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My name is Naomi. I do healings and clairvoyant readings in Seattle. If you have an inquiry or you want to arrange a session, call me or email me a message. I believe we each have our own healing power to heal ourselves. Healing doesn’t mean so huge like splitting the ocean as Moses might do, but rather think of it as a little assistance to your own healing process. If you are in the transitions, if you want to remove thick pains, if you work with people and need some assistance in managing the energy in your space, or just want your energy field balanced and cleansed from time to time, call me up for my service. My focus is healing for each soul to be a whole beautiful spirit as she/he is. So, if readings help on the journey, I will be happy to provide the specific topic readings as a mean of your healing as well. I also do the clearing work on home or business space and do business space consulting for your business. So, if you are up for my services, email or call me to find out more and book a session!

My specialty is a “space” and “vibration.” “Space” as in a space surrounded by a tangible matter such as a house, room, office, etc. as well as completely non-tangible matter such as your “space” (energy field), relationship “space,” career “space,” financial “space,” abundance “space,” house selling/buying “space,” business “space,” etc. I assist you to work on those space to be clearer, lighter, expansive, free, flowing, and bountiful. I also use my talent to pick up any unfavorable vibration for your highest good. I address such vibration in you and your space and assist you to remove or shift to a higher, aligned, expansive vibration to you.

<Services>: (in Person or Remote)

  • Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Energy Pathway Clearing
  • Spiritual Healings/Energy Healings
  • Intuitive Readings
  • House and Living Space Clearing
  • Business Space Consulting
  • Energetic Tools Teaching

*For a healing or reading of a person, normally it’s one hour session. For a space clearing or business space consultation, it may take longer than a session for a person. It depends on how much energy is involved in the space.


  • Readings and/or healings for a person
    • House Call: $100/hr pro-rated + $20 (commute time fee)
    • Remote or non-live distance: $100/hr pro-rated + $5 (paypal fee)
    • Package pricing available. See Healings and Intuitive Readings page.


  • House and Living Space Clearing
    • House Call: $150/hr pro-rated + $20 (commute fee)
    • Remote or Non-live distance: $150/hr pro-rated + $5 (Paypal fee)
    • Package pricing available. See House and Living Space Clearing page.


  • Business Space Consulting
    • House Call: $150/hr pro-rated + $20 (commute fee)
    • Remote of Non-live distance: $150/hr pro-rated + $5 (Paypal fee)
    • Project Basis. See Business Space Consulting page.


*Currently, I’m offering healings and readings by house call (local only) and remotely (by phone or complete distance “non-live”). Inquire by call or email!

Expansive Healing
phone: 206-486-4677

*By appointment only



Your Spiritual Tour Guide Naomi @Moab Utah


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