Business Space Consulting

Business Space Consulting includes business space clearing (physical and energetic) as well as business space insights by clairvoyant readings. I have done the physical business space clearing in the past; however, I’m more and more aware that the energy of the physical space is only one part of the whole picture. By taking a look at the business as a whole clairvoyantly, I can give you some insights on the issues you’re facing or what might be blocking your business flow. It could be you as a business owner who needs to remove limits and raise your abundance concepts, could be your partnership or could be solely the energy in the property, etc.

Clearing out the energy which people bring in and left behind in the physical business space makes a big difference in your office space and your business. Your office might have the energy left from the previous business or from the former partner. If you bring in clients into your office, regular energy clean out of your office makes a big difference in your work and efficiency. If your business took over the space in the existing building, physical space clearing is definitely needed.


When you can use a business space consulting

  • You’re starting a new business
  • You just bought or rent a business space
  • You want to expand your business
  • You want to increase your profit
  • You have a new business partner
  • Your business deals with properties (real estate, builders, landlords, etc.)
  • You have a shop where lots of people visit or have items which are antique
  • You are a practitioner or an entrepreneur and have an office where your clients release energy (therapists, counselors, chiropractors, yoga instructors, pilates instructors, studio owners, acupuncturists, etc.)
  • You do people business
  • You got a space which has a history of many short turnaround of businesses
  • You took over a space previously with a long term tenant

Or you have amazing talents and a business practice, but…

  • Your business is not as profitable as you wish
  • You have high turnover
  • You have internal conflicts all the time
  • Your business has some issues, but not clear what the issues are
  • You feel so heavy to go to your office
  • You feel like your passion of your work is gone
  • You fall a sleep at your office


The difference between Person Healings/Readings and Business Space Consulting

  • If you want assistance in your career space, it’s person healings/readings.
  • If you want assistance in your business you have, it’s business space consulting.
  • Person healings/readings is aimed for you only while business space consulting is aimed for your business including you as an owner.
  • The numbers of people and energy involved significantly change between person healings/readings and business space consulting.



  • $150/hr pro-rated for Business Space Consulting
    • House Call: $20/visit added for a commute time
    • Remote: $5-$10 added for a paypal pay
    • Project basis

<Sample Pricing>

  • Example of Rental Property Space Healings done in the past
    • $470 for the project including one House visit, 3 hours total
      • Distance Healings on the entire process from current renters moving out smoothly, clearing the space for the new, set the intent for the new renters, and send energetic intent for the new renters to come.
      • Distance Healings on the property owner’s abundance space and give feedback. Feedback on setting intent for new renters.
      • House Call property healings
      • Distance Healings on the property one more time
      • Distance Healing on the owner’s abundance, setting the intent and invitation vibration to the new renters.
  • The package is not available due to the possibility of the mixture in person healings/readings and business space consulting pricing. 


*Business Space Consultation is done both remotely and by house call.
*Depending on the size of the business and how much energy is involved, it may take longer than 1 hour. If it takes longer than 90 min, we may divide in the multiple sessions.

Inquire or book a session at 206-486-4677 or email @


Southern Utah



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