Energy Is Everywhere!

Happy Holidays! It’s Wednesday and I’m writing a blog because I now feel much better. I was in a seriously bad shape for a few days since I took the seasonal job. The bottom line, I called it off and left the job on Monday night after my shift. So, I’m on the recovery mode. Everything is a learning lesson. I learned so much about energy and spiritual matter in such a short time in this job that I still haven’t process them all. Anyway, with my eye inflammation is calmer now, I’m gong to write about energy again today. Hence, the topic is “Energy is Everywhere!”

Once upon a time, I was in a women’s group. The facilitator of the group was telling us the story of her son when he was little. When he was little, he heard the pastor said that Jesus is everywhere. Yeah, sounds like something you hear at any church. Then this son took it literally because he was still so little. That night, he didn’t touch his favorite pizza. The facilitator lady asked her son why he wasn’t eating his pizza. He goes, “Pastor said, Jesus is everywhere! Jesus is in my pizza, too and I can’t eat it!!!” He was freaking out. It still makes me laugh whenever I think of that story.

Anyway, that was a side joke. Energy is everywhere, that is. Since I do energy work for my practice, this is very concrete matter for me. Though, sometimes I skip and dismiss more than obvious things in my life because life gets too busy too stressful sometimes. Since I’ve been having this eye inflammation more often lately, I started to have some needs to get this health matter healed completely not just now but for good. When your eye is hurting, you can’t do much in life really.

As I committed myself that I’m fed up with this eye matter every time I get coarse energy attack in whatever form, I thought of clearing the energy of my contacts. I wear contact lens. I use glasses on top of them if I have to use computer or read near objects. I’m really far sighted so my contacts are for normal living stuff. If I need a little more focused matter in near object, I have to have another lens to help me out. So, lens on top of lens on top of lens situation. Anywho, since contact lens are the physical matter, I decided to clear energy. I don’t know why I haven’t done it before even though I clear energy from all other materials.

As I clear the energy of my contact lens on my eyes (my eye is hurting so I couldn’t take it out at a moment), after a while I could feel the neutrality on my eyes. I was like, fewayoooowwww!!! Why didn’t I do this before?! Anyway, my eye, although it still needs to recover, is much easier now. I don’t have pains or irritation like this morning.

After that, I started to clear energy of my glasses. Wow, that had a woman’s energy on them. Yikes! If it’s too close, you can’t see it well!!!! Now, wearing them, they feel weight less and very neutral. Wow! I then did clear energy of my iPhone, computer, and old iPhone 4s. The thing is I could feel when they become neutral energy. That was something. I mean, I need to do this more often like at least once a week if not daily.

Then, I did for my clothing, gym bag, etc… Ohhh!! I forgot my Zumba shoes!! I need to do that after this blog! Anyway, clothing are much more trickier than the hard material. Still, I could feel the difference.

The reason I’m writing about this is that this attached energy in your clothes and all the materials are real and troublesome. One day, my washer got broken in the middle of rinsing. So, I had to hand rinse and hang them. I was doing it in my bathroom which is a small and closed space. As soon as I started to rinse my Zumba gears, my head started to spin all the Zumba songs, choreographies, what the lady said that day, what happened in the class the other day, on and on. I was like, whaaaaaaaaattt?? It was like a loud party in my head.

Then, I realized that it was the energy attached to my Zumba gears. I was like, shoot… I’ve been wearing them with these energy after energy on top of each other. It’s not like I discard Zumba gear in one month or anything. I use them for a while. Imagine how much energy attached to them in the past one year teaching 4-6 classes per week most of the time! Anyway, so I cleared energy on them after I hang them.

This is true about energy. When your head start to spit out something out of blue, highly likely that’s energy in your space. So, either you’re wearing something with energy attached to it or you’re in the space where the energy is in. Oh no need to freak out because you can’t avoid this from happening unless you’re walking dead or something. Sill, this is very challenging because it messes with your thoughts. In my case, it messes with my health even! Well, my eye is not just the energy accumulation but it’s more to do with the “live” energy attacking my space.

Anyway, highly likely you don’t know how to clear energy because you haven’t learnt it like I have been. I’d be happy to teach you, but it’s not like I can show you how to do in one shot. So, it’s better to teach a series of solid energy tools from the basics so you would know what you’re doing. Meanwhile, you’re left on your own. Here are some which would help even if it’s not going to solve everything.

Smudging: You’ve heard of smudging. It doesn’t have to be such a big deal thing, but smudging your clothing and materials definitely lift lower vibration energy quite a bit.

Physical cleaning: Yeah, physically clean helps clearing energy for sure. The lower vibration loves dust. Cleaner the better! Oh, no I’m not a neat clean. I get too busy, so I do my best to do it whenever I can.

