Law of Attraction – Focus on Positives

Happy Holidays! It’s Thursday! That’s right, still Thursday! I decided to write a blog while I have some serene space. You never know what happens tomorrow… That’s sort of my life as a healer/spiritual worker! Anywho, today I wanted to write something for the Holidays and relevant to my recent awareness. Hence, the topic is “Law of Attraction – Focus on Positives!”

I taught Zumba this morning, did an emergency healing and now finally cooked and had my lunch. It feels really good to take care of myself. I have been a little bit off balanced on my eating since I grabbed a little (?) seasonal job. I’m really glad that I didn’t pick too many shifts this week although I thought about it. Thanks to my sporadic seasonal job gigs this week, I get to meditate, clear my energy and have some time to process my learnings. I almost want to cut my seasonal gig since it’s brining too much unnecessary energy into my space, but I must be learning from this as I always am. My muscle testing never says “go for dropping this gig!” Haha~

I baked some cookies to take them to my Zumba classes this week. I have more seasonal gigs next week and I now know that I can’t really expect energetic “ease” from this gig. So, when I have space to be sane, I wanted to do what I wanted to do. It’s been one year since I started to teach Zumba! I started to teach Zumba December Last year. The two classes, my Wednesday gig and Friday gig, they are both the original classes since December. The Thursday gig got added maybe in February. The Saturday gig is very recent. Anywho, with the anniversary and now I have few folks to come to each classes regularly, I wanted to have holiday celebration! Well, I used to bring food to work in my corporate job. Why not for the Zumba classes, eh?

Anyway, since my seasonal job gig has been giving me a lot more energy work than I was expecting, I’ve been under the weather. Though, I wanted to bake and celebrate with people. As I passed my cookies to my classes yesterday and today, I do feel that I’m glad that I decided to do it. It’s a love and gratitude vibration really. Celebration, love, gratitude, joy, etc.

Yesterday, a lady from my Zumba class treated me lunch and gave me a beautiful small purse. She told me that she appreciates I teach Zumba and being nice. I felt so grateful while having lunch with her and the other lady from the class. Have I ever been appreciated for what I do for work before? Not that I could think of. I mean besides my healing work, though. I don’t hear appreciation much for my healing gigs because I don’t contact people after the healing. Though I see in their energy field when I’m done, so it’s all right.

I’ve been receiving gifts from a few people from the Zumba classes lately. Gifts range from the material like socks to lunch treats. I’ve been working in the tech industry for the last ten years and worked mainly with males. So, receiving gifts at work place rarely happened. I was always the one who brought goodies. Hence, this is such a different experience. It’s like a fresh breeze. I’m privileged to have such experiences from people by teaching Zumba.

My teaching Zumba has brought me a lot more than just a small pay check from the gym. I mean, you can never live off from teaching Zumba at the gym. You really have to have other reason to teach Zumba other than just money. I picked teaching Zumba because moving my body is really important for me and I have come to like Zumba. So, I decided to try creating my own instead of relying on other people to give me a joy. Teaching Zumba for me requires a lot more than just dancing. I get to research and learn many different new music and dance. I get to memorize the song and choreography so I can teach the class. I also learn to lead and instruct people. More importantly, I’ve learnt a lot about setting up the “space” for my Zumba classes and dealing with energy coming into the class space. I thought that was it, but now I’m getting gifts of appreciation. What a wonderful thing!

I wanted to bring this up from my small experiences because we tend to focus on something totally off in the Holiday season. People get stressed out. Pushing too much too hard to clear and do all the dues people plan to do. So, the main focus becomes so much about “stress.” If I focus on my recent experience with my seasonal job gig, my life is pretty dark. Though, luckily I have my regular gigs like Zumba and healing work to bring up the lights in my life. You can’t focus on negatives or stress. You have to focus on positives.

Ever since I started to do the seasonal gig, my unexpected healing gigs are rocket rising. I did two healings on the first day at the seasonal job for my two coworkers during my lunch break. Then during the second seasonal gig, I happened to introduce a couple of basic tools to clear lower vibration energy from one’s space and bringing one’s energy back. This customer could feel the immediate difference. She said, “wow, it’s like taking shower.” Exactly! Then today at the gym, I did the emergency healing on the lady from the class who was nauseating. I’ve been quite busy in my healing area this week.

My joy of healing and teaching the spiritual, energetic tools for people is a concrete matter. My joy of teaching Zumba has become a concrete matter in the last one year as well. I get to do both while I have this seasonal job gig. Although I’m not sure what to make of this seasonal job gig at this moment, I decided to put my focus on the wonderful things happening in my life, in my Zumba gigs, and in my healing practice.

The law of attraction is all about “Like attracts likes.” If your focus is negatives, stress, pressure, you will bring those more and attract those more. Instead, you shift your focus on your positive matter in life. If you don’t have any (well, I really hope you can pick something), find something which makes you feel “at ease.” Looking at the water front or playing with your cats, or… The more you focus on your attention to the positives, it amplifies. It gets easier to find more positive matter in life. You got a beautiful purse which works perfectly in some occasion. Your friend took you to an unexpected short tea’n sweet visit. Your company gave you an Amazon gift cards for $25.

Sure, you can say, “yeah, just $25, man!,” or “it’s just tea.” You either take the gifts from the universe as a positive energy (gratitude, joy, love, etc.) so the universe will provides you more of the gifts to you, or take them with negatives so you will bring more negatives in your life! Either way, it’s totally up to you. It’s your life. I have no control over on your life. I’m only presenting what the energy law, the law of the universe is like.

I really wish you to bring lots of joy, amusement, love, gratitude and abundance in your holiday season. There is so much abundance accessible for you in your life. Bring them in by vibrating positives and focusing on positives. Sure, some negative matter happens during the holiday season because the society has been programing people to run that way. Though, you don’t have to follow that pattern. Create your new joyous holidays! You can create it by your energetic vibration and focus!

With that, have an amazing Holidays! Lots of love and gratitude~ ❤