Pets Have Auras, Too!

Happy Saturday! I’m sipping a single pour over coffee, Brazilian blend from Trader Joe I got for the first time. I’m not a coffee drinker. I’m a decaf coffee drinker once in a while. Though, I felt like treating a nice aromatic drink today, so I got a pour over pack today. It’s actually pretty good! I’m munching the new mochi ice cream strawberry version from Trader Joe and feeling like I can so deserve this little treat and cheat sweets! Anywho, while I’m having a joy of having this aromatic and yummy experience, I shall write a blog! Today I’ll write about pets! Yes, “Pets Have Aura, Too!”

After subbing a class for Zumba this morning, I quickly prepared myself ready for a house healing appointment I had from a few weeks ago. Not too many people book my session in advance like her. In fact, only three people who did that in the past. I think the nature of my work is “when you put yourself up for it, you’d better do it now!” kind of tone. So, if you wait around, your decision can be pulled to the side way because there are many energy which don’t want to leave your space (and I’ll kick them out of your space). Today’s healee was one of the rare ones who was so determined that she wouldn’t change her mind, if I put that energy in writing.

They had three dogs. House healing actually ran pretty quicker than I thought. I think this lady is very intuitive, so she sort of takes care of her house energy in general. The main thing I mentioned to her was the anxiety tone of energy everywhere in the house space from her partner and their dogs. Then, she asked if I could do the cleansing for the dogs. So, I gave healings on the three of them.

Pets are amazing healers. Some pets are such empath healers and absorb the low vibration energy from their owners to heal them, then the pets get ill. Sounds bad and sad, but it happens all the time. Pets especially dogs and cats are friends with humans for a long time. They do come to support humans. They unconditionally love the owners and heal them. Many of them don’t know how to release what they absorbed, so they get ill. I don’t have pets, so I don’t have much close relationship with pets, but since I’m a strong empath, I do understand how they feel. Well, I sometimes feel plants, so nothing surprising, right?

I started to do healings one dog at a time. The first one, although he (she?) barked quite often was pretty easy to get in position to do the healings. It took for a while till he started to release energy around his upper rib cage areas. Because they’re small animals, when I work on their energy field, their energy gets peeled off, things start to surface, then the energy gets lifted up and shifts, over and over. I’m quite amazed how many layers of energy kept surfacing and released. Every time, I sensed heat or strong dissonance, then it got lighter.

The second one was a challenge. He didn’t stay still. He was a nervous dog. So, every time I turn around to put my hands toward him, he would run behind of me or next to the owner. So, I sort of waited till he settled down somewhere and started to work on him from the little far distance. It really doesn’t matter how far or how close I am to be frank. As I started to work on him, he started to get more at ease, sat down and lied down. He had so much radical anxiety energy in him, it’s hard to calm down I believe. So, this one I could see that he actually was absorbing energy from the male owner. I could see his (the owner’s) face even. So, I worked on removing the owner’s energy from him. The more I did, his anxiety energy got released from him. Then, he was a calm dog like nothing ever happened before.

The third one, she was a tiny one. She hid her eyes and nose under the pillow and curled up in the couch. So, I worked on her a little bit closer to her than the second dog. She just stayed there without moving. Man, this little one had so much she took on. She was releasing one layer after another. When the first big layer got lifted and released, she pulled her head out of the pillow and looked up. “Yeah, did you feel that? That was a huge shift, huh?” Layers after layers, she was doing a great job releasing. My gosh, she absorbed so much throughout the years! They all did a great job releasing energy today. I bet they would sleep really deeply tonight.

I just looked up the chakras of animals, but I’m not sure if I can agree with the chart, so I’ll go with what I know from my experiences by healings/readings, instead of talking as if I know from reading books. Animals have chakras as well as auras. The distribution and numbers of chakras, I’m not sure if I can validate on the graphic I can find from online, so I’ll skip on that. Definitely, they do have a heart chakra. Their lower chakras seem to be more pronounced than humans (lower chakras meaning body chakra like base/first chakra, second/sacral chakra, third chakra/solar plexus). They do have a communication chakra. Their crown and third eye seem intertwined to me.

The big chakra of pets such as dogs and cats I have noticed is the heart chakra. Almost all the pets I’ve done healings or readings on, they have this pronounced heart chakra. As if they are here to show us humans their unconditional love. When pets have passed and I happened to have a healing on the owners shortly after, they’re always always around the owners. I can see the color and breeds of the dogs or cats. I would say dogs more than cats tend to be around from what I’ve observed. I can almost sense or hear what they’re saying. When I say “what they’re saying,” I hear the energy which seems to have a meaning to it. Kind of like when I hear a spirit, they don’t necessarily speak English to me or Japanese to me, but I hear their energy or meanings (well, sometimes I do hear loud words in English, too!). Their overwhelming emotions and love are much more pronounced than what they say for sure.

When you lose your pets, I bet it’s really hard. I don’t own a small animals, so I don’t have such close experiences around losing pets. But, from what I know about myself around people or anything, I bet it’s so challenging for me to lose one if ever. Though, please know that even if your loving pets are gone physically, they don’t really disappear. Their souls are alive, you know? Nothing really evaporate and disappear. So, you can talk to your pets who have passed to say, “Thank you for showing me so much love!” When your heart gets warm, well you got a sign. What a wonderful friends we humans have!

With that, have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! 🙂