You Are An Active Participant in Your Soul’s Journey

Happy Friday! I have a new schedule this month, so I feel like it’s Saturday but it’s still Friday! I thought about writing a blog last night when I got back home from a temporary work around 11:30pm, but I held myself from doing so much in a day. I can learn to sit in the nothingness, too, right? Now I again need some space to sit in a quietness instead of keep going with all the projects I listed on my notebook, so I shall write a spiritual blog! Today’s topic is about our soul’s journey is not passive. You’re a co-creator of your pathway. Hence, the topic is “you’re an Active Participant in Your Soul’s Journey!”

The scenery is at my new temporary work. I started this work in the beginning of this month.Β One day when we were about to start out work, there was some obvious conflicts between a new lady who was assigned in a specific desk and the lady who was using the desk in the morning. I guess this work has variety of people who work in variety of schedule. It was very obvious that the new lady did nothing wrong except she probably was setting up her stuff even though there were bags in the desk section.

So, there was a loud upsetting voice, “Don’t touch my bag!” or something like that. Anyway, I knew a little bit about this new lady because we started to work on the same day, but I didn’t know the other lady. Though, since I’m a very sensitive healer, I could tell that the other lady had humongous anger energy which probably wasn’t just about this particular matter. So, everything stimulates her energy, good or bad probably would make her react and she would bite. It’s like an abused dog who is scared and he would bark at you and bite you for no reasons.

Anyway, after a while, I wanted to tell the new lady what I perceived. So, I went to her station and told her what I observed. I told her this, “The lady had so much anger in her energy, so it didn’t matter what. She would have bitten anything. So, don’t take it personally. It was nothing to do with what you did or not did.” That made the new lady a little teary, but at least her piled up emotions and energy from the incident were released. You know, it’s a little too silly to have stress like that in the job like this. That was my first encounter of the other lady.

This week, I sat on the same row with the other lady. I was facing back to her row, but still, her energy was way beyond all over. You know what I did? The whole time I was doing the work, I was grounding myself and this lady, grounding my work station and the entire work floor, removing the beings with or without bodies, talking to the lady by spirit-to-spirit to keep all of her energy in her space because her body needs her energy and her body can’t use her energy if it was out of her body. I don’t know how long I was doing it, maybe 10-15 minutes? I also cleared karma with this lady and any attached beings in her space. I also cleared agreements with this lady. Then, the air, the energy of the air shifted. It was like electrocution in the air in the beginning, but then it became quiet and serene. I was like, “wow… Speaking of using the energetic tools, this is a tremendous help!”

That was my second encounter with the other lady. That day when I felt her energy as a sensitive healer, my body was reacting. I started to have a fear reaction. I would assume it’s similar to when you’re around of Bully energy. Even if you’re not bullied by the Bully, your body probably has some reaction, resistance, anxiety or fear. It was like that. So, when I realized it, I started to remove my fear and anxiety reaction from my energy field. Whatever it is, for some reason, this lady’s energy is lighting me up and I’m reacting. So, I’m going to remove those energy lighting up in my energy field. Then, my fear and uneasy feeling disappeared. Again, man, I didn’t get to experience this much obvious shift when I was working at the corporate jobs, but today I could totally see how my energetic tools are working and helpful.

The very next day, when I came in to work, the desk next to mine had some bags, so someone was sitting there. Then, I had a feeling of this, “Is this?? Is this the lady from yesterday?? Well, I hope not. Well.. but the backpack…” Anyway, after a while, the lady from yesterday came into the room and sat next to me, believe it or not. I was like, “Are you f-ing serious? Hey, universe, are you f-ing kidding me? I mean, what’s up with that? I worked on my shtuff, and you still send this lady in my space? What else do I need to work on?” Anyway, so that day, I was again working on myself, grounding, communicating by spirit-to-spirit to the lady, etc.

As I worked next to her, the lady wasn’t that “horrible” individual. I mean, I didn’t think she was a horrible individual, but I do not want to be around of anger energy much, that’s the thing. I really don’t enjoy anger energy of people. Don’t get me wrong. Anger is a natural emotion and anger tells and helps us aware of lots of things. I don’t enjoy when people spit out their anger energy into outside of their space. As long as any of your emotions and energy are in your space, it really doesn’t matter. It matters when you spit out your energy into other’s space or my space.

