Basic Meditation II: Golden Sun

This portion of meditation tool took me a little while and some effort to do. I have to say that this part still requires some conscious intension for me. I don’t know about you but I leave my energy bits here and there and by the time the day is over, or let’s say the Aloha Friday comes, I need to recuperate. Cleaning out all the other’s energies from your energy field is important. Filling up the space where the energies have left with your energy is as important if not more. The universe does not like the vacuum, so the empty space will be filled by something. So, let’s fill in with your energies before other things comes along.

I’ll start from removing the existing grounding cord. Please look at the Basic Meditation I for grounding cord if you haven’t tried it first.

Sit down on the chair with your feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Your conscious is in the center of your head. Remove your existing grounding cord to the center of the earth. Just let go of all the attachment you might have. Now, choose the new grounding cord. Pick one which is grounding, supportive of your energy for today with amusement. Tie it up in your first chakra, let it hung straight down to the center of the earth and tie it up there as well. Turn on the switch and start releasing. Spread your grounding cord as wide as your body to support the release. Tuck in aura underneath your feet and start releasing from your aura as well. All the stress, tension, other’s energies are released down the grounding cord.

Now, as you clean out your body and aura, let’s bring in your own energy with a golden sun. Imagine a huge golden sun as big as your body and aura. Tell your golden sun to pick up your energies from all the places you went and all the people you met today. From your car, work, street, coffee shop, school, your neighbor, etc. Bring in the golden sun to cover your entire body and aura. Fill in your body and aura with your energy. You can bring in the golden sun from above your head. Or you can place it in front of you and create a door knob to enter into the golden sun. Make it fun and be creative! Keep bringing in your own energy, vitality, highest life force energy affinity to you. You can also bring in other qualities you want to have. Confidence, abundance, serenity, joy, amusement, self-love, and so on. When you are completely filled, open your eyes, and stretch, touch your toe and come out of trans completely.

Have you seen the Teletubby show on TV? It always starts from the sun with a kid’s face in it rising up to the sky. I used to think that’s a little bit spooky looking sun there when I saw on TV. Then, when I was practicing this portion of meditation, the image of the sun with a kid’s face in it always showed up. It gave me a chuckle, though. Amusement is a key for anything, so I guess it was helping to bring up my amusement at least.

Have fun with your golden sun!

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Basic Meditation I: Grounding cord

I want to introduce one system of meditation technique. I meditate daily, probably a few times a day. Sometimes long, sometimes just a few minutes. It helps to ground and reset the energies, so I wouldn’t get affected by others’ energies as much by doing this. So, I thought I would post some basics. You can do this before going to bed, in your car at a parking lot, at lunch break, etc.

We’ll start from the grounding cord. The grounding cord is an invisible connector between you and the earth. In this system, we use the grounding cord to release all the energies not serving us to the center of the earth. The earth cleanse the energy, so it can be recycled back to the neutral, uncharged energies. We bump into people everyday, going to many places and it’s impossible not to absorb any energies. It really helps to cleanse your energetic field, so you can be of your true energy and essence.

Let’s start.

Sit on the chair with your feet flat on the floor and hands on your laps with the palms up. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Let go of all your stress and concerns by breathing out. Your consciousness sit in the center of your head.

Create a grounding cord which will support and cleanse you right now. You can use your creative imagination here. Big Niagara Falls, huge oak tree, a rope, tornado, rainbow, anything. When you chose a good grounding cord, tie it up in your first chakra. The first chakra is locating around the base of the spine. Then, hang the grounding cord straight down to the center of the earth and firmly tie it up there as well. Now you’re connected to the center of the earth.

Create an imaginary switch and turn it on. Now, you start releasing and all the energies not yours flow down through the grounding cord. Let’s spread the grounding cord as wide as your body, so your body can release easily. Let go of all the worry, fears, stress, work through the grounding cord. It’s an effortless process. You just need to let go and all will just fall off from the grounding cord.

Next, let’s release from your aura as well. Aura is the energetic field around our body. It’s not visible (some may see), but we all have this energetic field around us. Tuck in your aura underneath your feet and start releasing from your aura. All the energies not yours, unsupportive of you will get heavy, move down in your aura and released from the grounding cord.

Before you open your eyes, bring in all your energies as you breathe in. Open your eyes and stretch.

You can try even just five minutes to start with. The more you do, your awareness increases. As your awareness changes, your life starts changing as well. Have fun with it!