Keep Doing What You Love and Enjoy

Aloha Friday! It’s nice to have Friday! I don’t work in my new full time job on Fridays, so that itself is super blessing! I have such an appreciation on so called “day offs” since I took a full time job. Still, at this point of my life, I don’t have a complete work day off because I teach Zumba and do spiritual work. I’m working on it. Eventually, I will retain my work day off. Today, I’ll write something I noticed and experienced lately, of course. Hence, the topic is “Keep Doing What You Love and Enjoy!”

Last week, I took a Zumba day off on Friday and Saturday. Actually, it was my first time doing such thing after I started to teach Zumba. Obviously, I’m not really good at taking a vacation or day offs. I’m SLOWLY working on it. I had a good reason to take a day off, though because it was my birthday last Friday. I used to have a policy not to work on my birthday when I was a banker long time ago. Along the line, that policy got lost somewhere. With that, I had a huge break from my busy life and work. It was a good thing to do. Learning lesson for Naomi: take a day off, take a vacation!

Last Friday since I had two full days of no obligation, I decided to visit my spiritual teacher in Whidbey Island. She moved toward the end of the last year. Since then, I haven’t seen her. I always communicate with her because I happened to be an ultimate email communicator, but meeting a person and talking on the phone or emailing are very different thing. Nothing competes over meeting and seeing. There is a Japanese proverb something like, “one sight is beyond a hundred of hearing.” Indeed.

I love a driving trip. I love talking to a stranger. I love no plan, spontaneous day trip. So, visiting my teacher in a small island was super good for me. I got to see her, then we got to exchange healing. We hadn’t done this for a long time. We use to do this so often since I was doing the space holder role while she taught clairvoyant programs every week. Every week to nothing is such a change.

I think it’s combination of everything: by receiving healing from my teacher, by doing the healing which I haven’t been able to do this year ever since I took the full time job, and by taking a day off on a driving trip. Everything I did on that weekend definitely shifted and affected my energy and soul for sure. I set the intent to keep creating my new Zumba routine no matter how horribly busy with this new full time job at a moment in my life. So, I ordered some tech gadget so I could have a new routine. It’s not perfect at a moment since I had to return the CD burner I bought but I can temporary do with the iPhone cable for the stereo I bought. I started the new Zumba routine this week. I haven’t done this since maybe December last year? That’s a long time for someone who brings new songs every week!

Along the line, more of around last weekend, something must have shifted. I now have a strange “side job” alongside of my full time job, Zumba and my healing practice. This side job seems to be allowing me to utilize my spiritual talents. I got to use my clairvoyance and my super sensitivity. So far, I haven’t been restricted or punished by doing what I tend to do by using my “gifts.” So, although I don’t know where this side job is going, it does satisfy my longing of “wanting to do my healing work.” That was my first special request when I was receiving healing from my teacher last Friday.

The universe does very strange thing. Your brains can only imagine and spit out things so much, but the universe brings things the way you never thought of coming. This strange side job is like that. I get to meet stranger, get to talk to strangers, get to drive to go to the different places and get to use my spiritual gifts. The bottom line is “it was so much more fun than my full time job!!!” Zumba sometimes gives me challenge, but definitely it’s a positive and upbeat effect. My healing practice is definitely what I enjoy and love. I love doing healing, reading included. I will leave a comment out of my full time job for now. This new side job, I had fun! I mean, could it be a job like this?

With that, what I’m realizing and experiencing is that when we do what we love and enjoy, our vibration is completely different. It’s exciting, positive, enthusiastic, optimistic, joyous, etc. With that positive vibration, sure it’s easy to be receptive to what you really want in life. When you do what you don’t like or you don’t enjoy, that’s opposite, right? Let’s say.. well, at this point, my full time job is my major downer. So, I get stressed, frustrated that I can’t do my healing work or can’t create my new Zumba routine, can’t relax, don’t enjoy the restriction, my spontaneity and creativity are crying, etc. As much as I knew about myself by now, I’m very much free spirited person. I don’t know why I thought I was a left brain, detail oriented wiz. I like to create things from nothing. That’s how I work. If I have to fit into the work which someone put the rails so others can run on it, I really want to break the rails because I don’t like to be boxed in.

At a moment, I’m learning to let go of my resistance to my full time job. As you can tell, my vibration around my new job is totally different from my vibration to Zumba teaching, my healing work or this strange side job. I know everything is working as a sync and I’m in this environment for a good reason for me in a big picture. So, I’m letting go of all of my lower vibrations around my work. Meanwhile, I need to keep doing what I enjoy and love. Or else, life gets too much. I mean, you probably can relate that not too many people are doing the work they love to do. My goal is doing the work I love and enjoy majority of my time.

Though, please know that the opposite side, the not enjoyable things come into your life for reasons, too. Unless you see the contrast, how would you know what you love and enjoy? How would you know what you like better than the other without contrast? So, when you see the opposite end in your life, take it as it’s showing you the contrast to what you really want to have in life.

On the last note… As much as I would love to write my spiritual blog every week, my life is extremely busy at a moment, so writing blog probably won’t happen as often as I wish. If you would like to reach me for some spiritual assistance, shoot me an email at We can set up the session time.

With that, have a wonderful weekend!