Energy of Gratitude, Energy of Unconditional Love

Happy Saturday! It’s almost Sunday! I’ve been under the weather with an eye inflammation. I was a little bit better by the time I headed to my Saturday Zumba gig. Some day like this, I do struggle to put my vibration up. When my body is unbalanced or vulnerable, any energy intrusion is challenging to shake it off. On the way to the Zumba gig, I again experienced the vibration of gratitude and unconditional love. So, I’ll write about the energy today. Hence, the topic is “Energy of Gratitude, Energy of Unconditional Love.”

Lately, when I hit a strong truth in me, I experience a strong vibration in my energy field. It vibrates so strongly that I start to get teared up. This has been happening quite often lately and each time I think the energy of vibration is either gratitude or love.

When I head down to the gym for my Zumba gig, there is one thing I always do. While driving, I meditate with my eyes open. I set up my energetic tools before I take off from home. While I’m driving, I start to set up the space for each Zumba gig I’m about to teach. I set up the “space” of my Zumba teaching, Zumba class space. I remove any energy in the space. I remove anything less than neutral energy. Then I start bringing in the quality of energy vibration I want my Zumba class to have.

Unconditional love, 100% pure love and light, love and gratitude, joy, amusement, ease, flow, clarity, harmony, kindness, respect, good boundaries, expansiveness, freedom, permission to express creativity, permission to create, permission to receive, permission to have abundance, etc. The list of vibration goes on and on. I never ever start teaching Zumba gig without setting up the space.

When I started to teach Zumba almost one year ago, yeah I think in a couple of weeks, it’d be one year anniversary, I had such a hard time with all the classes I was teaching. I’m physically capable of doing any workout as much as I’ve been doing or more. It’s the energy which exhausts me. When I started to teach, I had to deal with so many unnecessary energy from people in the class. Complaints, gossip, competition, judgement, etc. If you notice, these are all “negative” and “lower vibration” energy. I was learning to create my style of teaching Zumba. Having energetic counter interference took a lot out of me every time I taught a class. I’m sure you can find my blog posts talking about my Zumba gigs in the past.

What I started to learn as I have been doing the Zumba gigs is to prepare and set up the class space. Like when I do my healing work with my healees or readees, I do set up the space and work on setting up the intention with their energetic existence, i.e., spirit self. When I was doing the space holder role in my teacher’s classes, we set up the space and intention before the class. During the class, I was holding the space while my teacher taught.

As I was having such a hard time with my Zumba gigs, my attention has been always how to make it easier for my system energetically. So, I started to work on setting up the space like my spiritual practice. It took me for a while, well several months till I got a set routine of what needs to be done before the class. It does take some time, but I drive to the gyms which takes at least 15 minute for the closest gym and 30 minutes to 1.5 hours to the other gyms. So, I have time to set up during the driving. I don’t normally get out of the car at the gym until I complete the set up.

When I arrive at the gym, I then start to clear the physical space in the group exercise room. People dump their energy there and leave it there. I have only one class there but there are dozens of classes with dozens of people dumping energy in each class. So, no matter how I have a set intention, if previous class energy is set for “competition,” “aggression,” “judgement,” “fight,” “work hard,” etc., highly likely those energy from the people in my class would start to show up. That’s what I started to notice at some point on.

So, if you come to my Zumba class early, you probably would see me meditating. I’m clearing up the space so I can create the space for the vibration of my set up. One thing I do during my set up is to vibrate my seventh chakra in love and gratitude, and joy and amusement. Then I set up my vibration to have unconditional love. That’s how I set up myself as well.

On the way to the gym today with my under the weather eye inflammation, I was setting up my seventh in love and gratitude, and unconditional love. I now don’t remember what exactly I had in my vision, but I saw something when I did that. Oh maybe it was how much I have love for people including my Zumba class people. I have so much compassion and love for people and that’s very true. When I thought of it, my heart chakra started to vibrate very strongly and I started to tear up. It was such strong vibration and the truth that I was overwhelmed with the energy vibration in me.

As I was experiencing it, I could also feel that very warm, light, loving energy was flowing out of my seventh chakra. Because of my eye and I had quite a bit of energy interference, my head was stagnant. The love and gratitude vibration flowing out of my seventh was washing out of the lower vibration around my head region. That was a cool experience to observe.

Have you read the book written by Dr. Masaru Emoto “The Hidden Messages of Water”? He is a water scientist and he observed the crystals of water upon introducing different energy vibration. In his book, he shows the water crystal upon introducing the “love and gratitude” energy. The crystal was formed in the most sophisticated and beautiful among any other energy introduction to it. Check it out his book. It’s fascinating.

Love and gratitude are indeed the highest vibration energy I would say. This universe is made by the Creator with 100% love and light. That’s what it makes different from any other universe. When there is a darkness and lower vibration, removing those would be great. Though, sometimes the darkness and lower vibration are too strong that giving it some attention and focus makes it very resistant to be removed. The antidote is “love and gratitude” energy.

When you’re in the darkness, when you’re in depression, when you’re in some struggle, when you’re in misery, when you’re in doubt, when you’re in disappointment, bring love and gratitude in you. Some people have so much love toward animals. Some people love plants. Some loves kids. Whatever you love, bring that quality in you. Like I said, I have so much love toward people and it’s not even funny. I always have a hard time to leave any work place I’ve done. I moan and cry at least two weeks no matter how horrible place it was.

Think about how you love whatever you love. Think about the quality of love you have for them. Can you feel that your heart chakra is vibrating louder? Can you feel the energy is permeating? Can you feel that your dark vibration is fading out?

Gratitude is another amazing vibration. Can you think of anything you feel grateful about today, right now? I was so grateful that there were many people showed up to my Zumba gig today. I took over this Saturday class about two months ago. There were only two or three people when I took over. I was shocked that there were quite many people showed up today. All I wanted to do was to enjoy teaching, dancing with them. All I wanted to do was to vibrate in unconditional love and hold the space for people to create and have joy. I’m grateful that I took off from the gym with ease and gratitude instead of draining and exhaustion like I used to several months ago.

When I visited my favorite Trader Joe after my Zumba gig, I was wearing my pirates eye patch to cover my eye. A few employees who passed by me gave me a suggestion of treatment, empathy, etc. I was thinking that they were so sweet to say such thing to me. I’m just one customer out of hundreds they meet everyday. Naomi was full of gratitude at the Trader Joe and I just love that store. Because I love Trader Joe and I don’t expect anything bad but joy there, I always always have a good grocery shopping visit.

When your vibration is impossible to be raised, pick small thing you can be grateful about. Anything is fine, like a lady you met on the street smiled at you and said “hi” to you or you have a warm home to stay. You start from there and grow your gratitude and love more and more. Pretty soon, it’ll be a ripple effect. It will shift your impossible vibration to completely different vibration.

With that, have a wonderful weekend with love and gratitude! 😀