December 2017 Newsletter – Basic Energetic Tools for Holidays Season

Happy Holidays! Thanksgiving has passed! Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving? I hope you all had a wonderful time whatever you were doing! The holiday season in the US has arrived and retails are going through the major traffic I’m sure. It’s also the end of the year to complete our yearly journey as well. Lots of family visits, lots of shopping, lots of chaos for some, etc. So, I decided to include a couple of basic energetic tools I posted years ago. I teach energetic tools like these in the guided meditation format to help you learn the energetic tools so you can use in your daily life to help you out. Sometime, you’d be amazed these which seem nothing really help you in many occasions.

First energetic tool is “Grounding Cord.” You’ve heard of grounding by now hopefully. When you’re in your head so much, you might not be grounded. Or if your life is so busy and chaotic, you might be flying over to somewhere else you want to be in 30 minutes later. So, whatever you’re doing or thinking, it’s the best to be in your body all the time. Grounding helps you to be in your body.

Also, it helps you to release energy which isn’t yours. You go to the mall with so many people carrying the “thoughts” of holidays. Either you’re aware or not, you bump into others energy everywhere. So, if you can’t prevent from bumping into energy, why not clear out afterwards? Make sense, eh? So, try out the energetic tool from the link below and see how you’d feel after you tried it. I recommend to do it every morning and/or night to set the intention and remove stuff before bed, and also any time you feel a little unease, try it out!

Meditation I – Grounding Cord

The second one I mention here is as important as grounding if not more. You’re a busy individual and you run around everywhere. Well at least, your mind is running around even if you’re sitting in front of the computer. Then, highly likely you leave your energy everywhere you go. You leave your energy in the mall, your work, your gym, your car, people you met, etc. So, bit by bit, you’re leaving your energy and losing your energy so to speak. Then, it’s a really good idea to take time to bring your energy back to your body! Yeah, you have your body for reasons! You’d better be in your body and use your body to expand to be who you truly are!

This second energetic tool is called “Golden Sun.” You’ll use the imaginary golden sun to collect all of your energy from everywhere and everyone you met and bring it back to you! Always bring your energy back if you release energy of any sorts as well. You don’t want to leave a vacuum because the universe doesn’t like vacuum. It will fill up with something.

Basic Meditation II – Golden Sun


Announcement for December 2017

3-hour Healing Package Holidays Special available – till January 3, 2018
3 hour Holidays healing package special is available now till January 3 next year. You can use the package hour for your personal healings or readings, house and living space clearing or your business space consulting. The packages are well received by my regular healees/readees as they know they do come back for my services. Even if you’re new to my services, you can utilize the package deal in many ways. Maybe you need to clear up the energy from your home after your holiday get together stress is done. Maybe you need some assistance in going through this season. Maybe you need a little different view or a larger perspective on your business. Oh, I got another idea as I know my regulars use these ways. Maybe you want to use it for your partner’s or kids’ needs as well. Maybe you have a rental property which needs some clearing. Whatever works for you, here is a chance to try it out! 

3-Hour Healing Package Holidays Special

  • House Call Healing Package: $325 (travel fee included)
  • Remote Healing Package: $295 (paypal fee included)


Remote Healing/Reading 30 minutes session is available!
Just wanted to let you know that the session doesn’t have to be one hour, especially for remote sessions. For the first time session, I do need at least 30 minutes session because of the energetic needs of the healee/readee, but other than that, if you’re returning healee/readee who needs a quick energy check or quick input, it can be a short session. It all depends on your needs.

I’d like to offer a 30-min remote session for the first time healee/readee for $45/30min session (regular pricing is $52.50 with paypal fee included).


Guided Meditation/Energetic Tool Learning Class
I’m planning to have a energetic tool class in guided meditation format next year 2018 as well. I can call it as Meditation class. If you’re interested in taking a meditation class while learning many energetic tools to support you, come join me! If you’re interested in taking the class head start before I ground the public dates and place, shoot me an email at Maybe we can do in your home with your family and friends. We can chat and collaborate. I can do remotely as well as in-person. Stay tuned!


Office Space Clearing Fall and Winter Special for Clinics and Dental offices
I’ve been having this thought for a while and thought I would throw this idea to the universe! I know the clinical practice including the dental practice doesn’t bump into my healing realm much or rather nothing at all. However, I do know that the dentists and clinicians do such an important work for people. Your patients/clients bring in all sorts of energy into your practice including physical problems. For sure, people have such strong fear, anxiety, or tension just to visit a doctor or dentist even though they’re doing the wonderful work to help people.

So, I would like to present you, clinicians including dentists to try me clear the energy of your clinics. I can clear out the fear and anxiety people bring into your office. Energy stays and accumulates. You do hire people to clean your clinics probably. Why not trying out the energy clearing and see if it helps your practice in any positive way. If your clinics have, say fear and anxiety energy left behind from your patients, like attracts likes. People would bring in more fear and anxiety and leave it in your office. I can clear out the energy from your clinics like cleaning dusts from your office!

For the fall/winter clinicians special, I would like to offer the pricing of the trial offer. 90 minutes office clearing for one hour pricing of $120 (normal price = $150+$20 travel fee = $170) or 1 hour clearing for $95 (normal price = $120) depending on the size and density of the energy in your clinic. I have some talents I learned and would love to assist others to blossom and expand in any ways. Call or email for more information or booking a session!


Have a wonderful Holiday season! Lots of love, joy and abundance in all areas of your life! 🙂