Shifting Your Vibration Toward Relief

Happy Friday! My friend said, “Happy FriYAY!” That’s so true! I haven’t been so looking forward to Friday like today. I took a very temporary job. Because I teach Zumba in the evening on Fridays and in the afternoon on Saturdays, I marked Friday and Saturday off from my temporary work. I’m so grateful that I did that. I could enjoy my morning without tight restriction (work). With that, today I’m going to write about shifting your vibration.

So, majority of the time in my healing practice, people who come to my practice are the new people. They never saw me before. They don’t know how I look like although I put my two years ago photo on my website. They don’t know how I talk or how my energy is like in person. I assume it probably is somewhat nervous for them to see me especially since my work is nontangible for many people. Some people ask if they have negative energy in them. Some people ask if their energy is positive or negative. Maybe that’s how most of us think energy is: black or white, negative or positive.

The energy isn’t just one thing. We are complex beings. In the general sense, some day is positive and some day is negative. Though, you contain so many different energy in your compartments. Maybe you’ve heard of “peeling onions.” That’s one way to describe the complexity of our energy field. You remove and shift your surface energy, then the next layer show up. This describes that working on one thing right now and shift it doesn’t mean it’s the end of your journey. It’s not like you wrote something on a paper and erase it with eraser. It’s like almost impossible to know how many layers of papers piles up, but you shred one paper at a time-ish.

There is no completely “negative” person I don’t think. Well, let me think about that. Although there might be some who are so dark vibration, there may be a possibility of bringing their energy back to the pure light. I won’t get into the specific examples but we really don’t know what the surface which tells us “negative” means really “negative” as a whole. We might be only looking at the surface level and there are so many broader, bigger perspectives in this universe.

When you hear to bring your energy to positives, it sounds understandable, but it doesn’t tell you much, does it? How do you do that, eh?, sort of. My journey of understanding energy as an energy sensitive person has been shifting throughout the time. That’s because my awareness shifts more and more and what wasn’t in my awareness is now in my awareness. So, I’m in the continuous shift and learning around this energy world.

Lately, I’m getting some insights from Hick’s messages (Esther Hicks/Abraham Hicks). With that, it makes a lot more sense in what I was having some challenge around the “lower vibration” energy. So, what he/she is saying is that we have this reality right now at this moment. We want to change it but what is it what is. Then, we tend to be doomed in it. So, in order to shift your current state to your desired state, something has to change. Where can the change start? That’s what Hick’s messages are all about.

Assuming your life right now is very stressful. Ok, let’s say you don’t like your work. Maybe your work is just a “job.” You don’t enjoy it. It doesn’t pay you enough. Your finance is beyond tight because this job doesn’t pay you well, let’s say. So, you want to change it. No matter what you do, for some reason, you can’t get a better job. It seems to be resulting a similar environment, let’s say. You want a better job. You want to lift your life. You want a change. However, it feels it’s impossible because you’re doomed in your stressful life currently.

Here your focus tend to be “getting a better job.” Then, without getting a better job, you can’t have a better life or rather better feeling. You can’t let go of your stress. Then, your “getting a better job” is not happening forever. You get more doomed, giving up, depressed, etc.

What has to happen in order to shift your outcome is to shift your energy. That’s where you lose your track. We tend to focus on the tangible matter, “getting a better job.” When your focus is the current situation in life which is unpleasant, your desire and will expand humongous. In a way, this is necessary because without it, you don’t know what your desired outcome may be. When you know your desired outcome; yet, your current situation has a huge gap from it, it creates dissonant in your energy field, sort of like resistance. At then, you probably feel extremely unhappy and extremely uncomfortable. What can you do?

First, you need to stop looking at your current situation. Right, you can’t ignore because it’s on your face everyday. Though, you know your situation, so you don’t need to look at it. Just keep that in your back burner and you work on something else, let’s put that way. Your current situation is a past tense. Everything starts from the vibration, i.e. energy. You create your life, surroundings, environment, everything. It all starts from your vibrational existence. What’s happening to you in life right now is the result of your past vibrational existence of you. Then, how can you shift the life’s outcome? Shift your vibration.

