Importance of Not Doing Anything

Happy Friday! Friday became my blog writing day this fall. I just finished the remote healing/reading and I feel grateful that I get to do my healing practice every week. I’ve been up doing my healing work this morning, but decided to make it a work from home kind of day! Today I’ll write about doing nothing is more important than doing. Hence, the topic is “Importance of Not Doing Anything!”

I have a three-day off weekend this weekend from the short term job I took in October. This is the first weekend I have a Sunday off or have three-day off from the job. I’m so grateful. I can use time for my healing business! I can finally make time to make more brochures, maybe to  try again to shoot a introduction video clip for my website, creating a newsletter, etc., etc. I can do a lot of things back to back as a “task,” but when it comes to my healing practice, I do my best not to do such and check mark as a “task.” I set my healing work in a specific vibration, and I’m very specific about how I want my healing practice to be. So, I do my best not to rush or do projects like chores.

My spiritual practice is helping me to shift the way I view things and operate my life. I can be a very type A driven person if I shift the gears in the different direction in my life. I could be working in this term job straight up everyday like some of the people I met are doing till this projects end. Each person’s goal is different. Sure, the large part of the reason people took this project must be a monetary energy, and the same thing applies to me as well. Though, I do have a very big picture in what I want to do, so I made sure to keep my Zumba teaching schedule as is. Because of that, I ended up blocking my Friday and Saturday from this term jobs, which gave me a couple of days for my healing work as well. So, in the big picture from my desired outcome, it’s working for the best for me at this moment.

Because I’m an empath and sensitive, I do need a big space in my life in order to clear out other’s energy from my space. I enjoy talking to strangers, yes. I do enjoy people, yes. I have tons of energy, yes. Still, I have to make sure that I have time and space to clear out all the noise that got into my space through the day and week. I think it took me for a long time to realize and learn that’s what it is for me. I used to run my life like no tomorrow. I would work 12 hours per day for the projects and kept going. I would give up on my exercise because I had no time and was tired. I would give up on feeding myself nutritious food because I had no such time to cook. Then, I would end up totally destroyed and it took me for a long time to recover from it.

Everything I have done in life especially since I opened up to the spiritual realm has been the great resources for me. Ever since I started to teach Zumba, I realized that I needed to eat differently. I started to research what the fitness professionals eat. I’m not into dieting to lose weights because it just doesn’t feel aligned to me, but I did learn a lot about different ways of preparing meals and food for nutrition. Thanks to that, I hardly ever eat out or buy prepared food to eat any more. I cook chunk of food including protein snacks for the week, so I won’t lack in nutrition when I don’t have time throughout the week.

I used to meditate more often during the day since I had more time flexibility, but now I have a little time limitation. Still, I do meditate and clear my energy everyday. My practice of meditation and self energy clearing have been a long term practice by now, so no matter how my life schedule can be, it won’t be pushed out to be diminished. I just wish I would have a little more time before bed at night, so I could clear out energy before bed better. Though, that as well needs to be more creative. I need to find the way to put that in before bed more somehow.

I used to have the needs to do the activities to fill my day, so I would feel like I was productive. Feeling productive is good sometimes for sure, but not all the time any more. There is a good time to be like that. When you’re in your head too much or your head is spitting out negatives, being active and productive definitely shift your mode of negative vibrations. When your head is calm, it’s much better to do nothing. I would include meditation as doing nothing.

We need to have a space to connect to the Source energy. We need to be able to hear our Higher Self. When we’re so busy, doing projects after projects, or being so tired, we can’t hear our Vibrational Being. People who are impatient probably have some challenge in having some quiet time and space. But, this is a must if you want to be fully capable person as who you really are. The reason spiritual workers and any others suggest meditation practice is that meditation shifts your vibration to be much calmer and receptive mode. You connect with the Source energy and communicate with your Higher Self in meditative mode.

If you’re dipped in the daily, weekly routine with no time at all for your soul, it would be impossible to bring in abundance and your desired outcome. How would you know if you’re in the wrong direction? Well, nothing is a wrong direction in terms of a soul’s journey, but how would you know you need to take a look at a different pathway for your desired outcome? If you’re too busy and overwhelmed with the programming, limits, societal noise, other’s energy, etc., you can’t really hear what your true path is and what the true message is for you.

I’m really not good at it, but taking a vacation is, therefore, a necessary items in your life. No matter how your budget is tight, no matter how your family obligation makes it impossible, making a space and time off for yourself is a must item on your grocery list. If you desire anything better in any part of your life, make time to do nothing for yourself. It might be challenging till you do it, but after you take time for yourself, it will give your vibration some opportunity to shift if you want to. Without shifting your vibration, nothing including your desired outcome shall come.

With that, have a wonderful Friday and weekend with rather doing nothing! 😀