Scents: Smell has vibration like sound has vibration. Using some higher vibration scent definitely lifts up. I’m talking about more of the room space here than clearing energy of materials because I can’t stand fragrance. Lavender has high vibration. Rose essence is the highest among plants I believe.

I think those are what I can think of besides energy/spiritual tools I use. You know? I should think about teaching a healing class in the future. It helps tremendously. Though, it would be pretty mid size length program since I wouldn’t teach people without the basic tools. So, that’s like 4-6 months.

Anywho, if you don’t have no way of getting rid of the energy from some clothing and the energy is giving you a hard time every time you wear them, I recommend to discard them. One time, my favorite step aerobics instructor gave me bunch of gears since she wouldn’t wear them anymore. Although I don’t do second hand clothing as I’m energy sensitive, since I knew this instructor, I took them. They were quite bit bigger than my size, so I didn’t wear them too often. But, one day I wore one of them after I started my spiritual learning, then I couldn’t breathe. I felt like the clothes were squeezing me even though it was not tight at all. I took off the clothes and then I felt immediately better.

I wrote an email about it to my teacher at that time and told her about it. She then replied to say that I had been healing this instructor unconsciously in the past and wearing her clothing started to suck up your energy. I was like. ohhhh nooooo… Yeah, that makes sense because I used to support all the instructors energetically whenever I attended their classes. Back then, I didn’t know I was doing unconscious healing or empath healing. I had to discard all the clothing I got from her. I donated to the Goodwill. Probably the people who would wear them don’t have the same effect on them as they have on me.

Anyway, it’s just to give you some different awareness than you might have. I’ll leave it as such.

With that, have a Happy Holidays! 😀

Law of Attraction – Focus on Positives

Happy Holidays! It’s Thursday! That’s right, still Thursday! I decided to write a blog while I have some serene space. You never know what happens tomorrow… That’s sort of my life as a healer/spiritual worker! Anywho, today I wanted to write something for the Holidays and relevant to my recent awareness. Hence, the topic is “Law of Attraction – Focus on Positives!”

I taught Zumba this morning, did an emergency healing and now finally cooked and had my lunch. It feels really good to take care of myself. I have been a little bit off balanced on my eating since I grabbed a little (?) seasonal job. I’m really glad that I didn’t pick too many shifts this week although I thought about it. Thanks to my sporadic seasonal job gigs this week, I get to meditate, clear my energy and have some time to process my learnings. I almost want to cut my seasonal gig since it’s brining too much unnecessary energy into my space, but I must be learning from this as I always am. My muscle testing never says “go for dropping this gig!” Haha~

I baked some cookies to take them to my Zumba classes this week. I have more seasonal gigs next week and I now know that I can’t really expect energetic “ease” from this gig. So, when I have space to be sane, I wanted to do what I wanted to do. It’s been one year since I started to teach Zumba! I started to teach Zumba December Last year. The two classes, my Wednesday gig and Friday gig, they are both the original classes since December. The Thursday gig got added maybe in February. The Saturday gig is very recent. Anywho, with the anniversary and now I have few folks to come to each classes regularly, I wanted to have holiday celebration! Well, I used to bring food to work in my corporate job. Why not for the Zumba classes, eh?

Anyway, since my seasonal job gig has been giving me a lot more energy work than I was expecting, I’ve been under the weather. Though, I wanted to bake and celebrate with people. As I passed my cookies to my classes yesterday and today, I do feel that I’m glad that I decided to do it. It’s a love and gratitude vibration really. Celebration, love, gratitude, joy, etc.

Yesterday, a lady from my Zumba class treated me lunch and gave me a beautiful small purse. She told me that she appreciates I teach Zumba and being nice. I felt so grateful while having lunch with her and the other lady from the class. Have I ever been appreciated for what I do for work before? Not that I could think of. I mean besides my healing work, though. I don’t hear appreciation much for my healing gigs because I don’t contact people after the healing. Though I see in their energy field when I’m done, so it’s all right.

I’ve been receiving gifts from a few people from the Zumba classes lately. Gifts range from the material like socks to lunch treats. I’ve been working in the tech industry for the last ten years and worked mainly with males. So, receiving gifts at work place rarely happened. I was always the one who brought goodies. Hence, this is such a different experience. It’s like a fresh breeze. I’m privileged to have such experiences from people by teaching Zumba.

My teaching Zumba has brought me a lot more than just a small pay check from the gym. I mean, you can never live off from teaching Zumba at the gym. You really have to have other reason to teach Zumba other than just money. I picked teaching Zumba because moving my body is really important for me and I have come to like Zumba. So, I decided to try creating my own instead of relying on other people to give me a joy. Teaching Zumba for me requires a lot more than just dancing. I get to research and learn many different new music and dance. I get to memorize the song and choreography so I can teach the class. I also learn to lead and instruct people. More importantly, I’ve learnt a lot about setting up the “space” for my Zumba classes and dealing with energy coming into the class space. I thought that was it, but now I’m getting gifts of appreciation. What a wonderful thing!