When you have a very unhappy vibration, say you’re very unhappy with life or current situation, your vibration needs to shift big time. You can start small. The gap between your desired outcome and current outcome is too huge, that’s all. That’s all it is. So, don’t compare or look at that for now. Rather, focus on your vibration and shifting your vibration to less resistant. The goal here is to give you a “relief.” How do you do that?

You have a great tool called “emotions.” You get angry if something isn’t cool for you. You get stressed if something is pushing way more than your willingness. Pay attention to your emotions and see what your emotion is like. Then, if your emotion is rather negative, find a way to give your emotion a relief.

For example, let’s say you’re really anxious. That’s cool because you know something is off. Pay attention to your thoughts. Your thoughts might be, “I don’t know how long I have to go with this crappy job!” “I can’t take it any more.” “I’m working so hard but they never value me enough.” “I’m doing so much and they give me this. It’s not fair!” etc., etc. Can you see these thoughts are not helping you to give your emotions relief? It rather excavate your current emotions.

What you need to do is to shift your “thoughts.” Try shifting your thoughts one by one. “I don’t know how long I have to go with this crappy job!” Ok, how can you give your emotion relief from this thought? “Actually, this job has been very flexible with my personal emergencies.” “This job pays my utility bills, rent, etc. and give me some relief from paying bills otherwise.” “People who work there are pretty laid back and nice.” “I don’t have to bring this job back home after work.” Can you see the differences in the negative thoughts and relief giving thoughts?

So, your goal is to say or have thoughts which gives your emotions a relief. This is the step to make your vibrations to positives. If you keep condemning your job, your emotions keep going negative and therefore, your vibration is negative. Like attracts likes. Your negative vibration will welcome more negative outcome in your life. In the end, you can’t get out of the current outcome. You have to shift your vibration first.

Do you think you can try that? One thought at a time. If you find your thought rather negative, shift that thought to give you a relief in your emotions. You’ll know if you pay attention to how you feel after you think about that thought. The more you shift your thoughts and emotions, your vibrations shift, your outcome, it may take sometime to show up, will shift as well. Wanna try that?

With that, have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

Sometimes It’s All About Timing

Happy Friday! It’s back to Seattle kind of weather today. It’s not so cold like a few weeks ago, so I’m cool with that. I was working on the video project for my site, but I decided that it’s not a downstream move at this point. So, instead of pushing myself to make it work which I tend to go there, I shall write a blog! Today I’ll write about the timing. The spiritual realm, the energetic realm is all about the “right time.”

Speaking of the right time, I thought I had an idea to create a video clip to post on my website, so people would have a better idea of what kind of person I am. The reason I came up with it was because there was a girl who contacted me to check out my services. I ended up not working with her because her intent was very different from the aim of my healing work. Her initial question was if I could meet her in person so she has a better idea of if she wants to work with me or not. Very reasonable. Unlike doctors or therapists, my work is not something I can put credentials lined up. I could list things, but from my experience, the trainings or credentials in the spiritual realm talks less than resonation. Anyway, so I thought I would create a video so people can meet me by watching the video.

Ended up, all of my attempts since this Tuesday has been unsuccessful if I define the success here to post the video. I was working on it this morning because I had a clear idea how I can make it work. Then, I saw the video and my face was seriously bloated.  So, instead of pushing me to re-record, take shower one more time, or slap my face till my face looks sharp or at least normal, I decided to leave the project for now. It’s not the right timing or maybe not the project which should be done to my site.

I would have completed the project if I were in my normal operation. I’ve been working on the art of downstream. Abundance is never from the upstream. Nothing results well from upstream. I grew up in the culture where hard work is rewarded and mistake is punished or shamed, this is a very challenging part of my programming to change. I’m getting better. I gave up pushing it. So, I should give myself a credit for it even though I have a simmering feeling around my chest for not making this work.

Last week, I was just getting out of cold and therefore, I was physically weak. When you’re sick, all your energy is spent to heal your body. When a new reading prospective emailed me, I was still not quite recovered. The person wanted a medium who would deliver the messages from her deceased parents. Since I’m a strong empath, I almost wanted to help her, but I also had a loud voice in my head saying, “Remember! Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should do it! Your healing practice is set for a specific goal, remember?” So, I really felt for her needs, but I told her that I wasn’t the right person for her needs. She asked me if I knew someone who would do it, but I didn’t know any medium in Seattle except John Edward. So, I couldn’t help her in that regard, either.