Because I worked next to her, I got to chat with her (well, I do enjoy talking to the strangers, so I would talk to anyone as long as they’re willing). I could almost feel or see a “disordered environment” or “circumstances” in her energy field. I think that’s where she grew up. It’s definitely not in the US and I can totally see it probably would be a Central America or somewhere similar. She’s gotta lots of passion, love and emotions. So, I got to know this lady just because I could see/sense/feel more than what she puts out there. I don’t try to look at people clairvoyantly; but, it’s just when someone’s energy is so loud, I don’t have much choice but coming into my vision.

When I was a high school kid, maybe I was just taking sides of people just from what happened on surface. That’s because I was a kid and didn’t know much depth of human soul’s journey. Now, one incidents or even repetitive patterns don’t tell everything about the person. Everybody has such diverse journey. We all have different background when we grew up and beyond that, we each have entirely different experiences as a soul from all the past lives and beyond. So.. how can I or anyone see one portion of an individual and decide that’s it?

Anyway, my experience with this lady made me really think of how our lives are formed by us, including people you encounter. We’re not passively experiencing the random incidents or people, rather we specifically choose and invite our experiences and people we encounter. I sort of feel that I’m cool with my encounter with this lady. With my three encounter during this month in this job, I cleared whatever the fears this lady triggered in me. I even have a great compassion and appreciation of her as a soul and her journey even if she may be creating some discomfort for some people some time. That again is the journey of those who created the opportunity to clear, heal and love. So, I’ll leave it up to them. I only do my own shtuff. Of course, if someone asks me for my healings or readings to assist their journey, sure, I’m up for it!

The take home for you is that you’re creating your own experiences in your life including people and environment. When you feel like a victim or a passive actor in your life’s journey, know that you’re not. Everything you experience and you have is a creation of your own. Hence, there are reasons they’re there to show up. Heal, clear, learn, whatever you need to do, it’s up to you to change and shift your life and your soul’s journey as well.

With that, have a wonderful weekend! πŸ™‚

Our Soul’s Relationships – Past Lives

Good Friday morning! Before I start my healing practice for today, I wanted to write a post about one topic, which is about past lives. I have written some blogs about past lives before but today I wanted to give you a specific example of mine. Well, mine and a soul I have had strong relationship with. I talk about many things to many people, but talking about past lives of mine is a little bit different story. Today, I shall write one since one healing I had made me think of our past lives. Hence, the topic is “Soul’s Relationship!”

As I mentioned before, I was seeing someone for a little bit over a year probably. I don’t remember how long because we had almost no physical interaction such as seeing each other, talking on the phone, etc. The only interaction, well, the interaction we had were all energetic and via text. It’s rather strange when someone asks you to see each other; yet, one is not willing to do much with you except completely living in your space energetically. I’m going to write about this person, this soul’s relationship with me and his past life and our past life, at least one of them.

While I was still “energetically seeing” this person, my intuition was always wanting to change the relationship. Either it is cutting the cord or shifting to the better. Whatever it was, the way it was with this individual was very toxic to my energetic system because he was eating up my energy system. As a sensitive healer and clairvoyant, I could tell that; however, it was so hard to even change because when I did that once, he showed up at my door. I’ve never had or met this kind of experience before in life. At that time, I was still doing the space holder role in a clairvoyant class in my teacher’s school, so I asked my teacher if she would like a genie pig for the reading practice for the class. That class didn’t have much reading request probably because one of the students was very against readings (don’t know why she took the program…).

Rewinding back, if I think of it, what happened was that I texted him one day with “Love you~.” You know, you say “I love you” to a kid, a dog, a friend, a family, nothing big. I got to know the person more than just being an acquaintance, so as a heart chakra person, my love to this human being was present. I know my love to all the human is always present. So, I casually texted that to end the text conversation. Then, he shut me out energetically. It was really obvious to me since I’m super sensitive. I did this once before and he did the same reaction. So, this time, I even asked the universe and the Supreme Being of this universe if this was a “safe” thing to say to him. I got, “go for it.” So, even though I was like, “are you sure???” I went ahead and texted “love you.” Then, he pushed me out with the energy emission……

My teacher agreed and I presented to the class to read this person in the class. Of course, I did check with his “soul” if he was for it. I won’t just take a peak on someone’s soul’s journey. I also knew that his soul was asking me for something and I couldn’t quite tell what it was. So, I decided to borrow the more neutral clairvoyants’ look on it. I asked the students to first ask him, his soul if he was for it. If he wasn’t, we wouldn’t do the reading. We got “yes” from his soul, so we went ahead.

