimes when I have a painful experience with someone, I meditate and send gratitude to that person while I release the hurt, pains and grudge. Surprisingly, the pains and grudge dissipate. That’s a win/win situation. You remove the negative vibrations from you and shifting to the positives. Yeehaaa!

The more you practice to vibrate in positives and tap into the Source energy which is abundant resources, your vibrational force gets stronger and stronger. Then, it is easier for you to specify your requests to the universe by looking at the specifics. With all the unconditional love vibration in hand, you can take a look at what kind of relationship you want. You can list those up and then put in your mockups. The key is putting your intention while you’re vibrating in positive and feeling good. The universe is a very careful listener. If you’re saying one thing and having the negative energy, the universe hears it and brings more of negatives and incongruent items.

So, the goal for you is to bring your vibration as positive as possible everyday. When you have a break, think about what makes you feel good and grateful. When someone gives you gifts in any forms, pause and feel the gratitude toward that person, not just an empty word “thank you.”

The abundance is accessible for all of you. There are plenty of resources of all of you. No scarcity. No competition needed. You can have as much as you want to have. All you need to do is to shift your vibration.

With that, have a wonderful weekend! šŸ™‚