I did have a simmering energy in my chest then as well because I have lived my life based on “actions” and “completions.” It feels good to complete for sure. Though, I’m learning a different operation recently, so I’m sticking with it. The very next day with my half heavy and a half recovered body, I took a walk around my neighborhood. For some reason, I felt like going inside of the metaphysical store fairly new to the neighborhood. I got an “ok” in my muscle testing, so I went inside. It was an all right energy. I was going to take off quickly if I didn’t feel good, but it was all right for me to stay. So many Tarot decks! Never seen that many variety of Tarot decks anywhere!

The gentleman who was offering the Tarot reading for that day greeted me. Because I like talking to the strangers, I started to chat with him randomly. I even mumbled up about the exchange with my reading prospective and spelled out that I didn’t know any medium in town. Then, all of the sudden, he went, “I do.” I looked at him with “what?” kind of face. Found out one of his friends or colleague in the store is a medium. He gave me this medium friend’s business card and I took off to go home. I was not well enough, so I really needed to rest.

I researched about this medium from the business card, and his website felt really loving. So, I felt ok to share information to others. Of course, in my mind, I was thinking about the girl who wanted a medium from the day before. I quickly checked with myself and all to see if this is a highest good for me to do and also a highest good for the girl to receive. I mean the “action” of me passing the information of this medium. You know, it’s not like I’m in a social service realm, so this is beyond what I normally do for my healing work. So, I had to check. I got “all right.”

So, I emailed the girl with the info with my long story long explanation of how this information came into me. I hit “send” and my job was done! At then, I felt that for some reason, the information came to my place so I could pass it to her. For some reason, it was easier to come into me than coming into her directly. So, I just passed it to her. I got a response from her in the evening. It seemed like she was pleased with the information. That was a bonus!

Anyway, I’m giving you this example because everything works in sync. Nothing is random even though it looks like it most of the time. So, it’s all about the right time. I took a walk that day because I couldn’t meditate well or focus on any project being semi sick. So, I followed what it might be good for me and my body. I followed the subtle feeling or message of “check out the shop.” I just then be who I normally am by talking to the stranger with random topics. It’s all about timing. It’s not that I forced and tried hard to find the information for the girl. Maybe .. Maybe because I was true to my commitment of what kind of healing practice I set my intention for and stuck to it instead of taking the work which isn’t mine… Maybe because of that, I got a “Good job! Here is the survivor!”

I know. As usual, my post is random. I have two things in my head, so it got really random post. All I wanted to say is to encourage you that everything is about timing. Even if things are not happening quite yet, that doesn’t mean your intent and work are wasted or you need to give up on it. It can be all about the right time. Keep going the downstream and having your vibration in the receiving mode. You never know what right time would bring things to you.

With that, have a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend! 🙂


What Is God?

Happy Friday morning! It’s a beautiful sunshine day in Seattle. It’s really cold, but sun makes it really easier to be lighter. I’m feeling a little challenge in this weather transition this year. Maybe it’s because in summer, I’ve done lots of change before the new phase of life starts. It wasn’t really my intention but my destroy phase in create-and-destroy life cycle hit one after another. Anywho, while I’m pondering about the energy this morning, I shall write my weekly blog! I had a talk with one of my friends the other day after my Zumba class, and I’m still nibbling what it meant to me. So, I shall write related to that. Hence, the title is “What is God?”

Technically speaking, I’m a Christian. However, I don’t go to church any more. I used to until I became single. I stopped going to church where I used to go with my ex, just because I kind of needed to leave my olds in order to move on and bring new in my life. For a while, I was looking for a new church for myself. So, I went many different churches in 15 miles radius. Eventually I gave up probably because my life got really busy to devote on looking for one.

