Celebrate Your Completion

Happy Holidays! For some of you, Happy New Year already! New year is still hours ahead in Seattle and I’m sort of grateful about it. Anywho, now I’m coming back to more like myself, I want to end the year by writing about celebrating completion of 2017!

Earlier I was listening to the Abraham Hick’s audio which I had for a few years and had never listened to it. As I listened, it reminded me that all we need to do is to shift our focus to relief.  It doesn’t have to be a gigantic joy or positive vibration if it’s hard to get there yet. You can keep shifting by emotional relief. So, I wanted to end the year with ease and positive note. Celebrating the completion of 2017 would be a good way to go.

Lot of times, I feel like nothing has changed, nothing has accomplished as I was hoping for. Though, that’s only what my brain spits out. So, instead of listening to my brain, I’ll go with my vibrational being and celebrate this year ending.

I did so many things if I shift my focus really. I have been teaching Zumba for one year. Thinking back, that was impossible, I mean teaching a group exercise class. Although I’m somewhat extrovert and can talk to any strangers without much thoughts to it, I’m really shy and sensitive. So, placing myself in the position of getting attention from people and all sorts of energy is something I decided to give up years ago. Still, this matter of trying the group exercise instructor keeps bubbling up and I came to the point where either I do it by jumping off from the cliff or never try it because of so much obvious fear. I can’t believe this used to be a big “no no” subject in my world and can’t believe I’ve been doing it. So, I want to celebrate for me letting go of the blockages and objections from my bodily self and allowing the possibility of letting out who I may be.

Maybe that’s what flowing the downstream is. It’s not necessarily easy in my bodily terms, but the river has a strong current and you just have to let the oars go, so your boat turns to the downstream. It might have riffle and rocks. Still, it’s downstream. It takes less effort than rowing your boat upstream.

With that journey, I let go of two of my regular classes this year which made my energy so much happier. That also took me some time and courage since I can’t tell if it’s giving up or letting go the oars sometimes. With that, I welcomed one class I was subbing so much which ended my constant subbing which was becoming a drag. I want to celebrate I made my Zumba classes work for me but not for the gym or people.

I also want to celebrate that my courage of ending a relationship with someone I had some sort of relationship with. It was really hard for a while, but I’m so grateful that I did it because I know how horribly hard it was everyday with his energy coming into my space. Sometimes, we have so much in our heads. All the messages and rational mixed up. It can be a past life matter, can be a emotional matter, can be empath matter, can be a healer matter, etc. etc. I just let go of the oars. I want to celebrate that.

I also decided to discontinue my journey of assisting my healing teacher’s clairvoyant class. I so value what I’ve learnt and how it has been helping me in my soul’s journey. Though, it came to the point where my energy output wasn’t balanced with energy input. I was doing a lot more than I want to anticipate for energetically and on top of that, I had to pay tuition for it. If the energetic balance was different by say, maybe I get paid by doing it or I gained more new learning by doing it, then I probably might have continued. But, as is, I called it off. It was a hard call since it’s almost like turning my back to the spiritual teacher. Though, the teacher should never be put in the pedestal. As much as I love and I’m grateful always, my spiritual journey doesn’t depend on how, where and with whom. I don’t know which ways I’m heading, but I’m walking on my pathway. I want to celebrate that.

I took a couple of temporary jobs which was not in my picture at all since my focus has been my spiritual work and healing business. Though, I want to celebrate that I took that huge resistance out of me by doing something else on the side. It’s still working in progress what works and what not, but when I first took a term job, everything was flowing seamlessly. My healing practice was busier, my Zumba gigs were blossoming and more fun, and the term job was rather effortless. So, even though I don’t know what, when, and how it works like that, I want to celebrate that I took some risk and possibilities so I could experience such ease, flow and clarity.

I didn’t plan on it but my old Nissan broke down on me one night after my Zumba gig and now I’m driving a brand new Subaru. I totally didn’t plan this or didn’t see how this can happen, but it happened anyway. So, I’m grateful for that and want to celebrate that.

Before I end this year, I made one clear decision around my healing work. I no longer will offer healings/readings on one of my friends. I haven’t told her yet since she hasn’t asked my service, but I came to the conclusion that I no longer want to do that beyond my policy. I have a pretty decent policy of not doing a healing on my friends or family. My family matter sometimes happens since my mom has Alzheimer’s and it’s getting more severe. Still, I don’t offer healings on my sister or my mom unless I get a solid “go for it.” I had one friend I have been making an exception since I’ve known her for a couple of decades. I decided to cross out that waver and bring my policy back in place. No more healing on her from me. I’m going to refer my teacher for her as my teacher fully agreed and respect what I was saying.

Healings or readings can’t be done well when you’re not neutral. When you have a close relationship with someone, it’s impossible to be neutral. The reason beings is that you have so much different pathways of energy entrance to your system with your close people. Even if you set up tools, the energy, beings, cords, programming, limits, etc. enters into your space wherever the pathways they can enter from. So, I came to the point where my friend’s energy and beings are too invasive to my space. It’s not the matter of telling her to keep those things in check because she just doesn’t know how. So, I’m letting go the oars on this, too so I can welcome other people. I’m celebrating on that decision I made.

You can do the same thing, too you know? Instead of listing up what you didn’t accomplish and need to list up for the next year’s resolution, you can list up what you can celebrate for the past year! That definitely leaves you in a positive note. That’s all you need: leaving you in the positive notes so you’ll be in more receptive mode. The law of attraction follows then.

Didn’t you have a wonderful year this year? I know you did. So let’s celebrate your completion and carry on to the next year!

Have a Happy New Year with unconditional love, gratitude, joy, amusement, permission to receive, permission to have and abundance in all areas of your life! 😀