Allow the Universe to Bring Your Manifestation, Let Go of Your Control

A Happy New Year! May the new year 2018 bring you joy, unconditional love, amusement and abundance in all areas of your life!

I hope you had a wonderful holidays! 2018 is a very different energy than the past 2017 for sure. The scale is bigger, the energy and urge to shift all the vibration is bigger, everything is a bigger scale! That’s as far as I could see, sense, hear the energy of 2018 so far. As I started out my new 2018 really fast and fast changing, I wanted to summarize what I’ve learnt, observed, and experienced through the course of the stream in my life. To start the amazing new year, I want to share the message around abundance and manifestation. Hence, the topic is “Allow the Universe to Bring Your Manifestation, Let Go of Your Control!”

You might have noticed that my recent blog posts have been a lot about abundance and the law of attraction. That’s because that’s the area I started to work on more and more. I might have mentioned before but I had zero interest in the topic of the law of attraction or abundance genre even after I started my spiritual work for a while. Maybe it was a huge programming in me. Maybe it was a little too hard for me to take in. Or maybe simply I had more urgent needs to focus on which has been and always has been my super sensitivity to energy.

Whatever it was, I started to take a look probably after I left my last corporate job, so maybe around 2016 the earliest. Still, it’s only very recently I started to grasp the concept of manifestation, the law of attraction, the law of allowing, and abundance. My teacher offered an abundance program; that was a really nice class. I liked it so much because I didn’t have to deal with so much coarse energy in the classroom from people unlike other programs. Anywho, this is the area of course, many people spend thousands of dollars on workshops as far as I know. Ahhh… maybe that’s why I had zero interest because I’m a little odd individual. I’m an Aquarius, a Rebel.

A couple of days ago, I had a healing session with someone who has a very bad cold. Unlike when you’re very little, when you are sick, you still have many things you are obligated by. You have your work, so you have to go to work or run your business. Or maybe you’re in collage and you can’t skip so many classes or you’ll be so behind (well, that’s at least what you think in your head). The best thing for you when you’re ill or sick is to rest. But, life sometimes doesn’t allow you to rest well. I totally understand it because I often have to go through work, whatever the “work” is for me, under the physical illness. It’s very challenging for your body because the body is super weak and super sensitive when you’re sick.

When I was working on the energy system of this healee, I could tell that the third chakra which is one’s power center was seriously rock tight. It’s like holding onto something really tight to control. When you’re slipping from the rope you were using to climb the cliff, you probably will try to grab the rope really tight and control the sliding down to fall even though the speed of sliding is no way near your hands and your grip can overcome. That’s the metaphoric representation of “control.”

When things are out of control, let’s say you’re sick or your project is going fast downhill, or whatever it is, your tendency is trying to “control” the situation, so you can bring the balance and “control” the situation back. The fact is when you really tune into it, nothing you’re trying to control is your game. You have no control over on whatever you’re trying to control. It’s a different story if you’re controlling your muscle to lift something, but that’s sort of built in natural mechanism. You shouldn’t have to “control” by force as you might be doing when things are intense.

When you’re in the “control” mode, your manifestation would never visit you. I can guarantee on that. You are very much human; You have physical body. Your brain is an organ, a physical body. Have you seen or been to anywhere in nature where the earth is exposed? Like the Grand Canyon in the US. Have you stand in front of the humongous canyon on your two feet, not flying by a sesna and seeing it from it? The energy and the scale are nothing comparison to what one human can do honestly. The earth is holding everything together with such precise force and positions. Do you know what the earth is capable of? Then, imagine what the universe is capable of, the scale of the universe is like. The universe has beyond the energy of the earth obviously.

When we talk about manifestation, the law of attraction, the law of allowing, we’re talking about the energy, the force, the vibration of the Source energy of the universe. It’s not the force energy of a human, a body, or a brain. What we experience everyday, no matter how you perceive it, everything is working in the great synchronicity. It’s not you as a human body is making it work. Human body is not that powerful. You’re bounded to the physical body and the capacity of the physicality can do is very limited. You have only certain amount you can hold or lift although that can be increased by training. Still, there is always a limitation. The Source energy, the universe, the vibrational vortex, have no limit. Do you see the difference?

When you want certain outcome and things what you see are very different from what you wish to happen, there is one thing you need to do: Let go of your control. You can’t control it, so stop wasting and using up your energy which you need to keep it to heal yourself or to feel good. If things are not supposed to work for you, no matter what you do, it won’t work for you. You might think you are making it work, but rather you probably put yourself in the ditch by interfering what the universe has the greater plans for you. When you use your physical body, your brain, all you can spit out is from the small brains of humans can do. There is a limitation. Let go of the limitation if you want the greater things to manifest in your life and in you.

Rather allow the energy of the earth, the energy of the universe, the energy of the Source to flow in you, through you. What you are not capable physically can only happen when you let go of your physicality and allow the Source energy to do the work for you. See the difference? It’s not me who is healing you or giving you the information by readings. It’s the Source energy coming through me and working on you. If you’re not allowing the Source energy to flow in, no matter how huge, how miraculous the energy is, you’re not allowing your manifestation to happen. You rather stick with your small physicality. It’s not me or my healings/readings which varies, rather it’s the recipient’s receptiveness. Let go of your control and allow the Source to flow. The universe has a bigger vision than your small vision.

I’m writing this in the beginning of the new year 2018 by wishing you to be connected to the Source energy for your manifestation. The message for you in 2018 is to let go of your physicality and control, and to allow the universe to do the work for your manifestation.

With that, have an amazing weekend and the 2018!