Sometimes It’s All About Timing

Happy Friday! It’s back to Seattle kind of weather today. It’s not so cold like a few weeks ago, so I’m cool with that. I was working on the video project for my site, but I decided that it’s not a downstream move at this point. So, instead of pushing myself to make it work which I tend to go there, I shall write a blog! Today I’ll write about the timing. The spiritual realm, the energetic realm is all about the “right time.”

Speaking of the right time, I thought I had an idea to create a video clip to post on my website, so people would have a better idea of what kind of person I am. The reason I came up with it was because there was a girl who contacted me to check out my services. I ended up not working with her because her intent was very different from the aim of my healing work. Her initial question was if I could meet her in person so she has a better idea of if she wants to work with me or not. Very reasonable. Unlike doctors or therapists, my work is not something I can put credentials lined up. I could list things, but from my experience, the trainings or credentials in the spiritual realm talks less than resonation. Anyway, so I thought I would create a video so people can meet me by watching the video.

Ended up, all of my attempts since this Tuesday has been unsuccessful if I define the success here to post the video. I was working on it this morning because I had a clear idea how I can make it work. Then, I saw the video and my face was seriously bloated.  So, instead of pushing me to re-record, take shower one more time, or slap my face till my face looks sharp or at least normal, I decided to leave the project for now. It’s not the right timing or maybe not the project which should be done to my site.

I would have completed the project if I were in my normal operation. I’ve been working on the art of downstream. Abundance is never from the upstream. Nothing results well from upstream. I grew up in the culture where hard work is rewarded and mistake is punished or shamed, this is a very challenging part of my programming to change. I’m getting better. I gave up pushing it. So, I should give myself a credit for it even though I have a simmering feeling around my chest for not making this work.

Last week, I was just getting out of cold and therefore, I was physically weak. When you’re sick, all your energy is spent to heal your body. When a new reading prospective emailed me, I was still not quite recovered. The person wanted a medium who would deliver the messages from her deceased parents. Since I’m a strong empath, I almost wanted to help her, but I also had a loud voice in my head saying, “Remember! Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should do it! Your healing practice is set for a specific goal, remember?” So, I really felt for her needs, but I told her that I wasn’t the right person for her needs. She asked me if I knew someone who would do it, but I didn’t know any medium in Seattle except John Edward. So, I couldn’t help her in that regard, either.

I did have a simmering energy in my chest then as well because I have lived my life based on “actions” and “completions.” It feels good to complete for sure. Though, I’m learning a different operation recently, so I’m sticking with it. The very next day with my half heavy and a half recovered body, I took a walk around my neighborhood. For some reason, I felt like going inside of the metaphysical store fairly new to the neighborhood. I got an “ok” in my muscle testing, so I went inside. It was an all right energy. I was going to take off quickly if I didn’t feel good, but it was all right for me to stay. So many Tarot decks! Never seen that many variety of Tarot decks anywhere!

The gentleman who was offering the Tarot reading for that day greeted me. Because I like talking to the strangers, I started to chat with him randomly. I even mumbled up about the exchange with my reading prospective and spelled out that I didn’t know any medium in town. Then, all of the sudden, he went, “I do.” I looked at him with “what?” kind of face. Found out one of his friends or colleague in the store is a medium. He gave me this medium friend’s business card and I took off to go home. I was not well enough, so I really needed to rest.

I researched about this medium from the business card, and his website felt really loving. So, I felt ok to share information to others. Of course, in my mind, I was thinking about the girl who wanted a medium from the day before. I quickly checked with myself and all to see if this is a highest good for me to do and also a highest good for the girl to receive. I mean the “action” of me passing the information of this medium. You know, it’s not like I’m in a social service realm, so this is beyond what I normally do for my healing work. So, I had to check. I got “all right.”

So, I emailed the girl with the info with my long story long explanation of how this information came into me. I hit “send” and my job was done! At then, I felt that for some reason, the information came to my place so I could pass it to her. For some reason, it was easier to come into me than coming into her directly. So, I just passed it to her. I got a response from her in the evening. It seemed like she was pleased with the information. That was a bonus!

Anyway, I’m giving you this example because everything works in sync. Nothing is random even though it looks like it most of the time. So, it’s all about the right time. I took a walk that day because I couldn’t meditate well or focus on any project being semi sick. So, I followed what it might be good for me and my body. I followed the subtle feeling or message of “check out the shop.” I just then be who I normally am by talking to the stranger with random topics. It’s all about timing. It’s not that I forced and tried hard to find the information for the girl. Maybe .. Maybe because I was true to my commitment of what kind of healing practice I set my intention for and stuck to it instead of taking the work which isn’t mine… Maybe because of that, I got a “Good job! Here is the survivor!”

I know. As usual, my post is random. I have two things in my head, so it got really random post. All I wanted to say is to encourage you that everything is about timing. Even if things are not happening quite yet, that doesn’t mean your intent and work are wasted or you need to give up on it. It can be all about the right time. Keep going the downstream and having your vibration in the receiving mode. You never know what right time would bring things to you.

With that, have a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend! 🙂