Pay Attention To Your Emotions

Happy Sunday! Actually, in several minutes, it’ll be Monday already! I grabbed a new full time job, so my life is a lot more busier than it used to be. At this moment, everything has stalled. My Zumba new routine creation has stalled. My healing practice is slightly on the side although my dealing with energy and spiritual learning are daily thing. My spiritual blog is also sporadic, but I’m going to try writing one before bed. Writing a blog is part of my spiritual work and my creative work as well. Today, I want to talk about our greatest tool, “emotions.” Hence, the topic is “Pay Attention to Your Emotions!”

I wrote a little bit about Abraham Hick’s messages. I’m absolutely for their messages as I don’t find any red flags, rather everything makes a great sense to me. They talk about emotions, too. What they say is that in order to create a desired outcome, you have to “feel” the desired outcome. You have to “feel” the positive and receptive vibration. Emotion is quite an indicator.

As I’m a very sensitive person and I do a spiritual and/or energy healing, I notice lots of things which aren’t obvious or visible. Still, some things are not quite obvious for me. Though, lately I started to notice that when I have some slightly strange “feeling,” then that tells me something.

I’ll give you some examples. I grabbed a new full time job which has a lot of people traffic. On top of that, I do Zumba gigs in four different time and locations, so I meet a lot of people everyday. Of course, I do my healing practice, so I do see people who come to my spiritual practice. Though, that is more narrow band interaction than my Zumba gigs or full time job. My Zumba gigs are definitely a broad band interaction/communication with people. After I come back home and try to relax, sometimes, well,  more like everyday, certain people give me some strange feeling in my chest.

It’s not that they did something “wrong.” For some reason, their faces stick out when I quiet down and try to be meditative. Then, I have some less than neutral feeling toward them. When I started to do my spiritual work, I didn’t understand all of this. Nowadays, I kind of know the usual suspects of my sensation or feelings. When someone’s face pops up or I have slightly less than neutral feelings, that means something around these people.

Typically speaking, the first suspect is that their energy is highly likely in my space and I’m “annoyed” by it without actually knowing what exactly is going on. As I’m very sensitive, my entire body is aware when other’s energy is in my space. Then, my body reacts including having a little bit annoyed emotions. So, what I do is first to clear out their energy out of my space. That’s one.

That used to take care of the majority of the energy visitors, but nowadays for some reason, I have quite tenacious energy visitors. So, I have to dig deeper. The next suspect is “karma” or “past agreements or contracts.” Karma is greatly misunderstood by people I think. Karma is simply “unfinished business.” It’s nothing bad or good. It can be both or either. It’s not something you have to repent one life time after another. You can clear karma without going through life times with those people. Pretty simple. It’s just when there is karma with someone, it’s impossible to be neutral. So, the first thing you do in that case is to clear karma with that individual.

Agreements or contracts are similar. If you have some agreements with a person which is from the past and not in the present time, you don’t want to keep that agreements life after life. You can always change, break, whatever. It’s your life and you have a choice.

With all the three items are cleared, then the individual’s face tends to start fading out and my slightly less neutral feeling always dissipate. Because I’m a sensitive healer, I do my best not to ignore these subtle signals. I mean I can survive without doing anything I’m sure, but I know for sure it gets coarse and big along the line if I don’t do it sooner.

When you have some less than neutral feeling when you agree to do something with someone, or you consider doing something, I’d encourage you to stop right there and ponder. Abundance is never an upstream; it’s always downstream. You never ever have abundance by “effort.” When you bring in abundance in life, you need to pay attention to your feeling to be positive, so you can be a receptive mode. With that, when you do something and feel even slightly less than neutral, that’s not a good way to go. What do you do?

You either shift your vibration to positive before you take that action. Or your emotion is telling you that something is not a good call for you to do if it doesn’t feel positive for you. So, I encourage you to pay attention to your emotions when you make a decision or take an action. Taking an action with a negative vibration only attracts more negative outcomes. If your feeling is “you don’t want to do it” but you decide to punt your original feeling per “being nice,” “guilt,” “obligation,” etc., again, another good reason to stop and check in with your emotions. What I’m saying is to clear your emotion first before you decide and do anything.

You got no time for that? Yeah, I get that. I have been in that mode for the past couple of months. Though if you would like your life to be headed to the positive, abundance, prosperous, it has to start from shifting your emotions. Sometimes, you can just clear the negative emotions by working on it for a while. Sometime, you have to make a change in life which is giving you some negative vibes. Though, remember, the negative experience, negative interaction with people doesn’t mean bad. They’re all valuable experiences because you’re the one who is calling for those experiences and people. If you don’t have those vibrations in you, those experiences and people won’t come around you. They’re the great indicator to work on you, take a close look at yourself and your vibration.

With that, have a wonderful week! Happy February! I love February! 😀