My request was this. I have this person, friend, not even a boyfriend yet way beyond acquaintance energetically. I can’t understand what this individual wants as a soul from me and I want to get a reading of this individual. Not for my sake, well maybe a little but I see that his soul wants to take a leap and asking me to help him for that. I don’t know what that is, so I need you guys to help this by reading this person. Then they started reading as how the program lead them to proceed. After the basic reading of this person’s spiritual state at that point, they started to dip into the past life reading.

The interesting thing was a couple of the readers started to read the very plain past life of his which tells a lot like his character in the current life. So, I was just doing my role to hold the space and clear out the room energy, and making sure the student readers are releasing and not taking energy on them. Then, one of the students started to say that she sees a completely different life time. When she said that, I said “go ahead and jump in.” For, before she said that, I saw his “soul” handing over something to this student reader in my clairvoyant vision. So, I knew his soul specifically picked this student reader to read this specific past life.

She stated that “this is not good, pretty bad” up front. So, I said, “ok.” She continued, “it looks like a World War II and it was in Japan. This person was a kid, maybe 8 or 9 years old. He and other, so many others died with the atomic bomb. The fear of losing everything in one sudden instance was so big.” My teacher went, “Ok, so this is the reason of his ‘push’ and ‘shutting you down,’ Naomi. He has an enormous fear of losing the important people and things in his life, so he shut you down before it happens.”

That was an unexpected information. I had no idea because I don’t look at people that way. I won’t read people in my personal life, no way. Did that reading change how I proceed to this person? Yes, it did. Did it help me in a good way? “Yes and No.” It helped me to be much more careful and gentle around this person especially when it comes to his “fear factor.” So, I was always understanding and came from the unconditional love space. However, because I’m a strong empath, this reading put me in the very risky spot I believe. I didn’t realize at then because I was very focused on the class space and the safety and fairness to this individual. I think it delayed my action to separate from this soul energetically for the highest good for myself (and for him).

That’s one past life which was really strong of his. It was right before this current life time, so the energy left from the past is still strongly present. By the way, this individual is working on his “death picture” because he died so young in such traumatic manner. I’ve witnessed him working on his death picture in this life time, and I could tell that’s part of the big tasks his soul wants to heal. Anyway, at that point after the past life reading of his soul, my role with this individual switched to a healer and a man in myself.

When this individual’s energy kept invading my space every single week at certain day of the week, my life started to become really hard to manage. This person was having a very rough time in life, work life, and his energy was really needing. Then, his energetic invasion to my space was significant and I woke up every morning, soaked in his energy even though I didn’t meet this person or didn’t talk. It was very sporadic text once in a while or nothing. Still, when his text was coming to my cell phone, I woke up with heavy energy. I couldn’t even put my life together with someone’s energy sitting in my space so heavily. When it was just so unbearable while my life needed a major shift and needed my full attention to focus, I decided to get some help from the clairvoyant readers.

This time, I went to the graduate clairvoyant class from my teacher’s school. Basically, they’re my colleague clairvoyants and healers. I always value their visions and insights because each person has different talents. I told them below. “I was seeing this person for a while. Well, actually, seeing is not really seeing. We hardly ever physically see each other. All the communication was done by text. There is no relationship per se like normal relationship; yet, this person’s energy is completely invading my space. No matter what, how much I remove the cords and break agreements with his soul, I can’t move his energy out of my space. His energy keeps coming back really coarsely and I need help. I can’t live like this every morning by trying to clear up his energy from my space for hours when I need my energy and focus to shift my life style.”