Anyway, the reason I’m mentioning my religious background is because today’s topic is about “God” and when you talk about “God,” normally you can easily picture “Christianity.” However, as I started to open up the doors to the spirituality, I realized that religion and spirituality are completely different matter. The talk with my friend from the gym is about that. So, I thought I would mention it. Besides, I kind of know what Christianity teaches and what not because I chose to become a Christian when I was maybe 20 or something? My family is a typical Buddhist family in Japan by the way. So, I was the only one who started to do something else. Obviously, that also changed as well.

While I was having a lunch with a friend, she told me that sometimes she feels the energy of the universe. So, I was listening to her closely because I get excited when people have awareness of anything more than visible matter. Then, all of the sudden, she started to vibrate in pains. Then, she told me that she goes to a church although she is not a Christian. She goes to a church because she started to like the community there. They get together and have lunch every week after the service. They meet in small groups every other week and have small lunch get together. That sounds like a really fun thing if it’s fun get together, right? She was telling me that since I met her probably last year, so it’s been going on for a while.

All of the sudden, she started to have some problem with this church get together matter. I guess the church people started to question her and ask her why she doesn’t believe in God because she is not a Christian. She doesn’t choose to get baptized since she doesn’t feel the needs, right? So, more and more, the questions coming from the church members started to be a burden in her chest because she is an empath like me. She probably started to feel guilty and question why she is not believing God like the church people tell her.

Anyway, while she was telling me that and feeling her chest ache in my chest region (because my empath is really strong, so my life is like this all the time…), I told her the following. “Yes, you do. You do believe God. You know God.” She looked up at me with a curious wonder. I told her that she was just telling me that she sometimes felt the energy of the universe. What the church people call “God,” whatever the “God” is, He/She is the creator of this universe. So, she knows God and believes God. Some people may call it as “God,” some may call as the Source, Higher Power, Love and LIght, whatever people may call this greater power, that’s God. Just because the church people tell her that she doesn’t believe in God doesn’t make her not believing God because she does.

I was explaining to her that the church people can’t see it but I can see it because I work with the energy. I do the Supreme Being’s, the creator’s work for people through healings, readings, teachings, etc. The only issue here for her is knowing that she knows God and believes God and also knowing that she can’t change other people including her church people. So, if the church people can’t see the truth for her and keep asking why she doesn’t believe in God, her job is not to take on that to her and not believing what others say is true for her. She also has to be ok with the fact that that’s the way it is around her church people and she needs to pass that through her without taking it to her heart.

I gave her a story of a boy that I mentioned in some blog ago. I have it in my screen saver since I tend to be like her. I tend to take what people say about me as who I am, but that’s not true. There was a boy who was so upset and crying. His dad asked him, “What’s the matter?” The boy said, “the boy in the class makes fun of me and said I’m stupid.” Dad said, “Yeah, that’s not right. You’re not stupid because you’re a car!” The boy giggles, “That’s silly, dad. I’m not a car.” Dad said, “Right! You’re not a car. Just because people tell you you’re a car doesn’t make you a car. Likewise, just because people tell you you’re stupid doesn’t make you stupid.” My healing teacher gave this story to us a couple of times and I made a screen saver with “I’m not a car” on my computer to remind myself.

While I was talking to my friend and telling what my view about her situation is, she was getting brighter and brighter. I mean, she is a very positive vibrational person to start with, but the shift was so evident as I sat across the table from her. When I saw that, I was so grateful that I met my spiritual work. It made me light, too. I might not go to church any more, but I’m grateful that I can do the work of Higher Power.

The other day, I was listening to the clip from the Abraham Hick’s workshop on YouTube. He was saying that the animals or infants know God or the Source more than we do because they don’t question about it. They just do their own thing and completely trust that they’re safe and the universe will always support them. That talk made me think that’s so true. The three-day-old baby I saw at the Trader Joe, he was sleeping so peacefully in that busy small grocery store. Is it because his mom takes care of him? No. He instinctively knows that he is always supported and safe. No doubt. I have to remember that myself.

When you feel out of sync with the Source energy, that’s when you feel doubt, negatives. So, if that’s the case, throw yourself some stimulating questions like “How can I be connected with the Source more frequently?” “How can I be connected to the Source All The Time?” Yeah, that’s a better question to throw into you than doubting yourself!

With that, have a wonderful weekend! 🙂