How The Energy of A Space Is Set

Happy Friday! I love Fridays! I love it more since it’s my day off from the full time job and I get to do my healing work and Zumba only! I did two healings today and love it! We had many people joining the Zumba class tonight, so that was also cool! Yesterday, I was told by the operations manager that my voice was louder than the music and he could hear me 10 miles out from the gym. Well… I think I’m used to shouting out in the Friday class because it’s a big gym. The gym on Thursdays is probably 1/4 of the Friday’s. Anywho, besides my Zumba pep talk, today, I’ll write about the space. Hence, the topic is “How The Energy of A Space Is Set.”

I have done the space holder role in my healing teacher’s clairvoyant classes for years. What the space holder does is basically holding the space while the class is on. It’s more involved than you can imagine. Because the spiritual classes bring lots of stuff in the class space and lots of things get surfaced from the students, it really helps if there is a space holder, i.e. controller in the classroom. In college, there is a TA in all the classes and sometimes TA teaches classes. Sort of like that but much more involved. I set up the intent and vibration of the class space before the class starts with my teacher. I also set the boundaries and guidelines with each student and communicate with them soul-to-soul (without verbal communication). That’s how I set up the class beforehand.

During the class, I ground the physical classroom, clear the energy of the classroom, and I would kick out any interference coming into the classroom. I also point out the students what I noticed during the class if the students are in that level of understanding. In the beginning of the program, I don’t say much. Well, I don’t say much most of the time because the students are not that level of understanding and awareness. It would only freak them out. Though, if necessary, I would bring it up to my teacher at that time so we could address the interfering energy in the space which most likely the students invited them in.

That’s the general description of my role as a space holder in the clairvoyant class. So, I got to learn a lot about holding a space. I got learn a lot about different kinds of energy. I also got to learn a lot about “beings,” i.e. spirits, entities, etc. Did I learn this in the clairvoyant class I took?  Ahh…. to the very basic. Though, my awareness and learning about beings and space started as soon as I became a space holder.

With that, I do know a lot more about a “space.” With that, I thought I could handle a lot more than I used to be able to. Though, it is only recently I started to recognize how the space is set by other people. I’m also learning, well, let’s say, I’m also re-learning how the space is set by other people can’t be changed. I want to as my nature, but I’m realizing again that I can’t.

Each organization is created by a person originally I would imagine. Let’s take a small business. The owner decided to start a business, say, a coffee shop. How the shop space, the business space is set is done by the “owner.” If the owner has a strong passion about good beans, good brewed coffee, then the shop would reflect it. If the owner has an intent of friendly, community oriented, at home, inviting space, etc., then the shop would reflect it. If the owner has a passion about coffee, but he/she doesn’t care about people, it would show as well. If the owner thinks that money is everything and he/she doesn’t care how to get wealthy, then the shop will show it as well.

Small or large, each organization is set by someone’s intention. I’m seeing more and more how each organization is set by the owner.

With that, when you have a certain desire of your work place you want to work, this how the organization’s space is set is really important to be aware. I don’t think we think or we realize that far till you get stuck at work after being hired. It’s not just you, I’m on the same boat. I’m just realizing it more now because I’ve done so many space holder roles in the different classes with the different groups of people.

Why I’m writing this? Well, I’m sure people out there feels banging their heads against walls at work. I’ve been there many times in the corporate jobs. This is a lot more hidden and invisible than what the corporate mission statements say to just let you know. As I always say, the surface is very deceiving. I don’t take surface for anything when it comes to my healing practice. I take the energy value, not the surface value. It’s like that about the organization’s energy. The surface might look like a match to your longing, though, you have to go with the energy value, not the surface value.

Frankly, it’s easier to see other people’s situation and circumstances in my healing practice. When it comes to my own life, man, it’s so challenging. I normally realize things after my half ass is deeply bitten. For one, it’s really hard to see when you’re in the space. If you’re outside of the space, you see better. Another thing about me is that I have a little slow recognition system about people. I’m like an excited puppy when it comes to people. I get so excited since I naturally like people in general, and I tend to look at the positive side of people. I’m also extremely optimistic. So, when there are some “red flags,” my optimism and my slow recognition of caution dismiss all the “red flags.” Shoot… I don’t know how many times in my life this happened honestly.

Though, the good news is that it’s getting faster to recognize. Or rather, the universe is nice enough to bring in a bucket of cold water here and there, so I can cool down from the happy dog syndrome. Hopefully, someday I can recognize it before the elephant enters in the room. Right now, I recognize when the elephant is in the room. I’m sure I was recognizing it long after the elephant was in the room most of the time before. So, it’s a progress.

Anyway, when you have a desired outcome, I hope you can keep in mind when you take a look at anything. How the space, energy is set by someone. If your desired outcome and how the energy is set in the space match, that’s a “go.” If not, there are some things to ponder about, right? How do you recognize it before you enter? Well, you can use your intuition and/or you can also request a reading to take a look at how the space is set. I definitely can take a look if you wish.

With that, have a wonderful weekend! 🙂