Immediately, one of the readers started to disclose one of his, our past lives. She said below. “Immediately after you said all the communication was done by texting, it makes so much sense because I see the past life with both of you. You guys were brothers and he was imprisoned for a wrong accusation. You were trying to help and went everywhere to get him out of the prison and get him out of his wrong accusation, but you haven’t been successful. You did everything you could but he was in prison for the rest of his life. The only hope he had while he was in the prison was your letters. You wrote him letters to encourage him and to keep his hopes up. He was looking forward to your letters, but he was never open to you fully. He was closed up and just open when your letter comes in. He is doing the same thing in the current life. He has walls up so tall and I don’t think he lets anyone in. the only space he opens is when your energy greet him, he lets it in, but he doesn’t let you in fully at all.”

I was crying all the way through the reading. I mean, I didn’t know this specific past life with us, but the energy and his behavior told me so much that there is no question that this past life was still carrying over. A lady continued, “Well, if you do this and that, maybe his state gets milder. Is this relationship fair to you? Probably not. Does he need you? He definitely lives on you. He is actually living in your space and breathing from your space.” Yeah, make sense because no matter how I did, I couldn’t stop his energy coming into my space so strongly.

After the reading I received, my mind was in one focus. I need to cut the cord. I wrote him a letter, well an email. I told him straight up, not about the past life, but how I perceived our relationship was and how I was not treated well. I wrote that I wanted to have a kind and nurturing relationship if I were to have one and his wasn’t doing such, so I needed to end the current matter. I also noted that no matter what, I did love him as a person, as a human and as a soul. If he ever needed my assistance, call, email or talk to me but not “texting.” That was the end of it.

Of course, after that, I had to deal with his energetic resistance and reaction coming into my space. I was in tears everyday, day and night, removing his cords from everywhere in my space which kept coming. I could feel his fear, anger, grief, etc. It was unbearably painful for someone empath like me. Though, each week the energetic experience got slightly less. I don’t know how long it took. I was also dealing with so many catastrophe in my life after I wrote an email to him, so I was in the serious growth period in life. That was probably in June. Now I look back, maybe because I made a major shift in my soul’s relationship with the other soul, the dysfunctional relationship, my life took the serious turns. My summer was so hard. Now, the storms have passed and I’m heading into the different phase I feel.

Ok, so I’m sure it was a long story, but it’s my true recent experience. Even if you don’t believe in past life, maybe you can ponder what can affect your energetic, soul’s journey. It’s a lot more than just a visible matter. We are very complex energetic beings. I’ll leave it up to you how you perceive it.

With that, have a wonderful weekend! πŸ™‚

Shifting Your Vibration Toward Relief

Happy Friday! My friend said, “Happy FriYAY!” That’s so true! I haven’t been so looking forward to Friday like today. I took a very temporary job. Because I teach Zumba in the evening on Fridays and in the afternoon on Saturdays, I marked Friday and Saturday off from my temporary work. I’m so grateful that I did that. I could enjoy my morning without tight restriction (work). With that, today I’m going to write about shifting your vibration.

So, majority of the time in my healing practice, people who come to my practice are the new people. They never saw me before. They don’t know how I look like although I put my two years ago photo on my website. They don’t know how I talk or how my energy is like in person. I assume it probably is somewhat nervous for them to see me especially since my work is nontangible for many people. Some people ask if they have negative energy in them. Some people ask if their energy is positive or negative. Maybe that’s how most of us think energy is: black or white, negative or positive.

The energy isn’t just one thing. We are complex beings. In the general sense, some day is positive and some day is negative. Though, you contain so many different energy in your compartments. Maybe you’ve heard of “peeling onions.” That’s one way to describe the complexity of our energy field. You remove and shift your surface energy, then the next layer show up. This describes that working on one thing right now and shift it doesn’t mean it’s the end of your journey. It’s not like you wrote something on a paper and erase it with eraser. It’s like almost impossible to know how many layers of papers piles up, but you shred one paper at a time-ish.

There is no completely “negative” person I don’t think. Well, let me think about that. Although there might be some who are so dark vibration, there may be a possibility of bringing their energy back to the pure light. I won’t get into the specific examples but we really don’t know what the surface which tells us “negative” means really “negative” as a whole. We might be only looking at the surface level and there are so many broader, bigger perspectives in this universe.

When you hear to bring your energy to positives, it sounds understandable, but it doesn’t tell you much, does it? How do you do that, eh?, sort of. My journey of understanding energy as an energy sensitive person has been shifting throughout the time. That’s because my awareness shifts more and more and what wasn’t in my awareness is now in my awareness. So, I’m in the continuous shift and learning around this energy world.

