Yin and Yang, Light and Darkness

Happy Friday! Yes, it’s Friday, well it’s almost Saturday! I had a quite dense schedule today and I’m still up. I shall end my day by writing my spiritual blog of the week. Today’s topic is light and darkness. Yup, Yin and Yang in life and the universe.

I mentioned that I took a short term job this month. It happened so quick, so I didn’t really plan how life would go to be honest. It’s been tight in time with this short term job; however, the fortunate part for me is that I still can do my Zumba gigs four days a week and I do healings and readings alongside. My schedule in this October has been back to back, quite tight in time. Still, it’s manageable. I’m not physically running from the projects to projects so to speak. I still can meditate, have enough space. I just have to be on top of things ahead of the time, especially my cooking and nutrition abundance area.

This “job” has been giving me some very different perspectives in life in many ways. One of them is how I enjoy and appreciate my Zumba gig so much more this month. Because this “job” is very much a “job” for me, I’m very grateful that I get to move my body and create my Zumba class each time. I did notice immediately right after I took this job that my joy for Zumba teaching has been extra sweet for me. I think that’s how I started to get into my regular workout. I first got into my gym going when I went back to school for pre-med. I enjoyed three times a week of my freedom from studying and moving my body. After that, I used my workout to release stress from work. Now, my Zumba teaching is giving me the similar joy and gift.

When you are always in the “Light,” you don’t know the depth of gifts in the “Light.” When you experience the “Darkness,” you see the different views of “Light.” You see how great “Light” is. You feel how grateful you have “Light.” Yin and Yang, that is. Well, Yin and Yang probably means that everything has light and darkness. I want to say that because there is darkness, light has deeper meaning to us.

I remember one particular reading I got from my colleague clairvoyant graduates long time ago. It was about one of my past lives. That particular past life was about my life time as a some sort of “spirit.” I don’t know where it is, maybe it’s in Astral. I was a spirt who takes care of, nurture, raise other new souls, sounded like. I guess I was a spirt in the “nursery of the new spirits.” I believe I was a female energy. All the “spirits” had this particular orb around them. So, it’s like bubbles floating around everywhere-ish. Some orbs are larger than the other. One “lead” spirit, who has a male energy also had a larger orb.

Some spirits are not too good. Well, let me change the wording here. Some spirits were not made of from the 100% pure light. Some spirts didn’t deserve to be nursed so well, but I was equally nurturing and nice to every soul according to a gentleman colleague. The “lead” spirit, the masculine energy was very opinionated and every time my female colleague tried to see or look for more information, he interrupted her very quickly and sharply according to her. I asked her if I had some strong relationship with that lead spirit and she validated as such. But again, the lead male spirit cut her off by saying, “you don’t know anything!” and pushed her out of the scene she said.

According to her, the spirit with larger orb were not 100% pure while I was genuinely 100% pure in her words. I asked her what does the larger orb indicates. She mentioned that it seemed that the larger orbed spirits have darkness as well as light; therefore, they’re larger. I asked her more about it and again, she told me that the “lead” spirit shut her out by saying, “YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING.”

After that reading, we debriefed and visited what they saw. We concluded that it was about Yin and Yang. In order to have a bigger perspectives, you have to have, know and experience the both side of the coins. If you only know the good and only good, your depth of wisdom is not as large. The orbs were larger because they have both dark and light, meaning they experienced and saw the both sides.

When this reading was given to me, I was still somewhat in the different phase of my spiritual wisdom and I didn’t really get why having darkness is bigger than 100% pure light. Well, that’s totally me. I’m somewhat naïve and forever optimistic about many things in life, so my past life as a nursing spirit was probably similar tone.

I now has a little bit broader view about light and darkness. I do agree with the value of darkness. I won’t bring up the politics, well I am I guess, but when something or someone isn’t showing the dark side of humans, the goodness beyond all can’t be brought up, either. Yin and Yang, that is.

I kind of want everything in my life to be positive, exciting, aligned to my pathway, etc. Still, life and the universe bring things which my small human vision and wisdom can’t have such bigger and broader picture. Every time when the universe brings me things which are completely out of my human logical brain, it makes me realize how small our visions are compared to the much bigger picture of the universe. What looks like an absolute D-tour actually brings so much abundance and gifts to life.

So, when you see the darkness in your life from time to time, instead of feeling doomed in the dark, see if you can trust and allow what the universe is bringing it to you. What you think not so good on the surface level might actually have so much treasure with it. It’s all about seeing things in life in the bigger perspectives. So, hopefully you take it as a gift instead of curse.

With that, have a wonderful weekend! 🙂