Spirituality, Vibration, and Brain

Happy Saturday! I’m writing a blog at midnight again. I work pretty late at night on my new full time job, so my daily schedule has shifted quite a bit. I used to work in the Asia Pacific Time zone, so this seems sort of familiar. Though, my body hasn’t getting used to the new schedule quite yet. As I was watching the Nicholas Ashbaugh’s Tarot messages on Youtube, I’m inspired to get back to write my spiritual blog weekly as much as I can. After all, I decided to write a spiritual blog, not just for my healing business, but so I can have some positive influence in people to shift their energy to the positives. Today, I’ll write about our physicality and vibrations. Hence, the title is “Spirituality, Vibration, and Brain!”

Since I took a full time job in the very left brain work, my brain and energy have been having a huge resistance to it. For, it’s a huge adjustment for me from a full time spiritual work and healing work to a left brain job. As I observe people at work who have to switch their brains from right brain to left brain, I thought I would write this topic today.

When you do an intuitive work, i.e., spiritual or energy work, you do have to turn down your left brain function. Left brain is skilled to do the logical work. Language also comes from left brain if I remember. When you do calculation, definitely it’s a left brain work. Highly likely the majority of the jobs out there are heavily relying on your left brain. I think that’s why it’s really hard to relax after using so much left brain functions. You really can’t do the spiritual work in the same mode as your jobs heavily relying on your left brain. You just can’t. We, human tend to want to understand and know “logically” about things, but you can’t logically get the spirituality realm. You can try, but understanding in your left brain and “getting it” are totally different thing.

When I first entered in the spiritual realm by taking a spiritual program from my teacher’s school, I really thought I was getting “stupid.” I was so used to use my left brain function and I was used to be validated and evaluated my smartness by my left brain function. My teacher, Ginna, never ever has taught us in the way of the academic “textbook” style. She would say things in the very abstract. She would describe in the very “odd” manner to me back then. So, being a “no filter” person as I am, I said to her, “I feel like I’m getting stupid.” She did correct me by saying that I wasn’t getting stupid but it was a different way of learning.

I think it took me for a long time to be ok with not using the left brain in the spiritual work. For sure, the majority of the one year curriculum of clairvoyant class, I was struggling with this “feeling like becoming stupid” thing. Now, I’ve been doing this spiritual realm for a while. I mean, I took a program after program, non-stop for several years. The majority of the time, I probably was taking two classes at a time, so I was practicing this spiritual realm in Ginna’s school twice a week if not more for a long time. So, you kind of have to get used to that way of using my brain, well, or rather not using my brain.

Since I was doing an assistant role in her clairvoyant classes for years and I do my healing business, I’ve observed many people bringing their left brain functions to the spiritual realm as well. The thing is, they can try as much as they want, but it only delays their learning process by trying to “understand” by their left brains. Actually, there are more than just left brain to be more specific. There are areas in our head region where we tend to use for “analysis.” When one comes to the class or my healing practice and he/she is heavily on their analyzing mode, I can tell immediately because the part of their brains which uses for analysis gets “red” or “dark.” The color of the vibration looks red or blackened to me, but first I do sense their vibration heavily in that brain region. You know, as some of you might be aware that I’m extremely sensitive, so I sense pretty much everything “non-neutral,” even if it’s 300ft away from me.

I had a healee for a while who was heavily relying on her analysis. I mean, it’s to the point that no matter what the healings or readings can do, her habit of using the analyzer and wanting to know by her logical brain started to block her spiritual journey. Everyone’s journey is different and nothing is right or wrong. Though, when you start arguing about spirituality by your logical brain, you don’t go much further in your spiritual evolution. Your vibration will be in the loop and will get stuck in the negatives.

I’m writing this topic because I’ve been having a really challenging time to switch off my brain function from the left brain heavy full time job. I mean, I do meditation daily, more than once a day for sure. I clear my energy field whenever I get a chance. Still, shaking off the solidified, restricted energy in my left brain after work has been quite a challenge. I spent my first day off  today from all the work I do by taking lots of nap. Then I finally started to feel like I’m back to where I feel comfortable with. I don’t like in the mode of left brain heavy vibration any more. I used to be opposite, but I have changed since I opened up to the spirituality.

Even if you’re in the right brain type of jobs, it’s really important to give a complete break from your brain usage by your jobs. I never thought this way when I was working in the corporate jobs. Good or bad, I think jobs put us in the very unbalanced mode. Going to the gym to sweat out your stuck energy from work probably is one way to help; though, I encourage more to do a happy vibrational workout than “aggressive” workout. Being in the nature is so important, too. Just watching the ocean itself is very nurturing and healing. Mountains and trees are always helpful to ground you. Meditation is great because you have to shift your brain in order to meditate. Napping is good, too. Your body needs to rest, then why not? Whatever helps you to stop your fast spinning brains, go for it.

If you can’t tell the differences in your logical brain mode to spiritual brain mode, that’s ok. Go with your feeling. Do you feel relaxed when you’re using left brain like your jobs? Or do you feel like you’re completely relaxed and hugged by ginormous nature and the earth? Go toward what makes you feel relieved, relaxed, and at ease. That’s the way toward the positive vibration and spiritual realm.

With that, have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! 🙂