I wanted to bring this up from my small experiences because we tend to focus on something totally off in the Holiday season. People get stressed out. Pushing too much too hard to clear and do all the dues people plan to do. So, the main focus becomes so much about “stress.” If I focus on my recent experience with my seasonal job gig, my life is pretty dark. Though, luckily I have my regular gigs like Zumba and healing work to bring up the lights in my life. You can’t focus on negatives or stress. You have to focus on positives.

Ever since I started to do the seasonal gig, my unexpected healing gigs are rocket rising. I did two healings on the first day at the seasonal job for my two coworkers during my lunch break. Then during the second seasonal gig, I happened to introduce a couple of basic tools to clear lower vibration energy from one’s space and bringing one’s energy back. This customer could feel the immediate difference. She said, “wow, it’s like taking shower.” Exactly! Then today at the gym, I did the emergency healing on the lady from the class who was nauseating. I’ve been quite busy in my healing area this week.

My joy of healing and teaching the spiritual, energetic tools for people is a concrete matter. My joy of teaching Zumba has become a concrete matter in the last one year as well. I get to do both while I have this seasonal job gig. Although I’m not sure what to make of this seasonal job gig at this moment, I decided to put my focus on the wonderful things happening in my life, in my Zumba gigs, and in my healing practice.

The law of attraction is all about “Like attracts likes.” If your focus is negatives, stress, pressure, you will bring those more and attract those more. Instead, you shift your focus on your positive matter in life. If you don’t have any (well, I really hope you can pick something), find something which makes you feel “at ease.” Looking at the water front or playing with your cats, or… The more you focus on your attention to the positives, it amplifies. It gets easier to find more positive matter in life. You got a beautiful purse which works perfectly in some occasion. Your friend took you to an unexpected short tea’n sweet visit. Your company gave you an Amazon gift cards for $25.

Sure, you can say, “yeah, just $25, man!,” or “it’s just tea.” You either take the gifts from the universe as a positive energy (gratitude, joy, love, etc.) so the universe will provides you more of the gifts to you, or take them with negatives so you will bring more negatives in your life! Either way, it’s totally up to you. It’s your life. I have no control over on your life. I’m only presenting what the energy law, the law of the universe is like.

I really wish you to bring lots of joy, amusement, love, gratitude and abundance in your holiday season. There is so much abundance accessible for you in your life. Bring them in by vibrating positives and focusing on positives. Sure, some negative matter happens during the holiday season because the society has been programing people to run that way. Though, you don’t have to follow that pattern. Create your new joyous holidays! You can create it by your energetic vibration and focus!

With that, have an amazing Holidays! Lots of love and gratitude~ ❤

The Work of 100% Pure Love and Light

Happy Friday! It’s a beautiful sunshine day in Seattle and my planned scheduled got postponed this morning. So, I get to enjoy this beautiful sunshine. Instead of getting caught up with the unexpected turn around of the schedule today which seem to change the schedule for the Sunday as well, I decided to run with the flow of what the universe is giving to me at this moment. I decided to write my spiritual blog because my spiritual work is one of the most important thing I do in this life time for me. Hence, the topic today is “The Work of 100% Pure Love and Light.”

The last couple of months I’ve been noticing that my “gifts” are getting louder and clearer. I have some gifts like you each has your own. One of them is definitely my healing talent. The another is knowing, seeing, sensing all sorts of energy. My seniority around energy and beings/spirits is much stronger. It’s like my talents are charged up like when Wonder Woman charge up her Magic Tiara which she can charge and emits the power (not that cool looking thing, though). I do feel that I need to step up the game with my gifts.

With that, my knowingness and clarity of the matters are very precise. Things happen in life and I experience the same thing around energy and beings. The difference is that I can see and know what is creating the matter and what I can go about it. The more my clarity and seniority are stronger, I can do much more actions toward many situations. I decided that I do want to do this work, the work of Source energy, the work of Supreme Being of this universe, the work of 100% love and light. I decided to focus on that and then ask and trust that the universe is and will support me in everything I need and want.

The other day, a lady from the gym treated me for lunch. Sounded like that I gave her something which was very helpful and she wanted to give me her appreciation on that. It wasn’t really a big thing, so I was rather hesitant to receive, but quickly I decided to receive the lunch treat and instead I had one thing in mind: offering her to give a healing. That day, it didn’t work out and the following week I determined to give her a short basic healing at the gym after my Zumba gig.

