About Me and My Healing Work
Hi. My name is Naomi. I’m very sensitive to energy which brought me into this path of spiritual work. When you open the door of the sixth sensory world, you realize that this realm has so many variety. The depth of awareness in all the intuitives vary. That was the first thing I learned when I opened my eyes into this world. There is no good or bad. Just truth is different on each.

There are many gifted healers and spiritual workers; however, my senses, my gifts and my wisdom are only mine. What I sense, see, hear and know are unique to my own. Then, there probably are people out there who could use my assistance.

I believe that everyone can use healings and readings in many ways from time to time. Both are for the journey of healing yourself and your soul’s evolution. There are many things medicine can’t touch. There are many things counseling can’t reach. I once attempted to become one and both dissipated out of my path. Then, I met this spiritual work of healing. I trust that this work can reach where medicine and mind work have limitations.

The purpose of my service is aiming to expand you as a soul. When I went to Southern Utah, I saw and experienced the energy of the earth. I’ve never felt such expansion and freedom in my body and in my life before. At then, I realized that all my spiritual learning and work is to assist others to expand through my healing work. There is no limit to our abundance. If there is, it is us who is limiting our capacity to be fully capable as we truly are. Either it is healing you, clearing the energy of your home or expanding your business, it is all part of healing yourself and expanding you as a soul.

I would love to share the gifts I got and assist you to expand.


My Background
I was in the financial industry for a long time back in Japan and here in the US. Got stuck in my career in the industry and decided to go back to school to change my career to something I could agree upon. I went through all the psychology classes by thinking that I would be a counselor because no one could help me when I needed help. While learning more about psychology disciplines, I started to feel that I wanted to be in more concrete discipline and did all the pre-med meanwhile. I was excited and believed strongly that I would become a doctor (shrink) someday and my career would be aligned with who I was.

While shooting for a med school and going back to work full time in the tech projects, I started to realize more and more that medicine was getting further away from me. For, I didn’t have time to even spend much for applications with the demanding job, and more significantly, I started to realize that I was extremely sensitive to people’s pains. I wasn’t sure if I could survive with this trait in the Western medicinal industry.

As my ponder got bigger and bigger, one day I got fired from the tech project for a silly reason. Then, I realized that the corporate wasn’t the place I could spend my life, either. As I got stuck in my career and desperately seeking the answers, I started to open the doors of the spiritual realm.

While I tried and learned in the different workshops and the books and experimented by trying out the different styles of meditations, healing modalities and past life regressions, one day I bumped into my current spiritual teacher, Ginna Lee who teaches the spiritual programs in The School of Intuitive Insight in Seattle.

First I got a clairvoyant student reading there, then tried a healing clinic to receive a healing, then I started to take the meditation class one-on-one with Ginna (because I was in a very bad shape in life and I didn’t trust people at that time to be in a class). I then went through the healing program, took a variety of workshops and the short programs, and completed the one-year clairvoyant training program. As soon as I completed the program, I completed the teaching program and also was pulled to do the assistant, a space holder role in the programs (holding the class space to be grounded and safe while students learn and work on energy) till the current time.

Although I learned the spiritual tools through my teacher’s school programs like any other people who learned through the programs, I’m very good at the applications of the tools and improvising them to work for my own life’s experiences. All the individual sessions I had with my teacher, all the tools I learned from the programs, workshops and books, and all the space holder experiences are in me, combined and applied to work for many life’s obstacles. I teach those unique applied spiritual tools to people in my healings and readings sessions, so people have some tools in their hands to work in their own lives.




@ Moab Utah
@Moab Utah


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