November 2017 Newsletter – “You’re the Boss”

Happy November! It snowed in Seattle on Friday. It’s been quite cold around here. The cold weather is much different than the cooling down weather in summer or fall. The earth is preparing to dive into winter. As I sip a hot cup of pepper mint tea from my favorite Trader Joe, my intuition located a source of distortion in my energy field. Then, I’d present my moment of learning to the November Newsletter message!

The message for you this November is “You’re the Boss!” You may be working for someone in the organization. You may have a spiritual belief to relay on some spiritual helper guides. You might be financially depending on your spouse or some other forms of support system. You might be relying on your personal trainers, physical therapists, naturopath, or doctors to get your health and bodies in well shape. You might be leaning on your friends, partners, family or others in many ways to support your life, emotional, or mental system. Whatever you engage, you’re the boss. I’d like you to have a clear picture of that you’re the boss, manager and a controller of whatever you bring in your life.

Since yesterday, well maybe Friday, I had this strong anorexic tone of energy sat in my space. I say anorexic because there was a tone of “starving,” “ill,” and somewhat “eating up my energy.” I knew it wasn’t my energy; though, the clear out of this energy from my energy field has been a little bit challenging for some reason. I woke up every morning something sitting somewhere in my energy field. The more I proceed my normal meditation and tools set up routine with the energy clearing process alongside, I found the energy was louder in my lower layers, meaning body chakras and body layers.

We have the energy centers in body called “chakras.” In the system I use, there are seven in-body chakras from first chakra to seventh chakra, from the bottom of your spine to the top of your head. The lower chakras from first to third are your body chakras. Upper chakras are more energetic chakras, mental, spiritual, creative, etc.

This anorexic energy was sitting strongly in my first, then second, and third for sure. I wondered who and what this is since it’s rather odd to have this much direct energy invasion unless someone has a strong intent. I don’t have a Zumba gig today. I don’t have my term job. I don’t have a booked session from healee/readee today, either nor I don’t have the booked session till the following weekend at this moment. So, part of me pondered. Part of me was a little fearful. The funny thing is that I don’t really have fear about much in terms of my healing work because I’ve seen, dealt with so many things in the past by now. When unknown energy or beings sit in my space strongly while I do my normal clearing which doesn’t do much change, then I start to have this slight fear. “What’s this?” “Is this the entity against my healing and spiritual work?” “How can I clear this out?” “HELP! Supreme Being HELP!” That’s how my head start to say.

Since I’m off this Sunday from my short term project, I had more space to sit in the meditation and clear my energy field. Still, there was strange “being” and energy presence in my energy field. I could tell it was a female. There was a tone of blond hair which tells me probably a white woman. Though, there was a tone of “off planet” energy. Anyway, as I came out of the meditation and started to do some work on my computer, I sensed the similar energy coming in strongly again. So, I looked through the usual suspect: my wodpress website, emails, bank accounts, etc. The last thing I didn’t really care to look up was my eBay account. I looked up in the end and bingo! I found a sign there was some “communication” in that site.

I do eBay as part of my removing the olds to create the space for new. I used to take all in Goodwill. As I have done it, I noticed that the people who take the items in totally didn’t care if they were fragile material or if it was raining outside. I’m not calling on their work, just to be sure, but it made me realize that my purpose of taking those items to Goodwill is to be utilized by others who can use and appreciate. So, I learned that I need some other place who can connect my unused items to others who would enjoy using them. So, eBay came into the place.

The only problem with eBay for me is, since I’m a very energy sensitive person, the people who look up my listed items leave their energy in my listing site. If people put an offer, that’s much stronger energy coming through my space. If the offer or buyer has a very difficult energy to deal with, it does come through much harshly.

The “anorexic” energy sitting in my space was the last buyer from eBay I realized. This buyer, she has this strong unpleasant energy from the time she put an offer. I learned about people on eBay a little bit by now since I’ve been doing this about a year. People who do a business by buying items from others cheaply and selling those in much higher pricing to make a profit, they have a very specific energy tone. This lady was one of them. If I may add, she is a very ill energy with it. Not too cool.

At a moment when she made an offer, I had a thought of totally blocking this offer due to her unpleasant energy. Though, I went with my second thought and gave counter offer and dealt with it anyway. Ended up, she put a feedback, which is a positive and I appreciate it for that, but again that “feedback” brought in her energy into my space. Lesson learned. I would never discard my first instinct and never allow my human brain side talk me into the second thought. Hence, I had to deal with this anorexic energy eating up my energy field. I found the source, so it should be easier to clear now. I’ll send a boundary to this lady as a spirit-to-spirit communication that she can’t feed off from me.

Long story long as usual, the reason I spelt out my example of eBay was to show you that everything you bring into your life has to be managed by you. It doesn’t matter if it’s your social media, Facebook or YouTube. It doesn’t matter if it’s your mate. It doesn’t matter if it’s your friends, family or jobs. Or even it doesn’t matter if it’s your spiritual practice. You bring in those into your life, either you’re aware of it or not. So, I’d like you to know that the person who has to be in charge is you about everything in your life.

You might feel like relying on your spiritual guides. You might feel like seeking answers from a psychic. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be. From time to time in your life, there are moment in life where the normal process of your guidance no longer applies. So, everything is there for a reason. I encourage you to use any form of assistance. However, giving up your seniority completely to anyone, including your mates or psychic, no matter how gifted they might be is not a good call. Same thing applies to the social media or any application system you use for your daily life. Sure, use it as long as it helps your work, life, etc. Though, not managing it well or being run over by energy coming into your space without knowing it is not a good call. Do you see what I’m saying?

Anything we do, anyone we meet comes with energy, good or bad. Not all has a bad intent, maybe majority of them are good. Though, they might not be good from your highest good sometimes. So, you have to be in charge of determining what is helpful, what’s not. I had a healing/reading exchange with my long time ago colleague healer yesterday for the first time. He is gifted, but he didn’t go through the whole training like I have done. So, I have to be very on top of thing around his messages. “Is it ok to trust his messages or rather safe for me?” “Did what he said come from his human programming or pictures or was it from the higher power message?” I’m still learning about his talent because we haven’t developed the trust in the spiritual exchange quite yet. I do trust him, but energy and spiritual dimension are much deeper and complicated.

Stay on top of your surroundings. If you gave up your seniority to someone else or something, that’s ok, it happens! Just bring your seniority back and set boundaries and be in charge in all areas of your life. You hire people, you bring people into your life to help you, support you, assist you, but you’re the one who discern the messages. You can always fire them if it’s not for your highest good, you know? Sure, I fired and have my healee/readee fired their spirit guides even. You can do that for people or beings, it doesn’t matter!

Have a warm and fun November by being in charge of you and your life! 🙂

With that, here are what I offer this November!

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