Her intention was her pain in her upper arm which she probably pulled something while lifting a few months ago. I’m not a doctor, so I wasn’t really interested in fixing the muscle tear. The thing I can do and I’m good at is to help her shift her energy field to assist her to heal herself. My intention was more of her “head” actually. From the top when I fist talk to her at the gym a while ago, I noticed something around her head. Well, this kind of thing happens everyday, every moment because everyone has all sorts of things in life. My sense was either head trauma or something but whatever it was, the stagnation of the energy around and in her head was not helping her because it’s been attracting the lower vibration energy which includes lower vibration beings/spirits as well.

I’m one of the healers who wouldn’t help people left and right. For I learned this lesson at first really strongly that “helping” people actually is not helping many times. While people are creating the situation which they can learn and change their course of path through it, if I remove the situation they have created, I’m doing the interference for their journey. So, I don’t give healings or readings unless it is requested and is the highest good for the soul’s purposes. So, just because I see and sense something, it’s rare for me to say, “Hey, you got shtuff in your head. Do you want me to remove that?”

Things happen for a reason and when this lady asked me for lunch, I stopped and took a look at what it actually might mean. Sometimes our Higher Self does some interesting thing in life. Sometimes things happen and people come in life for really strange way for a specific reason. When my intent of giving her a quick healing after lunch didn’t work, I thought maybe I was reading this wrong. But, I quickly remember that I did “arrange” the time to do it after the class in the following week. So, I just let it go.

The following week after the Zumba class, I asked her if she wanted a quick healing from me and she said “yes.” So, I started to do the quick basic healing. I did take a look at the arm, but it was a little more “woo woo” than I could describe it to her. It looked to me that some energy/spirit was “grabbing” her arm around that region. Whatever that means, I didn’t pay much attention because that wasn’t too important in my view. Her head was more urgent. I asked her if she had some existing physical symptoms like Alzheimer’s for example (because my mom has one) or arthritis, etc. Then she said that they (doctors) were checking what was “wrong” with her head. She said that they were checking her memory issue. They were also testing her head and suspected that she might have a head trauma (yeah, that’s what I was wondering when I first came across to her).

I told her that I did notice some thick energy around your head, so I would work on that and then kept working on her head region. It was really thick, condensed rainclouds-ish. Before I headed to the gym that morning, I already meditated and asked the Source, the Supreme Being if I could remove the “beings” in her space. For it might not be my gig. She might have to work on it on her own. Though, I got a permission to remove those, so I was up for the little “work.” So, I started to remove this and that, one after another, here and there.

Since this was a quick energy exchange per her treating me lunch, I wasn’t going to dip deep or else the balance of our energy system starts to get wonky. So, it wasn’t perfectly clear but I removed and cleared the most. Her entire energy field was holding so much anxiety probably because doctors words and all the testing have been only giving her anxiety but no clear solutions.’ I helped her to remove those intense anxiety from every chakra.

I told her this because I knew her head was influenced by all the doctors and surroundings. I didn’t want to give her an impression that she needed to have my healing. That’s not my goal. I never intend to program people that they need my healings. I told her that if she liked to get healings from me from time to time, she could call and book a session in the future.

“But, keep working with doctors and all the help you’re getting. Let them do what they need to do and don’t let it affect you too much. What you need to do is to trust that the universe is always supporting you on your journey of whatever your soul decides to take. So, trust that you have the support and keep asking what you need and what you want from the universe. Keep asking what you need for your highest good. You’re the boss of your body and your life, no one else including your doctors or me. So, you’re in charge. Trust that what you need will be provided and keep asking help from the universe.”

Her face got shifted and her energy field got brighter. she looked skinny anorexic energy to begin with but then her energy got fluffier and shinier. When I saw that, this healing was complete.

I deal with really coarse energy and dark beings lately more and more. It’s not my intended focus, but maybe that’s what people need some assistance around it right now. Is it easy? Well, frankly lots of times, “no.” I have to deal with people’s stuff before and after. So, even if I charge decent amount per hour, my work is never within that hour. Though, I’m not interested in charging people $250/hr or $500/hr. It limits who can have my services if I do that way. That’s how I see at this point of my life. I’m willing to change if it doesn’t balance with my work. As long as the universe supports me with abundance, I’m cool with what I’m offering at this moment.

My goal is to do the work of Supreme Being of this universe. The work of 100% pure love and light. There are many other gifts people present nowadays, but my intention is work of 100% pure love and light. So, if you’d like to work with me, I’d be happy to do my service. I’m planning to add some classes to teach people many tools to shift their energy to the higher vibrations. I’m looking into do the meditation/basic energetic tool classes, healing class, and shifting your vibration/abundance class in 2018. Shoot me an email if you and your friends are interested in any of the classes. I probably start doing the classes in the customized manner, meaning your friends and family can do class together and we can set a time for our convenience.

With that, have a wonderful weekend! Love and light on this Holiday season! 🙂