Ground Your Fear and Anxiety

Happy October! I’m doing an unusual thing this Sunday morning. I’m meditating, doing laundry and cooking black beans. I didn’t know cooking raw beans take so long. Of course! Cooking red beans take for a long time as I grew up watching how my mom would keep boiling the red beans and adding more water again and again, the all the beans must be similar except my favorite lentils. Anywho, while I was meditating and removing thick energy here and there from my energy field, a “thought” came in. The “thought” was to write a blog about a little bit around what the tools I use and hence I can assist people to learn the tools to help their life’s journey. Hence, the topic is “Ground Your Fear and Anxiety!”

We all have fear and anxiety from time to time, small or large. Sometimes it doesn’t feel or look like fear or anxiety, but it’s not quite pleasant. Sometimes you’re so used to the fear and anxiety vibration in you throughout your life, you don’t even recognize it any more. Whatever it is, it is the best to get rid of the fear and anxiety from your energy system because they’re antagonist vibration of abundance, joy, love, amusement. It makes your life much harder. So, as I was working on removing energy from my space this morning and recognizing my antsy feeling of recognizing those intrusive energy in my space, I was also removing my fear and anxiety around the energy in my space. So, I’ll walk you through how to work on your fear and anxiety energy, maybe just an introduction.

Ok, sit on your chair with your feet flat on the floor and close your eyes. Well, you have to read my blog first and then close your eyes and try what I walk you through on this post. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Inhale, exhale, do the slow breathing a few times. Meanwhile, pay attention to your body and recognize which part of your body feels heavy, blocked, painful, distorted, etc. Pay attention to your head, the center of your head. The center of your head is the cross point of the lines from your right ear to your left ear and on top of your head to your tailbone. The cross point of those two lines is where you want to sit. That’s the “seat of your soul,” that’s where pineal gland is.

Explore how it feels like in the center of your head. You might feel there is some blockage and you can’t even go there. You might feel there is some “space.” You might feel it’s a very new experience, whatever it is, explore a little bit what the center of your head feels like at this moment. While you do the energy work, you sit in the center of your head.

Now, ground your body. You can use any kind of straight line to connect you with the planet earth. We live on the earth in this life time for a reason, and we’re going to ask the earth’s assistance. You can use a huge oak tree, can be a water fall, can be a huge icicle, can be a huge pipe, whatever you want to try out, pick one. Attach your grounding cord to your first chakra and tie it up. The first chakra is located around your tailbone area. Let your grounding cord grow straight down to the center of the planet earth and tie it up there. Now, you’re connected with the earth.

Imagine an “off/on” switch and turn on the switch. This switch will give your grounding cord a signal to release. Your grounding cord will release the energy which is not yours. Spread the grounding cord as wide as you can to include your body and also your aura. Now, your body is grounded and you have started to release the energy which isn’t yours.

Now you’re going to bring your energy into your body and aura to fill the space you released. The universe doesn’t like a vacuum, so if you create an empty space, it will fill with something. Instead of letting something else to come into your space again, you’re going to bring your energy back from all the places you left your energy. Imagine a huge golden colored sun. This golden sun will collect your energy from all the places, time, past, people, space, etc. Bring the golden sun with your energy and bring the golden sun into your space. You can bring the golden sun from your head, you can step into it, you can dive into it, bring your energy back to yourself.

Now you have a system of grounding and releasing, bringing your energy back and filling your space with your energy, and sit in the most neutral space, the center of your head. This is the very basic energetic tools. Whatever you do, you always start setting these up at least.

Now, locate your fear or anxiety energy in your body and aura. This is a spiritual, intuitive work, so go with your feeling, knowing, sensing. If you can’t locate, that’s ok. Just imagine you located your anxiety or fear energy. Ground that energy. So, imagine your fear or anxiety has some sort of “form.” It can be a dark colored bubble. It can be a certain vibration. Whatever it makes it easier for you to imagine something almost tangible. Then give an individual grounding cord to that fear or anxiety form, a completely separate grounding cord than your own grounding cord of your body. Ground it to the center of the earth.

It might take some time (a few seconds or a few minutes), but your fear or anxiety “form” should dissipate. If it’s completely gone, that’s great! If you still have something there, that’s ok. It should be “less,” “smaller” or “weaker,” though. So, keep working on it here and there, especially when you hit the fear or anxiety phase during the day. It would really help you to think easier and you would feel your energy shift when the fear or anxiety energy dissipate. You might have many fear bubbles. You might have just one big anxiety bubbles. Each person’s journey is different, so just trust your own journey and know that it’s ok to be on your own speed.

When you are done for the time being, bring a huge golden sun of your energy to fill the space you released with your energy and joy, amusement, love, gratitude, abundance, and whatever quality of energy you would like to have more of. You always end your energy work by bringing your energy back into your space with golden sun.

This is just an introduction of the energetic tools I use and teach for people. Try it out and see. The energetic/spiritual tools are meant to use it often, not just once. It is to help you be more aware of yourself and to help your life’s, your soul’s journey. The more you do, it gets easier and your awareness also shifts as well. Have fun with it!

If you’d like to learn more, I’d be happy to show you one-on-one or in the class setting. Call me up or email me up!

With that, have a wonderful Sunday with ease, flow and clarity! 🙂