You Are An Active Participant in Your Soul’s Journey

Happy Friday! I have a new schedule this month, so I feel like it’s Saturday but it’s still Friday! I thought about writing a blog last night when I got back home from a temporary work around 11:30pm, but I held myself from doing so much in a day. I can learn to sit in the nothingness, too, right? Now I again need some space to sit in a quietness instead of keep going with all the projects I listed on my notebook, so I shall write a spiritual blog! Today’s topic is about our soul’s journey is not passive. You’re a co-creator of your pathway. Hence, the topic is “you’re an Active Participant in Your Soul’s Journey!”

The scenery is at my new temporary work. I started this work in the beginning of this month. One day when we were about to start out work, there was some obvious conflicts between a new lady who was assigned in a specific desk and the lady who was using the desk in the morning. I guess this work has variety of people who work in variety of schedule. It was very obvious that the new lady did nothing wrong except she probably was setting up her stuff even though there were bags in the desk section.

So, there was a loud upsetting voice, “Don’t touch my bag!” or something like that. Anyway, I knew a little bit about this new lady because we started to work on the same day, but I didn’t know the other lady. Though, since I’m a very sensitive healer, I could tell that the other lady had humongous anger energy which probably wasn’t just about this particular matter. So, everything stimulates her energy, good or bad probably would make her react and she would bite. It’s like an abused dog who is scared and he would bark at you and bite you for no reasons.

Anyway, after a while, I wanted to tell the new lady what I perceived. So, I went to her station and told her what I observed. I told her this, “The lady had so much anger in her energy, so it didn’t matter what. She would have bitten anything. So, don’t take it personally. It was nothing to do with what you did or not did.” That made the new lady a little teary, but at least her piled up emotions and energy from the incident were released. You know, it’s a little too silly to have stress like that in the job like this. That was my first encounter of the other lady.

This week, I sat on the same row with the other lady. I was facing back to her row, but still, her energy was way beyond all over. You know what I did? The whole time I was doing the work, I was grounding myself and this lady, grounding my work station and the entire work floor, removing the beings with or without bodies, talking to the lady by spirit-to-spirit to keep all of her energy in her space because her body needs her energy and her body can’t use her energy if it was out of her body. I don’t know how long I was doing it, maybe 10-15 minutes? I also cleared karma with this lady and any attached beings in her space. I also cleared agreements with this lady. Then, the air, the energy of the air shifted. It was like electrocution in the air in the beginning, but then it became quiet and serene. I was like, “wow… Speaking of using the energetic tools, this is a tremendous help!”

That was my second encounter with the other lady. That day when I felt her energy as a sensitive healer, my body was reacting. I started to have a fear reaction. I would assume it’s similar to when you’re around of Bully energy. Even if you’re not bullied by the Bully, your body probably has some reaction, resistance, anxiety or fear. It was like that. So, when I realized it, I started to remove my fear and anxiety reaction from my energy field. Whatever it is, for some reason, this lady’s energy is lighting me up and I’m reacting. So, I’m going to remove those energy lighting up in my energy field. Then, my fear and uneasy feeling disappeared. Again, man, I didn’t get to experience this much obvious shift when I was working at the corporate jobs, but today I could totally see how my energetic tools are working and helpful.

The very next day, when I came in to work, the desk next to mine had some bags, so someone was sitting there. Then, I had a feeling of this, “Is this?? Is this the lady from yesterday?? Well, I hope not. Well.. but the backpack…” Anyway, after a while, the lady from yesterday came into the room and sat next to me, believe it or not. I was like, “Are you f-ing serious? Hey, universe, are you f-ing kidding me? I mean, what’s up with that? I worked on my shtuff, and you still send this lady in my space? What else do I need to work on?” Anyway, so that day, I was again working on myself, grounding, communicating by spirit-to-spirit to the lady, etc.

As I worked next to her, the lady wasn’t that “horrible” individual. I mean, I didn’t think she was a horrible individual, but I do not want to be around of anger energy much, that’s the thing. I really don’t enjoy anger energy of people. Don’t get me wrong. Anger is a natural emotion and anger tells and helps us aware of lots of things. I don’t enjoy when people spit out their anger energy into outside of their space. As long as any of your emotions and energy are in your space, it really doesn’t matter. It matters when you spit out your energy into other’s space or my space.

Because I worked next to her, I got to chat with her (well, I do enjoy talking to the strangers, so I would talk to anyone as long as they’re willing). I could almost feel or see a “disordered environment” or “circumstances” in her energy field. I think that’s where she grew up. It’s definitely not in the US and I can totally see it probably would be a Central America or somewhere similar. She’s gotta lots of passion, love and emotions. So, I got to know this lady just because I could see/sense/feel more than what she puts out there. I don’t try to look at people clairvoyantly; but, it’s just when someone’s energy is so loud, I don’t have much choice but coming into my vision.

When I was a high school kid, maybe I was just taking sides of people just from what happened on surface. That’s because I was a kid and didn’t know much depth of human soul’s journey. Now, one incidents or even repetitive patterns don’t tell everything about the person. Everybody has such diverse journey. We all have different background when we grew up and beyond that, we each have entirely different experiences as a soul from all the past lives and beyond. So.. how can I or anyone see one portion of an individual and decide that’s it?

Anyway, my experience with this lady made me really think of how our lives are formed by us, including people you encounter. We’re not passively experiencing the random incidents or people, rather we specifically choose and invite our experiences and people we encounter. I sort of feel that I’m cool with my encounter with this lady. With my three encounter during this month in this job, I cleared whatever the fears this lady triggered in me. I even have a great compassion and appreciation of her as a soul and her journey even if she may be creating some discomfort for some people some time. That again is the journey of those who created the opportunity to clear, heal and love. So, I’ll leave it up to them. I only do my own shtuff. Of course, if someone asks me for my healings or readings to assist their journey, sure, I’m up for it!

The take home for you is that you’re creating your own experiences in your life including people and environment. When you feel like a victim or a passive actor in your life’s journey, know that you’re not. Everything you experience and you have is a creation of your own. Hence, there are reasons they’re there to show up. Heal, clear, learn, whatever you need to do, it’s up to you to change and shift your life and your soul’s journey as well.

With that, have a wonderful weekend! 🙂