What Is God?

Happy Friday morning! It’s a beautiful sunshine day in Seattle. It’s really cold, but sun makes it really easier to be lighter. I’m feeling a little challenge in this weather transition this year. Maybe it’s because in summer, I’ve done lots of change before the new phase of life starts. It wasn’t really my intention but my destroy phase in create-and-destroy life cycle hit one after another. Anywho, while I’m pondering about the energy this morning, I shall write my weekly blog! I had a talk with one of my friends the other day after my Zumba class, and I’m still nibbling what it meant to me. So, I shall write related to that. Hence, the title is “What is God?”

Technically speaking, I’m a Christian. However, I don’t go to church any more. I used to until I became single. I stopped going to church where I used to go with my ex, just because I kind of needed to leave my olds in order to move on and bring new in my life. For a while, I was looking for a new church for myself. So, I went many different churches in 15 miles radius. Eventually I gave up probably because my life got really busy to devote on looking for one.

Anyway, the reason I’m mentioning my religious background is because today’s topic is about “God” and when you talk about “God,” normally you can easily picture “Christianity.” However, as I started to open up the doors to the spirituality, I realized that religion and spirituality are completely different matter. The talk with my friend from the gym is about that. So, I thought I would mention it. Besides, I kind of know what Christianity teaches and what not because I chose to become a Christian when I was maybe 20 or something? My family is a typical Buddhist family in Japan by the way. So, I was the only one who started to do something else. Obviously, that also changed as well.

While I was having a lunch with a friend, she told me that sometimes she feels the energy of the universe. So, I was listening to her closely because I get excited when people have awareness of anything more than visible matter. Then, all of the sudden, she started to vibrate in pains. Then, she told me that she goes to a church although she is not a Christian. She goes to a church because she started to like the community there. They get together and have lunch every week after the service. They meet in small groups every other week and have small lunch get together. That sounds like a really fun thing if it’s fun get together, right? She was telling me that since I met her probably last year, so it’s been going on for a while.

All of the sudden, she started to have some problem with this church get together matter. I guess the church people started to question her and ask her why she doesn’t believe in God because she is not a Christian. She doesn’t choose to get baptized since she doesn’t feel the needs, right? So, more and more, the questions coming from the church members started to be a burden in her chest because she is an empath like me. She probably started to feel guilty and question why she is not believing God like the church people tell her.

Anyway, while she was telling me that and feeling her chest ache in my chest region (because my empath is really strong, so my life is like this all the time…), I told her the following. “Yes, you do. You do believe God. You know God.” She looked up at me with a curious wonder. I told her that she was just telling me that she sometimes felt the energy of the universe. What the church people call “God,” whatever the “God” is, He/She is the creator of this universe. So, she knows God and believes God. Some people may call it as “God,” some may call as the Source, Higher Power, Love and LIght, whatever people may call this greater power, that’s God. Just because the church people tell her that she doesn’t believe in God doesn’t make her not believing God because she does.

I was explaining to her that the church people can’t see it but I can see it because I work with the energy. I do the Supreme Being’s, the creator’s work for people through healings, readings, teachings, etc. The only issue here for her is knowing that she knows God and believes God and also knowing that she can’t change other people including her church people. So, if the church people can’t see the truth for her and keep asking why she doesn’t believe in God, her job is not to take on that to her and not believing what others say is true for her. She also has to be ok with the fact that that’s the way it is around her church people and she needs to pass that through her without taking it to her heart.

I gave her a story of a boy that I mentioned in some blog ago. I have it in my screen saver since I tend to be like her. I tend to take what people say about me as who I am, but that’s not true. There was a boy who was so upset and crying. His dad asked him, “What’s the matter?” The boy said, “the boy in the class makes fun of me and said I’m stupid.” Dad said, “Yeah, that’s not right. You’re not stupid because you’re a car!” The boy giggles, “That’s silly, dad. I’m not a car.” Dad said, “Right! You’re not a car. Just because people tell you you’re a car doesn’t make you a car. Likewise, just because people tell you you’re stupid doesn’t make you stupid.” My healing teacher gave this story to us a couple of times and I made a screen saver with “I’m not a car” on my computer to remind myself.

While I was talking to my friend and telling what my view about her situation is, she was getting brighter and brighter. I mean, she is a very positive vibrational person to start with, but the shift was so evident as I sat across the table from her. When I saw that, I was so grateful that I met my spiritual work. It made me light, too. I might not go to church any more, but I’m grateful that I can do the work of Higher Power.

The other day, I was listening to the clip from the Abraham Hick’s workshop on YouTube. He was saying that the animals or infants know God or the Source more than we do because they don’t question about it. They just do their own thing and completely trust that they’re safe and the universe will always support them. That talk made me think that’s so true. The three-day-old baby I saw at the Trader Joe, he was sleeping so peacefully in that busy small grocery store. Is it because his mom takes care of him? No. He instinctively knows that he is always supported and safe. No doubt. I have to remember that myself.

When you feel out of sync with the Source energy, that’s when you feel doubt, negatives. So, if that’s the case, throw yourself some stimulating questions like “How can I be connected with the Source more frequently?” “How can I be connected to the Source All The Time?” Yeah, that’s a better question to throw into you than doubting yourself!

With that, have a wonderful weekend! 🙂