The Work of 100% Pure Love and Light

Happy Friday! It’s a beautiful sunshine day in Seattle and my planned scheduled got postponed this morning. So, I get to enjoy this beautiful sunshine. Instead of getting caught up with the unexpected turn around of the schedule today which seem to change the schedule for the Sunday as well, I decided to run with the flow of what the universe is giving to me at this moment. I decided to write my spiritual blog because my spiritual work is one of the most important thing I do in this life time for me. Hence, the topic today is “The Work of 100% Pure Love and Light.”

The last couple of months I’ve been noticing that my “gifts” are getting louder and clearer. I have some gifts like you each has your own. One of them is definitely my healing talent. The another is knowing, seeing, sensing all sorts of energy. My seniority around energy and beings/spirits is much stronger. It’s like my talents are charged up like when Wonder Woman charge up her Magic Tiara which she can charge and emits the power (not that cool looking thing, though). I do feel that I need to step up the game with my gifts.

With that, my knowingness and clarity of the matters are very precise. Things happen in life and I experience the same thing around energy and beings. The difference is that I can see and know what is creating the matter and what I can go about it. The more my clarity and seniority are stronger, I can do much more actions toward many situations. I decided that I do want to do this work, the work of Source energy, the work of Supreme Being of this universe, the work of 100% love and light. I decided to focus on that and then ask and trust that the universe is and will support me in everything I need and want.

The other day, a lady from the gym treated me for lunch. Sounded like that I gave her something which was very helpful and she wanted to give me her appreciation on that. It wasn’t really a big thing, so I was rather hesitant to receive, but quickly I decided to receive the lunch treat and instead I had one thing in mind: offering her to give a healing. That day, it didn’t work out and the following week I determined to give her a short basic healing at the gym after my Zumba gig.

Her intention was her pain in her upper arm which she probably pulled something while lifting a few months ago. I’m not a doctor, so I wasn’t really interested in fixing the muscle tear. The thing I can do and I’m good at is to help her shift her energy field to assist her to heal herself. My intention was more of her “head” actually. From the top when I fist talk to her at the gym a while ago, I noticed something around her head. Well, this kind of thing happens everyday, every moment because everyone has all sorts of things in life. My sense was either head trauma or something but whatever it was, the stagnation of the energy around and in her head was not helping her because it’s been attracting the lower vibration energy which includes lower vibration beings/spirits as well.

I’m one of the healers who wouldn’t help people left and right. For I learned this lesson at first really strongly that “helping” people actually is not helping many times. While people are creating the situation which they can learn and change their course of path through it, if I remove the situation they have created, I’m doing the interference for their journey. So, I don’t give healings or readings unless it is requested and is the highest good for the soul’s purposes. So, just because I see and sense something, it’s rare for me to say, “Hey, you got shtuff in your head. Do you want me to remove that?”

Things happen for a reason and when this lady asked me for lunch, I stopped and took a look at what it actually might mean. Sometimes our Higher Self does some interesting thing in life. Sometimes things happen and people come in life for really strange way for a specific reason. When my intent of giving her a quick healing after lunch didn’t work, I thought maybe I was reading this wrong. But, I quickly remember that I did “arrange” the time to do it after the class in the following week. So, I just let it go.

The following week after the Zumba class, I asked her if she wanted a quick healing from me and she said “yes.” So, I started to do the quick basic healing. I did take a look at the arm, but it was a little more “woo woo” than I could describe it to her. It looked to me that some energy/spirit was “grabbing” her arm around that region. Whatever that means, I didn’t pay much attention because that wasn’t too important in my view. Her head was more urgent. I asked her if she had some existing physical symptoms like Alzheimer’s for example (because my mom has one) or arthritis, etc. Then she said that they (doctors) were checking what was “wrong” with her head. She said that they were checking her memory issue. They were also testing her head and suspected that she might have a head trauma (yeah, that’s what I was wondering when I first came across to her).

I told her that I did notice some thick energy around your head, so I would work on that and then kept working on her head region. It was really thick, condensed rainclouds-ish. Before I headed to the gym that morning, I already meditated and asked the Source, the Supreme Being if I could remove the “beings” in her space. For it might not be my gig. She might have to work on it on her own. Though, I got a permission to remove those, so I was up for the little “work.” So, I started to remove this and that, one after another, here and there.

Since this was a quick energy exchange per her treating me lunch, I wasn’t going to dip deep or else the balance of our energy system starts to get wonky. So, it wasn’t perfectly clear but I removed and cleared the most. Her entire energy field was holding so much anxiety probably because doctors words and all the testing have been only giving her anxiety but no clear solutions.’ I helped her to remove those intense anxiety from every chakra.

I told her this because I knew her head was influenced by all the doctors and surroundings. I didn’t want to give her an impression that she needed to have my healing. That’s not my goal. I never intend to program people that they need my healings. I told her that if she liked to get healings from me from time to time, she could call and book a session in the future.

“But, keep working with doctors and all the help you’re getting. Let them do what they need to do and don’t let it affect you too much. What you need to do is to trust that the universe is always supporting you on your journey of whatever your soul decides to take. So, trust that you have the support and keep asking what you need and what you want from the universe. Keep asking what you need for your highest good. You’re the boss of your body and your life, no one else including your doctors or me. So, you’re in charge. Trust that what you need will be provided and keep asking help from the universe.”

Her face got shifted and her energy field got brighter. she looked skinny anorexic energy to begin with but then her energy got fluffier and shinier. When I saw that, this healing was complete.

I deal with really coarse energy and dark beings lately more and more. It’s not my intended focus, but maybe that’s what people need some assistance around it right now. Is it easy? Well, frankly lots of times, “no.” I have to deal with people’s stuff before and after. So, even if I charge decent amount per hour, my work is never within that hour. Though, I’m not interested in charging people $250/hr or $500/hr. It limits who can have my services if I do that way. That’s how I see at this point of my life. I’m willing to change if it doesn’t balance with my work. As long as the universe supports me with abundance, I’m cool with what I’m offering at this moment.

My goal is to do the work of Supreme Being of this universe. The work of 100% pure love and light. There are many other gifts people present nowadays, but my intention is work of 100% pure love and light. So, if you’d like to work with me, I’d be happy to do my service. I’m planning to add some classes to teach people many tools to shift their energy to the higher vibrations. I’m looking into do the meditation/basic energetic tool classes, healing class, and shifting your vibration/abundance class in 2018. Shoot me an email if you and your friends are interested in any of the classes. I probably start doing the classes in the customized manner, meaning your friends and family can do class together and we can set a time for our convenience.

With that, have a wonderful weekend! Love and light on this Holiday season! šŸ™‚