February 2018 Newsletter – Healthy Relationship

Happy Super Moon day! Well, actually I only knew it because someone told me. I tend to use my senses and don’t really follow news, so I don’t know too many things. It makes my life much simpler and serene that way. It’s the end of the January, which means February is coming! I think Chinese new year this year is in February, too. The only thing I know is that it’s my birthday month! Woo hoo! I get excited about birthday! That means, the two days before that would be a Valentine’s Day! Well, maybe for most of the people, latter day is more important obviously, so I’ll write something around the Valentine’s Day!

So, Valentine’s Day. The only thing I can relate on that day is “relationship.” Not just a partner relationship, romantic relationship because I don’t really care much on that department (sorry if your focus is on “love and romance,” I’m not really a good resource!). I want to mention about having a healthy relationship with anyone you have relationship with. It doesn’t matter if it’s your boyfriend-girlfriend, your husband-wife, your kids, your parents, your friends, your coworkers, your acquaintance, your students, your teachers, anybody! Anyone you have any relationship with, I would like you to pay attention to what kind of relationship you’re having and you really want to have.

As I’m a spiritual worker, my work on myself is an ongoing matter. Sometimes, it’s about my career, sometimes it’s about my past lives showing up, sometimes my healing work, sometimes boundaries, sometimes relationships, etc. I’ve been working on claiming my own space starting from this year. I didn’t plan that way, but it happened to be that way. That involves with relationship with people because in order to claim your own space, you have to set a healthy boundary with all, including people. So, relationship comes to the scene.

I did post a blog about my setting the boundary with a yoga teacher for my Zumba class in the previous blog post. That’s one example of setting the healthy boundary and claiming the space. Also, it’s to have a healthy relationship as well. If you’re giving up your space for your colleague, in my case, yoga teacher, what kind of relationship am I having? I have to give up something to have that relationship? That is not healthy in the long run. Even if it’s a small matter, it does affect the entire space of your life.

I’m changing and setting a healthier boundary with a friend right now which isn’t easy as it always involves with other party, right? If I can make a decision and want to be healthy, that’s one thing. But, the other party has their own agenda and intention. So, in order to get this done might take time. Though, it is worth it. For, it wasn’t probably healthy boundary to start with. It’s just I’m a strong empath and knowing what is the highest good for me gets distorted sometimes because I see, sense, hear others energy and needs too strongly. Then, I can’t make a clear discernment. Though, I knew it since this matter has been in my head somewhere for a long time. I just needed a little time to be crisp clear on what I should handle and what not.

I have to say that in order to have a healthy relationship, you might have to let go of your current unhealthy relationship with anyone. In order to have a healthy relationship, you might have to claim your needs and own your space around other people, which can be uncomfortable. Sometimes, well, most of the times, the other person probably don’t take it well because they’re used to the way it is and they don’t like to change. Though, don’t get discouraged or back off your claim, even if you feel like you need to accommodate other’s needs. You can only be a good support, good friends, good for anything if you can take a good are of yourself and you own your space.

So, I would like to throw a new Valentine’s Day resolution for all! Take a look at all of your relationship and discern what needs to change. Just put that agenda itself is good enough. It’s not like you can shift everything in one day. I would love your Valentine’s Day, this February to be an awareness to your healthy relationship! Woo hoo!

Ok, with that, here is what I can assist you on the relationship!


Relationship Healings, Relationship Readings
I can work on your relationship with a specific person(s) and/or relationship space in general. Can be done either readings or healings, or can be both. If you want information, I recommend readings. If you want some healings on relationships, healing recommended. Can be both as I said. My service is different from fortune telling, so I won’t be telling you if your mate is your soul mate or not. This is a solid business matter (in my world).

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Have an amazing February!! 😀