Lately, I’m getting some insights from Hick’s messages (Esther Hicks/Abraham Hicks). With that, it makes a lot more sense in what I was having some challenge around the “lower vibration” energy. So, what he/she is saying is that we have this reality right now at this moment. We want to change it but what is it what is. Then, we tend to be doomed in it. So, in order to shift your current state to your desired state, something has to change. Where can the change start? That’s what Hick’s messages are all about.

Assuming your life right now is very stressful. Ok, let’s say you don’t like your work. Maybe your work is just a “job.” You don’t enjoy it. It doesn’t pay you enough. Your finance is beyond tight because this job doesn’t pay you well, let’s say. So, you want to change it. No matter what you do, for some reason, you can’t get a better job. It seems to be resulting a similar environment, let’s say. You want a better job. You want to lift your life. You want a change. However, it feels it’s impossible because you’re doomed in your stressful life currently.

Here your focus tend to be “getting a better job.” Then, without getting a better job, you can’t have a better life or rather better feeling. You can’t let go of your stress. Then, your “getting a better job” is not happening forever. You get more doomed, giving up, depressed, etc.

What has to happen in order to shift your outcome is to shift your energy. That’s where you lose your track. We tend to focus on the tangible matter, “getting a better job.” When your focus is the current situation in life which is unpleasant, your desire and will expand humongous. In a way, this is necessary because without it, you don’t know what your desired outcome may be. When you know your desired outcome; yet, your current situation has a huge gap from it, it creates dissonant in your energy field, sort of like resistance. At then, you probably feel extremely unhappy and extremely uncomfortable. What can you do?

First, you need to stop looking at your current situation. Right, you can’t ignore because it’s on your face everyday. Though, you know your situation, so you don’t need to look at it. Just keep that in your back burner and you work on something else, let’s put that way. Your current situation is a past tense. Everything starts from the vibration, i.e. energy. You create your life, surroundings, environment, everything. It all starts from your vibrational existence. What’s happening to you in life right now is the result of your past vibrational existence of you. Then, how can you shift the life’s outcome? Shift your vibration.

When you have a very unhappy vibration, say you’re very unhappy with life or current situation, your vibration needs to shift big time. You can start small. The gap between your desired outcome and current outcome is too huge, that’s all. That’s all it is. So, don’t compare or look at that for now. Rather, focus on your vibration and shifting your vibration to less resistant. The goal here is to give you a “relief.” How do you do that?

You have a great tool called “emotions.” You get angry if something isn’t cool for you. You get stressed if something is pushing way more than your willingness. Pay attention to your emotions and see what your emotion is like. Then, if your emotion is rather negative, find a way to give your emotion a relief.

For example, let’s say you’re really anxious. That’s cool because you know something is off. Pay attention to your thoughts. Your thoughts might be, “I don’t know how long I have to go with this crappy job!” “I can’t take it any more.” “I’m working so hard but they never value me enough.” “I’m doing so much and they give me this. It’s not fair!” etc., etc. Can you see these thoughts are not helping you to give your emotions relief? It rather excavate your current emotions.

What you need to do is to shift your “thoughts.” Try shifting your thoughts one by one. “I don’t know how long I have to go with this crappy job!” Ok, how can you give your emotion relief from this thought? “Actually, this job has been very flexible with my personal emergencies.” “This job pays my utility bills, rent, etc. and give me some relief from paying bills otherwise.” “People who work there are pretty laid back and nice.” “I don’t have to bring this job back home after work.” Can you see the differences in the negative thoughts and relief giving thoughts?

So, your goal is to say or have thoughts which gives your emotions a relief. This is the step to make your vibrations to positives. If you keep condemning your job, your emotions keep going negative and therefore, your vibration is negative. Like attracts likes. Your negative vibration will welcome more negative outcome in your life. In the end, you can’t get out of the current outcome. You have to shift your vibration first.

Do you think you can try that? One thought at a time. If you find your thought rather negative, shift that thought to give you a relief in your emotions. You’ll know if you pay attention to how you feel after you think about that thought. The more you shift your thoughts and emotions, your vibrations shift, your outcome, it may take sometime to show up, will shift as well. Wanna try that?

With that, have a wonderful weekend! πŸ™‚